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Publication numberUS1710661 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1929
Filing dateJul 17, 1926
Priority dateJul 17, 1926
Publication numberUS 1710661 A, US 1710661A, US-A-1710661, US1710661 A, US1710661A
InventorsHines William J
Original AssigneeFuller Brush Co
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Vanity case
US 1710661 A
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A i-il 23, 1929. w, J, HMS 1,710,661

VANITY CASE Filed July 17, 1926 Patented Apr. 23, 1929.




Application filed July 17,

My invention relates to the class of toilet receptacles employed for containing rouge, powder &c., and an object of my invention, aiiiong others, is the production of a receptacle of this type that shall be particularly convenient for purposes of use, and one in which the contents will be prevented from escaping to an objectionable extent.

One form of container embodying my 1n- 1 vention and in the construction and use of which the objects herein set out, as well as others, may be attained, is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a top view of my improved vanity case.

Figure 2 is a view showing the cover open. Figure 3 is a view in central vertical section, Figure 4 is a side view.

Figure 5 is a bottom view of the same. In the accompanying drawings the numeral 5 denotes the box that may be composed of any suitablematerial and that may be of any desired form, in the structure shown the back being straight and the sides and front being more or less of a circular construction. A cover 6 is connected to the box by a hinge 7 of any suitable construction.

A container 8 is located within the box, this container being somewhat smaller than the 0 inner dimensions of the box and said container comprises an overturned part 9 embodying a lip 10, the lower edge of which rests upon the bottom of the box.

An inner cover 11 of inverted cup shape fits within the compartment formed by the container 8. The edge of this inner cover rests against the bottom of the compartment and the top thereof is spaced some distance from said bottom. An opening 12 is formed in the 4 top of this inner cover and powder 13may be contained within the compartment in the container.

The top of the inner cover islocated below the upper edge of the overturned part 9 to provide a recess for a. powder puff 14 which is of a thickness a little greater than the dis- 1926. Serial No. 123,179.

tance between the top of the cover 11 and the under side of the cover 6 so that the powder pufi is pressed against the upper surface of the cover 11 and closes the opening 12 so that powder cannot escape from within the eontainer.

A glass 15 may be employed, it desired, said glass being secured to the inner surface of the cover- 6.

A recess 16 may be formed in a projection 17 at the bottom of the case if required for the reception of a comb 18, the recess opening into the box but being closed by the container 8, as shown in Figure 3.

A catch 19 of any desired construction may be employed. This catch preferably embodying an integral thumb piece 20 projecting from the front of the box. The catch is attached to the box and its upper end is adapted to engage a slot 21 in the cover.

In accordance with the rovisions of the patent statutes I have descrilied the principles of operation of my invention, together with the device which I now consider to represent the best embodiment thereof; but I desire to have it understood that the device shown is only illustrative and that the invention may be carried out by such other means, as fall within the scope of the appended claim.

I claim:

A vanity case including a box, a cover for said box, a container in the box comprising a plate with a relatively large central depression with the marginal edge of the plate directed downwardly and engaged with the side wall and bottom of the box, a cover for the central depression having a depending marginal flange engaging the bottom wall of the depression with the side of the flange engaging the side wall of the depression defining a powder compartment, the cover for the centra l depression having a relatively largecentral opening therein, and said box cover being spaced from the said last named cover to provide a compartment for a powder puff.


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U.S. Classification132/295, 132/143, D28/78
International ClassificationA45D33/00
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European ClassificationA45D33/00V