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Publication numberUS1710929 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1929
Filing dateFeb 24, 1927
Priority dateFeb 24, 1927
Publication numberUS 1710929 A, US 1710929A, US-A-1710929, US1710929 A, US1710929A
InventorsKelleway Duane S
Original AssigneeKelleway Duane S
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US 1710929 A
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Patented Apr. 30, 1929.



Application filed February 24, 1927. Serial No. 170,471.

This invention relates generali)T to meclninics tools, and particularly to a special form oli plier `ifor holding ohjeets against rotation, or rotating same or cutting same.

The iii-st ohject oi this invention is to provide :in exceedingly simple and efficient pair oli pliers h v ineens of which an improved gripping action secured.

'lfhe second ohject is to so Construct the pliers that it will he e: 1v to niainrlaeture at a relatively low oost, and at the saine time avoid the necessity for 1n aking same unduly Wide in order that they may he successfully used in narrow places.

l'hesm and other objects, will heeoine more apjpiarent from the speciiication `following as iliuntrated in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 a side elevation oli the pliers lironi the cutter side showing saine in a closed position. VFigure 2 is also a side elevation showing the pliers in a 1vide open position in :Full lines and also showing same holding a ejflindrieal ohjeot, 'with one avv and handle i-ihoivn dotted in order to show various relative p Lions of the parts. Figure 3 is a perspee e vienT showing the pliers gripping a cylindrical object. Figure 11 is a somewhat irregular horizontal seotion taken along the line L1ML/l in ll'igure 1. Figure 5 is a transverse section laken along the line 5-5 in lfigure l. Figure 6 is a section taken along the line (36 in Figure 2.

i iilar nlunlneri-i ol reference relier to simiiluinighout the several views.

Y. 'ine in detail to the drawing, the pliers consist oi' a pair oi handle members 10 and 1l, the :former oif which has formed on iii: work-eT iging end a serrated jaw 12 haring its eel'i 1&3 pointed somewhat toward the tip lll. rhe handln 10 is enit-ed to the handle 1l hj' means o'iarivet 151 V["he handle 11 is provided with a short oud. 16 lo which is hinged a jaw 1i" in' ineens oiE the rivet itl. The jaw 1T is widened at its tip 1S) which is provided with teeth E opposing and sloping in the opposite direction from the teeth lli-l.

Between the jaws 12 and li' are the connecting links 21 and, the ilioriner oif which provided with a kni'le edge 23 which, to-

gether with the edge 24 on the jaw 12, forms the cutting portion of the pliers. The links l1 and 22 are attached tothe jaw 12 by ineens et' a rivet Q5 and are attached. to the jaw 17 hy means of a rivet 26. Y 1

It will he noted that the rivets 18 and 26 lie approsimately in a line passing through lthe tip El? oi? the jaw 17 and are somewhat ilu-ther apart than` the rivets 15 and 25, which lie in a line approximately coinciding with the tace of the teeth 13; Whereas the line which passes through the rivets 18 and 26 form a considerable angle With the faces of the teeth 20.

It will he noted that the link 21, which carries the cutting edge Q3, is on one side of the plier, out it could he placed on the opposite side to better adapt itselil for certain olas` of Work without departing from the spirit of this invention. l

Attention is nonT drawn to Figure 2 in which it can he seen that pressure applied to lnindlos 10 und 11 tending to move same to gether causes the jaw 17 to move outwardly as it closes upon the Work 28 with a rolling action, which permits the teeth to effectively hito into the Work, making same function somewhat after the fashion of a pipe Wrench as distinguished from the ordinary monkey Wrench provided With serrated aWs.

This type oi pliers must not he confused with the old form of Wrench employing one handle 10 but eliminating the handle 11 en-` tirely, and depending upon a spring action (or in some cases the action of the thun'ih, or even gravity to hold the jaw 17 into the n'o rk).

As illustrated in my drawing, the force moving the handles 10 and 11 toward each other urges the jaiv 17 proportionately toward its Work, thereby producing pliersv having a differential movement between its jaws and having unusual power, Without the disadvantages arising from the use of parallel 'j uws.

lt can also he ,seen that in some instances it will he desirable to' make the links 21 in-l l'egralwthat is, out of a single piece having slotted ends, for the purpose of securing greater rigiditjr at the tips ott, the plier jaws.

l claim:

l. A pair of pliers having one integ 1al handle and jaw member and a second handle luenilrer hinged hy a lnaiu pivot across said lirt mentioned handle and having a jaw hinged to over-lapping end, and linkv means between said integral javir and said. hinged j aw whereby the Closing of the liandiee will canse the tipe of Said jaws to approach eaeh other in two directions the main pivot and the two linl; hinges lying` in an approximately straight line when the pliers are closed.

2. A pair of pliers having, in combination, an integral handle and jaw member with a. second handle member hinged across said tiret mentioned handle and having a jaw opposite said first mentioned jaw hinged to said seeond mentioned handle, and link means conneeting` the outer ende of both jaws between their tips and their union with another inember Said links; holdingsaid jaws at a dive reim.; angle when open and at a converging angie when closed said hinged connect-i011 occupy# ing an approximately straight line at the moment ol' closing.


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U.S. Classification81/381, 30/181
International ClassificationB25B7/00, B25B7/12
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European ClassificationB25B7/12