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Publication numberUS1709289 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1929
Filing dateSep 12, 1927
Priority dateSep 12, 1927
Publication numberUS 1709289 A, US 1709289A, US-A-1709289, US1709289 A, US1709289A
InventorsTatum Ira J
Original AssigneeTatum Ira J
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Collapsible camp grid
US 1709289 A
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April 16, 1929. J, TATUM 1,709,289

GOLLAPSIBLE CAMP GRID Filed Sept. 12, 1927 Ira J Taizzm WiZ-"ness;

@w/Zw 72? Patented Apr. 16, 1929.




Application filed September 12. 1E2? Serial No. 218,986.

My invention relates to collapsible camp stoves and one object is to provide a stove of this character which can be quickly set up for use'or knocked down into compact fori. for storage and transportation.

A further object is to provide a camp stove with a collapsible wind-break and a grid,

' which latter can be slid to any desired point upon the top of the stove.

Another object is to provide a camp stove with clamping means for securing the stove in knocked down form,-so that extraneous fastening means for that purpose can be dis pensed with.

In order that the invention may be fully understood, reference will now be had to the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 shows the stove set up ready for use.

Fig. 2 isa detail perspective view of the wind-break.

Fig. 3 is a perspective view of the stove in' knocked down form.

In carrying out the invention l form the top of the stove from two U-shapedmembers 2 and 4 which are telescopically connected so that said top may be extended for use as shown by Fig. 1, or contracted as shown by Fig. 3.

The top of thestove is supported upon a pair ofU-shaped legs 6, the transverse'portion of one leg being swiveled in the top section 2 and the other being swiveled in the top section 4, so that said legs may be adjusted to a. vertical position as shown by Fig. 1, or folded alongside the top as shown by Fig- 8.

10 designates a collapsible wind-break consisting of sections 12 and 14. The section 12 is provided with inturned flanges 16 in which the section 14 is slidably mounted so that the wind-breaklO may be extended to the position disclosed by Fig. 1, or folded as shown by Fig. 3. The flanged portions 16 of the wind-break are provided near each end with a clamp member 18 for securing the stove in a collapsed condition. The windbreak 10 is provided at each end with cars '20 adapted to slip in position upon the ad.- jacent vertical members of the legs 6 for the purpose of holding the latterin upright position and shielding a fire kindled upon the ground beneath the top of the stove.

29. designates a grid which is slidably tions 2 and 4 are pulled out mounted upon the top of the stove so that it may be adjusted to different positions thereon. Said grid 22 is provided at its ends with curved elements 2% adapted to loosely embrace the sections 2 or l of the stove top and thus hold the grid 22 in any of its adjusted positions.

In setting up the stove for use, the top secvardly in opposite directions to the desired length. The wind-break 10 is then extended to allow the ears 20 to slip upon the adjacent vertical portions of the legs 6 for holding the latter in extended position. The ends of the legs 6 are then forced into the ground until checked by the wind-break 10 coming into contact with the surface of the ground. After the stove has been set up for use as stated and a fire has been kindled, the grid 22 maybe employed to advantage in broiling fish or fowls, or for supporting a coffee pot, and by being slidable upon'the top of the stove it may be adjusted directly over the flame or to one side thereof, as preferred. The top of the stove '2: narrow so that it nay be spanned by a frying pan or other cooking utensils and thereby avoids the necessity of employing a sheet metal top for supporting said utensils. lVhen presented to the windward side, the wind-break 10 not only prevents the wind from blowing the flame from beneath the top of the stove and destroying its effectiveness for cooking purposes, but also constitutes a brace for rigidly holding the stove in set up position.

If desired, two wind-breaks, one at each side of the stove may be employed, but ordinarily one wind-break ilaced at the windward side will suffice.

After thestove has been used and it is desired to fold the same into compact form for storage or transportation, the legs 6 are pulled from the ground, after which the wind-break 10 is removed from said legs and contracted by sliding sections 12 and 14: inwardly towards each other. The legs 6 are then folded to overlap each other as shown by Fig. 3, after which the top of the stove is pressed downwardly between the clamp members 18 which firmly hold the stove in collapsed position. I Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is: i

1. A camp stove consisting of twp top sisting of a plurality of members telescopmelnbers telescopically connected, a grid ically connected, legs for supporting said upslidably mounted upon said top, legs sWivper portion, and a Wind-break connected to 10 eled to said top, and a Wind-break i'einovably said legs and consisting of a plurality of 5 connected to said legs and consisting of two members slidably connected. 7

members slidably connected. 7 In testimony whereof I affix my signature.

2. In a, camp stove an upper portion con- 7 IRA J. TATUM.

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U.S. Classification126/29
International ClassificationF24B1/00, F24B1/20
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