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Publication numberUS1710947 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 30, 1929
Filing dateApr 28, 1928
Priority dateApr 28, 1928
Publication numberUS 1710947 A, US 1710947A, US-A-1710947, US1710947 A, US1710947A
InventorsPayne Charles T
Original AssigneePayne Charles T
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Method of making miniature log house
US 1710947 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

April 3o, 1929. C, T. PAYNE O 1,710,947

METHOD OF MAKING MINIATURE LOG HOUSES Filed April 28. 192B .niidwieetion ofthe i Patented Apr. 30, 1929.



Application lcd April E8. 192B. i Serial No. 273,499.

This invention relnten to toy or ininintnre honeee whieh einndnte the nippeiirnnoe oil loi; bonnen, and nhieh are Snitnbie Ator birds, ete.

The innin objects of thie` invention nre to provide :in improved oonetriietion oit mini- :itnre lon` house which will be :substantiel und rigid in construction, :ind to iLn-ovide,:in `in1- proved method Volif arranging the twigs `on enbetnntinl bucking members :so thnt `when the einle oil? the niendiere :ire nbntted nt right nnglen, project-inf.; ends oi alternate tw4 'will he in dovetnled relationship.

An .illnetrntive einboi'liinent el this invention is shown in the fneonlrnnlying drawings, in 'which :4f

Fig. l is n "View in perspective olf n eoin plete lninintnie log lionne hzwing;w :l (flotan-hable door Shown :in .elnreed ielntionto lle henne.

liinz 2 .is n top plnn View oli at in for hold,- inii' i ie perte lroin whieh the eide nini end wolle oi the lnniee ane imide. i

Fig. 2l .is n .eefJ ,ione-l View miren on the line of Fin'. il.

Fin'. Ll; in n View in pernpeetire, token in Vwhieh holds the patrie Ator nnikini;l the rooti ot' the lionne.

Fin', 5 if; n View in front eleintion ol. `:in end wallet the hoiiee :is eonstrn ,ted in tlrojiif.;I nhon'n in Fig.

Fi G is @View in liront elevntion ol n eide wall not the house ne oonntrlleted in the jigl shown in Fie: 9,. i

ln the eonfitriletion shown in the drawings, :1, jiji' in provided ttor .holdix'ig' the parte lfroin which the iside :ind end Welles :1re inodej :ind eoinprirsen :L linee pli-.tte l having' n nntnl line on J[he [op eide thereof.

A elent or Step fl is Seein'ed by Sermve all to the tiene oili the :nljneent nnd parallel to one longitudinali edge. Transverse relents 5, (3 und 7 are also Similarly neenred to the linee ot the jig, et right :ingles to the elent il :ind nbntting.;` therengninst.

The @lents 5, G nn d 7 nre provided with inwardly extending heee Hennen S, 9 und l0 reepeetively which nro of snbntnntielly the sannio thickness ne boeking nielnbere or boards lfl Y :rnd 12 which nre need in the end and side dinl point of the biiekii'in boord l. :it the eide,

thereof oppooite tothe elent ln constructing its-1de wall withthe use ol this jig, the backing board isllrst placed the elent 7.

4rlinehee` the ends no shown in lifig. 3;

in position between the llengee 9 and l0 by inserting one edge under the` toe lfnnd then loivering the other eide until the board rests` upon the Inetnl laee platte 9,. M i A ,series of twigs lo, :ill eut to the Sinne length, nre then plneed on thebonrd. The tiret twi inllizieentto the eleiit 'linplnjced 'in position, tiret by slipping it under the toe l-l and wiih its left` end renting npon` the thinge 9 `and nfbntting against the elent. The twigs are oi? n length so that when un end thereof nbnts algninet either the cleat b or 7, the oppoeite end thereof `virili" be Sub` Stinltinlly ihren with the opliosite end of the hnelfing boord l2. `The next twig is1 then pinned against the .tiret `with its rightend rest`- Ving upon the flange Mend :Limiting `against Sliece; 'ive twig nre `likewise plof-ed .in positioninstnggeitd relationship nni'ilthe hint twiglnyeniong nnd eontzwh.l with the cinto, C

Sinnll nails lf n re` then driven thronjh eneh oli the twigs lo, one ndjneenteneh end there ol.7 :ind the nails nre ol' enllieient length `So as to pues through the board l2 end come in rontnet with the inetnl nee plnteffwhich The bucking hoord 12 With the tWigS nailed thereto, is thenrenroved freni the jig b first raising the edge next to the cleat` 3 ont, then shifting slightly in thedirection of said cleat sono to `withdraw the oppositeedge thereoif "ti-olii under theloe Het rient 13. The side well iis time 'tornnd is shown in Fig. 6 ofthe dinwinge'.` t

The end Welle 'for the miniature house are' :formed .in nnirh the saune manner except that the boeking board 11, ot the edge opposite to the edge alnittinzgI against the cient 3, s ,of inverted V shape and the twigs nnilei'lthereto are trinnned oli' flush with enoh eide of the board to lorin the gable of the house as shown in Fig. 5 ot' the drawings.

