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Publication numberUS1710888 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1929
Filing dateJun 27, 1927
Priority dateJun 27, 1927
Publication numberUS 1710888 A, US 1710888A, US-A-1710888, US1710888 A, US1710888A
InventorsMunz Elmer G
Original AssigneeMunz Elmer G
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Apparatus for irrigating golf greens
US 1710888 A
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April 30, 1929. E. G. MUNZ APPARATUS FOR IRRIGATING GOLF GREENS Filed Jun 27, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 'MSM alien/new April 30, 1929. E. G. MUNZ 1,710,838

APPARATUS FOR IRHIGATING GOLF GREENS Filed June 27, 1927 2 SheetsSheet 2 F117! lg I l i i 1 l "WBL l g f 2 25 \V 7 S X M 23' Q 1 Q i' l i j 1 l /0 Q I 1 l r I 2 E1 'l 1 A E s: 21 1 6 Huwntom J2me) 63/11/7 Patented Apr. 30, 1929.



Application filed June 27,

This invention relates generally to irrigating apparatus and refers more particularly to apparatus for irrigating golf greens.

One of the primary objects of the invention is to provide a system of piping for golf greens having at spaced intervals about the green, a plurality of adjustable connections to which a sprayer or the like may be attached for sprinkling differentportions of the green.

Another object is to provide a specially constructed green cup having a sprayer head built therein, and adapted for attachment to any of the pipe connections of the irrigating apparatus. it

With these and other objects in view, the invention resides in the novel features of construction and combination and arrangement of parts as more fully hereinafter set forth.

in the accompanying drawings:

Figure 1 is a diagrannnatic view of the irrigating apparatus applied to a golf green;

Figure 52 is a section taken through the cup nshowing the spraying head and its connection to one of the pipe ends;

Figure 3 is a plan view of the cup. Figure at is a perspective view of the swinging oint.

Figure 5 is a modified form of the able joint. a i t In the drawings wherein like characters of reference indicate like parts, the numeral 1 designates a golf green provided with a cup 2 shown in the present instance in Figure l; as being placed in the center of the green. As is well known, it is preferable tomove the cup about the green quite a few times during the playing season so as to prevent undue wear in the immediate vicinity of the cup.

Also, because of the short condition in which the grass must be kept great care must be taken in the upkeep of the green and it is ver important that the same be constantly sprinfzled to prevent the grass from being burnt, especially during mic summer. Usually ordinary surface sprinklers have been used where the water supply is convenient for use but at best this is a very unsatisfactory method as it entails the removing ofthe sprinklers and hose before play may be started.

adj ust- The present invention is designed to elim' inate these objectionable features by first providing an underground system of water pipes and second, by providing cupswith built-in spra er heads, capable of being moved to difilirent portions about the green 1927. Serial No. 201,382.

for attachment at difi'erentpoints in the sys- As shown the numeral 3 indicates a main water supply pipe provided with a plurality of branch pipes & extending in all directions so as to completely encompass the area'covered by the green.

At the termination of each branch there is preferably provided an upstanding section of pipe 5 havingits end portion screw-threaded for engagement with the screw-threaded aperture 6 located in the bottom? of the cup 2,

As will be noted, this cup is of'tlievusual size and form except that thefiag holder 8 is placed at one side of the bottom of the cup. This holder merely consists of an open socket, the arrangement being such that any dirt collecting in the socket is simply packed down below the bottom of the cup. y Slidably mounted in the cup bottom 7 is a sprayer head 9 which in its raised operative 1:

position is adapted to extend above the cup rim. This is clearly shown in lthefullj line position in Figure 2, while the lower inoperatlve position is shown in dotted lines of the same figure. The extreme lower portion of 7 this head is enlarged as at 10 so as to prevent the removal thereof from the cup and alsoto provide a snug fit-with the inwardly rounded portion 11 of the aperture 6,

Any suitable type of sprayer may used. except that it is preferable that the extreme top end portion 12 be perfectly flat so that when the head is in its lower position this flat top will seat in the enlarged portion 13 ofthe aperture 6 and thus provide a smooth surface for the bottom of the cup.

