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Publication numberUS1709414 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1929
Filing dateNov 2, 1927
Priority dateFeb 2, 1927
Publication numberUS 1709414 A, US 1709414A, US-A-1709414, US1709414 A, US1709414A
InventorsFriedrich Stendebach
Original AssigneeFriedrich Stendebach
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US 1709414 A
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Filed Nov. 2, 1927 Lao P e ted r, ,ie, 1929.

- Figs. 1 and 2 byway of example two pre- '1; The action of the improved projectile at its f impactis as follows The annular sharp- FRIEDRIGHSTENDEBACI-I, OF AUGSBURG, GERMANY.


Application Lin a November 2,1327, Serial No. 230,503, and in Germany February 2,1927,

This invention relates to an improved encased pro ectile or shot for sporting guns for hunting therewith game of any kind, said proje ctile having a. core consisting offseveral parts of different materialsand a two-part 1 casing enclosingsaid core whereby fat the impact of the pro ectlle uponsoft parts oii the game either the head thereof gets de formed and thusa convenient widening ofthe spot or channel, where the pro ectile entered,

is produced, or, upon strong bones oftlie game the shooting effect is still increased so as to be at any rate deadly, without the flesh hfof the game being unduly torn whereby it wouldlose its value. p

The accompanying drawing illustrates in 'ferred constructional forms of the subject 1 matter of' the invention, in longitudinal sections thereof. b g

' ReferringtoFig. 1 :The pro ectile comprises aguiding casing a of iron or copper,

ahead casing b of iron or steel, a soft-lead head 0 in the latter, an anvil d of iron or hard lead, and a lead body 6 in said guiding'casing.

' The soft-lead'he'ad 0 is thus enclosed by a separate casing e that has a circumferential V 1 nick?) at its'rear end for its attachment to the head Gland which at its front end is sharp-edged and extends beyond the head I? in such a waythat the point of the pro} -ct1le is formed by said head casing I) only. There- "by, a cavity '7 is produced at the front end of the latter, which cavity is so dimensioned that its front mouth at the point amounts to -about 3/10 and its depth, to about 5/10 of V the cross section of the body of the projectile, At its reduced rear end projectin into the front end of the guiding casing 64 the head 0 40'- cessed anvil (Z, which again engages with its conical rear end (Z1 and its cylindrical rear Textremity(Z centrally in the correspondingly engages centrally in the correspondingly re- ;b oredbody e.- Thecylindrical boring e in r the latter is extended to about the rear end of thebody e. The whole core consisting of the anvil (Z and the body 6 is enclosed by the guiding casing a that is pressed thereon and at its front end provided with a circumfercylindrical end (Z example a hard-metal ball.

ousl-y tearing the head casing b at itsfront projecting freely beyond the head 0,. whereby said channel is enlarged WVith' high" end speeds of impact, of 650 metres per second and more, the deformation of the point alone suffices for attaining a deadly effect With game up to 100 kgs. of weight. WVith higher resistances, also the lead head 0 participates in the deformation and, which is very im-. portant, it is upset on the anvil d in a quicker and more energetic waythan this would be possible with a lead core extending to the bottom of the projectile With the projectile meeting strong bones, the anvil (Z-elfects a percussion of the same in such a Way that the following lead body 6 is kept in reserve for a finaleffect by its being'vigorously (upset on the conical rear end of the anvil and by the air in the boring 6 being compressed by the in such a Way that With very high resistances the projectile acts like anexplosive one and thereby completely delivers all its energy to the game, that is thereby safely killed. :F or hunting pachyderms, the boring 6 can be filled in with'glycerine, whereby the explosive action tile is further increased.

Finally, the'anvil (Z is allowed in most cases to leave the body of the game, due

to its hardness it remains intact and nonpiece and pressed thereon, it being then provided with a circumferential nick a by means ofa sharp implement whereby it is divided into a head casing 7) enclosing the front end of the head 0" and a guiding casing a enclosing the rear end of thehead 0*, the body e with its cylindricallboring 6 and the anvil (Z centrally located interme diate said head and body and forming in this of the projec- 1 Due to the improved projectile suiting automatically any resisfianoes at its it can be used for hunting all and anykinds of game and CELT-1 thus in factbe 'co'iisidered 'as a universal projectile.

What I claim, is: V I 1. A projecti1e, comprisin-g avoore consists ing of a head and a body, both of soft metal and an anvil of hard metal interposed bee tween said headand body and a casing em I 10 closing said core and having a n'iptiiiable open end projecting in advance of saidsoft metal head. '2. Aeprojectile as specified in claim 1', in which'othe ironiend'of said casingroject ing beyond said head is ofa'nnular form and sharp-edged at its mouth. i

' 3. Aprojectile as specified in claim 1, in Which the Casing COfflPllSQS two parts 7 flanged at their adjacent ehds, said flanged ends' of the tyvo' partsof said :casing engag sZ ing a'groove in' said soft metalheadl 4;"A projectile as specifiedfin claim; 1, in

which said body' has; a glycerine -filldfcen-f tralkboring'th'ei ein open toward said anvil but closed by the l atte'r.

' In testimony wh roof '1" av hereunto St 35 my'hand.


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U.S. Classification102/509
International ClassificationF42B12/34, F42B12/02
Cooperative ClassificationF42B12/34
European ClassificationF42B12/34