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Publication numberUS1709740 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 16, 1929
Filing dateSep 2, 1927
Priority dateSep 2, 1927
Publication numberUS 1709740 A, US 1709740A, US-A-1709740, US1709740 A, US1709740A
InventorsRogers John R
Original AssigneeRogers John R
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Nasal distender
US 1709740 A
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April 16, 1929. J ROGERS 1,709,740

NASAL DI STENDER Filed Sept. 2, 1927 van 1a 12 WITNESS ATTORNEY Patented Apr. 16, 1929.



Application filed September 2, 1927. Serial No. 217,186.

My present invention has reference to a nasal distender and comprises an extremely simple and cheaply constructed device designed to be arranged in the nostrils for expanding the same sufficiently to afford free and ample passageways for natural breathing without causing discomfort to the user. A further object is the provlsion of a nasal appliance that is constructed of wire of suflicient resiliency to sustain the same in applied position when in the air passages of a nose and wherein portions of the device arranged in the nose are thickened by a coating of elastic material, such rubl er material to prevent injury to the inner walls of the passages or inconvenience to the user OI the device, the said device insuring a natural breathing through the nostrils and the same will effectively prevent the collapse of the ala of the nose and will obviate mouth breathing and and the injuries to health caused by decay of the teeth, foul breath and catarrh as well as prevent snoring of the user as occurs when the air passages of the nose are obstructed.

The drawings illustrate the improvement. In the drawings:

Figure 1 is an elevation illustratingby dotted lines my improvement in applied position.

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the improvement. v

Figure 8 is a section on line 3-3 of Figure 1. 4

As disclosed by the drawings my improvement comprises a member which in the main is formed from a single strip of suitable wire having a natural resiliency not sui'ficient, however, to impart a biting action between the air passages in the nose of the user or against the walls provided by such airpassages. The wire is centrally bent upon itself to provide the same with a substantially U-shaped portion 1. The arms of the portion 1 are arranged at slight outward angles with respect to each other and the ends of these arms are bent rightangularly, as at 2, the parts 2, having their ends bent or extended to provide the U-shaped portions 3 of the device. The arms 2 are designed for contact with the inner walls of the air passage of'the nose of the person using the appliance, the substantially U-shaped and elastic connection between the U-shaped members 3 being arranged overthe opposite sides of the bridge of the nose as disclosed by Figure 1 of the drawings. The inner parts or arms 2 of the device are disposed tocontact with the inner walls of the air passages through the nose and in order that these arms Will notinflict injury to such nose the same are dipped in rubber to provide an outer compressible and elastic facing 4. The compressible and elastic facing 4 is pervious, and not only serves as a means for preventing the device from in iiicting injury to the inner walls of the air passage through the nose, as well as afforda comparatively large bearing surface for such passage but the same may be impregnated with a'medicament which will act as a treatment for catarrha-l conditions.

The simplicity of the construction, the mannerin which" it is applied and the advantages thereof will, it is thought, he under stood and appreciatedwhen the foregoing has been read in connection with the accompanying drawings so that a further detailed description is not believed necessary. I Having described the invention, .1 claim:

A nasal distender comprising a wire member embodying a determined inherent elas-, ticity and which is centrally bent upon itself to provide a substantially U-shaped portion, the ends of which being outwardly directed and providing outwardly directed arms. which merge into rightangularly arranged substantially U-shaped portions, the ends of the U-shaped portions. contacting with the ends of the first mentioned U-shaped portions, and the arms having an outer facing of soft compressible material whichwill materially thicken this portion of the device and which compressible material may be impregnated with a medicament. V

p In testimony whereof I affiX my signature.


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U.S. Classification606/199, 128/204.13
International ClassificationA61F5/56, A61M29/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/56, A61M29/00
European ClassificationA61F5/56, A61M29/00