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Publication numberUS1709700 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1929
Filing dateJul 9, 1927
Priority dateJul 9, 1927
Publication numberUS 1709700 A, US 1709700A, US-A-1709700, US1709700 A, US1709700A
InventorsWilliam Wishinsky
Original AssigneeWilliam Wishinsky
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US 1709700 A
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. April 16, 1929. w. WISHINSKY WATCHCASE Filed July 9, 1927 W W EEI WW I I INVENTOR wlLli/am wishinsky BY M ATTORNEYS WITNESSES 7 MM" Patented Apia 16, 1925;.



Application filed July 9,

This invention relates to watch cases and refers more particularly to a combined watch case and fountain pen cap in which the watch case constitutes a closurefor one end of the cap.

One of the principal objects of the present invention is to provide as a new article of manufacture, a novelty fountain pen cap, a portion of which serves as a watch case for housing a watch movement.

The invention furthermore comprehends the combination of a watch case and fountain pen cap in which the watch case incnidcs mating sections adapted to be associated with the pen cap section to constitute a closure for the cap while the pen cap portion operates to lock the watch case sections in associated relation.

Other objects reside in the simplicity of construction, the economy with which the same may be produced, and thegeneral utility derived from the combination.

With the above recited and other objects in view, reference is had to the following description and accompanying drawings in which there is exhibited one example or em bodiment of the invention, while the appended claims define the actual scope of the invention.

In the drawing Figure 1 is a face view of a fountain pen equipped with a combined cap and watch case constructed in accordance with the invention Fig. 2 is a side view thereof;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged longitudinal sectional view through the combined pen cap and watch case; 7

Fig. i is a transverse sectional view taken approximately on the line 4& of Fig. 3;

Fig. 5 is a collective perspective View of the watch case sections in juxtaposition.

Referring to the drawin s by characters of reference, designates a tubular fountain pen cap, and 11 and 12 a pair of mating substantially semi-tubular watch case sections. The section 11 is provided with reduced opposite ends 13 and 1 1 and the section 12 with reduced opposite ends 15and 16. When the sections 11 and 12 are mated or in associated relation, the reduced ends 13 and 15 thereof are adapted to fit or interengage within the outer end of the fountain pen cap 10. The interengagement of the reduced ends 13 and 15 is preferably established by a threaded connection which consists of an internal 1927. Serial No. 204,552.

thread 17 at the outer end of the cap 10 and an external thread 18 on the mated reduced ends 13 and 15 of the watch case sections. it thus follows that the watch case sections serve as a closure for the outer on d of the fountain pen cap, while said fountain pen cap functions in the capacity of a lock to hold the watch case sections in mated or assembled relation. The outer reduced ends 1 1 and 16 are designed to receive therethrough a ring or annulus 19 for locking the outer ends of the watch case sections against separation. Preferably the outer reduced ends 14 and 16 when mated are provided with an e terior thread 20, whilehe ring or annulus is formed with an internal thread 21. -f desired, the ring or annulus 19 may serve as a means for associating the retaining ring 22 with the structure The watcl'i case section 12 is formed on its inner flattened face 23 with a transverse cutaway portion or groove 2 1, which extends axially from the point spaced from. the opposite reduced ends 15 and 16, while the inner flattened face 25 of the section 11 is provided with longitudinally extending parallel flanges 26 of a length to snugly fit within the cutaway portion 2 1, so that the sections when mated define a space or compartment for receiving and housing the movement 27. In order to provide additional means for securing the movement 27 within the section 11 prior to the assembly of the section 12 therewith, the flanges at the point adjacent the flat inner face 25 are formed with internal longitudinal grooves 28 while the movement is provided with longitudinal tongues 29 adapted to interfit with the grooves. This necessitates the sliding of the movement 27 longitudinally or axially to the position between the flanges 26. After the movement 27 is arranged between the flanges 26, the stem 30 of the movement is inserted through an opening 31 in one of the flanges 26. The section 12 is then mated with the section 11 and the reduced ends 13 and 15 of the mated. sections 11 and 12 are interengaged with the fountain pen cap 10, the ring or annulus 19 is applied, and the movement is then enclosed or housed and forms part of the fountain pen cap. The section 11 is further providedwith an opening 82 for exposing the face 33 and hands 3% of the movement. The opening 32 is provided with the usual crystal 35 secured in place in any desired manner. The cap 10 with the watch case arranged therewith and forn'iing a part thereof, may

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U.S. Classification368/284, 968/403, 63/1.13
International ClassificationB43K29/00, B43K29/087
Cooperative ClassificationB43K29/087
European ClassificationB43K29/087