In order to allow forthe adjustment of the' cup when changing the same from one P081? tion to another, each section 5 is preferably connectedto its branch pipe 4 by means of a swinging joint 14. consists of a pair of elbows 15 and 16 connecting the branch 4 and section 5 respectively and having extending therefrom shortsec- This joint preferably tions 17 and 18 which are in turn connectedby means of anelhow 19.. With this arrangementauniversal movement of the cup is allowed after it is attached to the section 5 so that itmay be adjusted to the proper height I p and position;

If desirable, however other means such as a that shown in Figure 5 may be provided. In this modification theYsection 5 isaslidably mounted in the fittingI EZQ, thisfitting consisting of the enlarged casing'21, having the turned annularifiange 22 from which projects the sleeve portion 23. Suitable packing 2 is placed between this sleeve and the section 5 while a split ring 25 surrounds the section 5 above the packing. collar 26 is provided for screW-threadedly engaging the sleeve 23 and is adapted to compress the ring 24: against the packing and section 5 for forming a tight fit after the cup has been adjusted to its proper position.

It will of course be understood that when the apparatus is completely installed, all of the piping is entirely below the ground line of the green and that the sections 5 are adapt ed toextend substantially to the pointinclicated in Figure so that when the cup is connected thereto the rim of the cup WillbG flush with the surface of the ground.

When it is desired to change the position of the cup allthatisnecessary is to unscrew the bottom of the cup from the section 5 to which it is connected and then move the cup and spray head to the desired position above one of the otherpipe sections, whereupon it may be easily connected thereto by removing the required quantityoi turi from above the pipe section in any suitable manner. When the water is turned on the i orce thereoif will instantly move the sprayer head from its lower to its upper operative position and likewise after the green has been suiliciently sprinkled, thehead Will drop down to its inoperative position when the Water is cut oil'. IbWlll of course be understood that all of the pipe sections except the one to which the cup is connected will be plugged when not in use.

From the foregoing it is apparent that I have not only provided an irrigating apparatns for a golf green located substantially below the ground line of thegreenbut have also provided a novel form of cup within which IlS'lflllli) the sprayer head for the irrigating apparatus.

"IVhat I claim as my invention is:

1. In combination, a cup adapted for use upon golf greens anda sprayer head movably arranged within said cnpand adapted to be moved to a position for permitting the cup to be used for the playing oi? golf.

2. In combination, a cup adapted for use upon golf greens and a sprayer headv carried by and slidably mounted within said cup and adapted when in its inoperative position, to permit theuse of said cup for the purpose intended.

In combination, a cup adapted for use upon golf greens having a bottom portion provided with an opening and a sprayer head slidably mounted in said openin and adapted when in its inoperative position, to permit the use of said cup for the purpose intended.

4. In combination, a cup adapted fornse upon golf greens l'iaving a bottom portion provided'with an opening and a sprayer head upon golf greens having a bottom portion provided with an opening therethrough, and having its upper surface surrounding said opening recessed, and a sprayer head slidably mounted in said opening and having a lint upper port' an adapted to seat in said recess in the lower position. oil? said head whereby the top surface oi? said that upper portion will form a portion oi" said cup bottom.

6. In an irrigation apparatus for golf greens, a pipe line having a plurality of branch pipes located at spaced intervals about the green below the surface thereof, a cup for said ,Qgreen adapted for attachment to one of said branch pipes and a sprayer head movably mounted in said cup for en gageinent with said branch pipe, said head being adapted when in its iimperativc position, to permit the use of: said cup for the purpose intended.

7. In an irrigation apparatus for golf greens, a pipe line having a plurality of branch pipes located at spaced intervals about the green below the surface thereof, a (up for said green having a bottom portion n'ovided with an opening ad opted to register with one of said branch llll iflfs and a sprayer hea d carried l'iy said cup and having an elon- '1 .ed body portion slidably mounted in said or usingand arranged to lie within said brazurh pipe in its lmver inoperative position whereby said cup may be utilized for the purpose intended. i

8. In an irrigation apparatus for golf greens, a pipe line having a plurality of branch pipes located at spaced intervals about the green below the surface thereof, a cup for said green secured to one of said branch pipes, a sprayer headmounted in said cup tor engagement with said branch pipe, and adjustable means connecting said branch pipe to said pipe line whereby a correct positioning of said cup relative to the surface of the green maybe obtained.

9. In con'ibinat-ion, a cup adapted for :use upon golf greens having a bottom portion provided with a centrally disposed opening, a sprayer-head slidably mounted in said opening, the bottom portion of said cup bein g provided with a second opening adjacent the wall of saidcup and constituting a flag holder for said cup.

10. In combination, a cup adapted for use upon golf greens, and spraying means carried by said cup and so arranged with re spent thereto as to permit the use of said cup for the purpose intended.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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