The two sides ofthe roof of'thehonse :ire ol the sinne construction and are mede on the jigi shown in Fig.` 4 of the drawings. This comprises abuser? having n nietnl time plate 1S end @lents 19` ind 20 adjacent theoppositeende thereof. The cleat 19is of inverted L shape with the flange l9AeX tendingr inwardly. i

The underside of the inwardly extending flange 2() is provided Withn` dependingfstrip `Q1 of `yielding material `sneh es rubber und is" Seonred to thellnnge `by a thin flexible inetnl strap 22, which extends longitudinall)i along the underside et the strip and has ite opposite ends wrapped up around the iflange l9^ and secured to the top eide thereof by Screws or the like.

The cleat 2O is of Athe same construction, having a yieldablel strip Q3 heldL by a strap 2&1, but with the addition of an inwardl7 eritending` base flange 25.

The far Side ot this jig is also provided with a cleat V26 having' an inwardly extending,` toe in the saine manner ae the Cleat I3. In this the backing board or member 27 is slipped in edgewise until it abute againet the cleat 2G.4 Y

Twigs 28, all out to unitorm Standard length, are then slipped in with the oppo site ends thereo'l abutting; against the cleats 19 and 20, and beingl held ltieldingly down against the board 27 by the strips 21 and Q8.

It will be noted that the twigs 28 are as much longer than the board Q7, ae the base iange 9.5 is wide, so that when the root is applied to the house, the protruifling ende oi: the twigs will 'forni the eaves.

The twigs 2S are secured to the backing .member 27 by nails 29 in the saine manner asehown in Fig. 3, and then the board 27 with its twigs nailed thereto is el id out oit the jig in an edgewiee direction.

In assembling a miniature house trein these three formed unite, the backing boiu'deI of two end units and two side wall unite are arranged at right angles to each other and secured together. The Staggering of the twigs is so arranged that the protruding ende ot one wall fit between the protruding ende et the adjacent walls in much the saine manner as inthe building' ot a log cabin.

The root' members are then nailed in place with the protruding ends of the twige Jlorniing;r the eaves along the Sides of the lionne. A floor plate 29 may be detaehably secured tothe house for convenience in Cleaning, and

one end *all is provided with an opening 30 to permit ingress and egreee ot the birds.

A Jforked twig; 2:31 may be nailed to the end wall 'that has the hole 30 therein, with one arm 32 ot the twig positioned in epaeed relation to the plane et the wall so that a bird eau alight thereon.

rtlthough luit one Specific einlnnlimeut ot thinl invention han been herein shown and described, it will be rmderetood that numerouel de 'nils et the eonesruetion Shown may be altered or omitted without departing 'from the epirit ot this intention as delined by the tol lowing claims.

I claim:

l. The method ot making a device oit the Claes described comprising the plaeing ol" a backing member in a jig, arraagingl a series ot twigs oli eubstantiallgT the saine length in parallel relationship, the opposite ende ot alternate twigsv beine,l substantially liush with the opposite ende of said boekingv ineinber, and the other ends ot said twigs protruding beyond the ends ot said backingI member, eeeuring Said twigs to said baekinfbr member and then 'removingr Said ineinber and twigs 'from Said 2. A devieeo'l. the class described comprisingr a plurality et backing lnen'ibere arranged end to end at right angles to each other to forni side walle, twigs Secured to said banliingl members with one end ot each twigr sub etantially ilueh with one end olf its backingl member, and the other end thereof protruding beyond the other end ol Said backing member, Said twigs and backing member being poeitioned eo that the protruding ends ot said twigs oli one backing member tit between the protruding; ende ot the twigs on the adjacent backing n'iember.

In testimony whereol I have hereunto set my hand at Grand Rapids, hiliehigan, this` 25th day of April, 1928.


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