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Publication numberUS1711654 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 7, 1929
Filing dateJun 11, 1928
Priority dateJun 11, 1928
Publication numberUS 1711654 A, US 1711654A, US-A-1711654, US1711654 A, US1711654A
InventorsRedlinger Lawrence M
Original AssigneeRedlinger Lawrence M
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Vending device
US 1711654 A
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May .7, 1929. M. REDLINGER VENDING DEVI CE Filed Jne ll, 1928 Patented May 7, 1929.



Appiication ined June 1i,

Myinvention relates to vending devices in general, and particularly to such devices as.

are adapted for the vending of apples and like fruit, the object being .to provide asimple, attractive and cheap device for the display of the fruit from vwhich it may bg removed one piece at a time as purchased. l accomplish this object by means of the con struction illustrated in the accompanying drawing, which is a part of" this application for Letters Patent, like characters of,

reference indicating like parts throughout the several views thereof, and in which:

AF ig. 1 isa sectional side elevation of my device. i

1 Fig l* ig.. 1.

Fig. Fig. 1. y

Fig. 4 is a perspective view of my device.v

The device consists 'of a box-like struc-v ture having sides 5, top '6, 'and bottom 7. Rising from kthe bottom' and connecting the sides is a back' 8. which extends only partly to the top, the remaining back space being- 2 is a sec-tion upon the-line 2-2`ot 3 is aV section upon the line 3-301 closed by a door 9 hinged to the vback 8. The

front 'et the structure consists oi a` vertical portion andan inclined portion. vSaid-inclined port-ion is provided with a transpar=v ently closed opening, as-otl glass 10, through which to view the displayed fruit. The

lower end oit the vertical frontlll andthe yiorwardcndlof thebottom 7 are joined by a cylindrical portio1i12'having a hinged door 13. p .z y

lVitliin said structure are provided'ways ior the fruit, consisting .of guides to lead the vfruit to the dispensing device below. These guides are preferably constructed in an integral unit which is mounted within the structure in such a manner that it may be adjusted for various sizes of fruit.

Said ways `are constructed of a transversely disposed top member 14 and a corresponding bottom member 15. At each end of said members 14 and 15, adjacent the sides ot' the boxdike structure, there is provided a connecting member 16, rigidly secured upon each of the members 14y and 15. Said vmembers 16 extend downwardlyinan vinclined portion 16a substantially.parallel to the glass 10,'. a backwardly curvedportion 16h, and a backwardly` extending horizontal portion 16, and at the point of. juncture of portions16b and 16C the kmember 15 is se-y 1928. Serial N0. 284,563.

cured thereto. The rear end of the portion 16c is downwardly bent and formed into a portion 161 adapted to lit into orifices 17 in the structure bottom 7. y

rIntermediate said side members 16 are provided similar members, in plurality, designated as 18, together withtlie members lower member I15, conveniently being simply .16' these members `form runways for the f bent around said member in theA forni of an eye 19. p 1

Between each of sail runways: there is a guide member to prevent the fruit in. one` runway interfering` with the tiuitl'in the ad` )arent runway. These guides are formed lsimilarly to the runway members 16rv and 178.v

They are secured to the upper member 14, and therefrom extend substantially parallelv `to the members 16 and 18, having the samel downwardly inclined,portioiisf20 and i'ear;

wardly curved L'portion '21@v At vthe lower' end of the portions 21 they are given a Vsharp 'forward and reverse Ibend,`thus forming a loop portion 22.

bers to the cross members and 14, saidy so i Rearwardly extending `legs are provided to secure these guide meiir legs being designated as 23 land 24 respecf tively. These legs set the guidemembers outVV from the runway members sufficiently so that the guides-contact with the tially` Aits -middle vzonel i 'Below' the reverse bent portion 22 ot the guide members I provide means -for dispensing the fruit. This may be simply a door in the structure, but preferably it consists of a cylinder 26 rotatably mounted 'within the cylindrical portion 12 of the structure b v means of a shaft- 27 which' is provided with an outeriliandle 28 whereby to rotate the cylinder. fi'iiiti-eceiviiig pockets, one for each run way and alined therewith, designated by 29.

Said cylinder is provided withii p ioov The vperipheral arrangement of said pockets upon said cylinder is such that while one is registered with the door 13 another is registered with oneot therrunways, and therest` are disposed between said door land, their respective runways. Therefore in any posi-y tion `of the cylinder 26 there willbe one piece of iruitdisclosed upon opening ythe door '13, and' another piece of Vfruit deposited within its respective pocket, the other pockets being already filled and ready to be registered with the door in ltheir turn, or empty and ready to be filled from the runway when presented thereto.

To prevent the fruit from congesting in the space above the cylinder, by which' c`o`n-V gestion the fruit might becomeV injurechrI provide an inwardly directed vand downn wardly inclined delector 30V secured to the front of the structure adjacent the. point where the vertical portion 1l thereof joins the inclined portion wherein is positioned ythe glass It).V ils the fruit inoves downward within the runways it comes into contact with said defiector as shown in dotted lines in. Fig. l, and is thereby guided around the i vturiioi the runways from the inclined por- Y bei', and the lower ends v l I mount within the orifices l? in the tion 16 thereof intothe curved portion 1Gb theieoi,-otlieiwise the fruit would pile up and become congestedinthe spaceimmcdiately above the cylinder 26. To still iurthei' coniine the fruit withinthe respective runways I provide yieldable spring tongues S51-secured to the detlector 8O and depending` there'lirom adjacent the respective runways. These yieldable tongues will contact witli'the fruit if it leaves the runway and gently restore it to therunway.

To adjust the device to various sizes ot fruit I mount the upper cross membergli in brackets 33 notched to receive said inemof the members 16,

structure bottoni 'TL Thus by mounting the V'upper member lllin a notch inthe brackets Q3 that corresponds in position .relative to the front of the device with the orifice in which the ends 16d are mountech' the whole runway unit may bemounted at various dis-` tances from the front of the deviceythus accommodating various sizes of lruit. j

My invention may be used in combination withl various coin operating devices7 said devices communicating with a coin receiv described a lorm oi construction and arrangement of parts found desirable in materializing my invention,` I wish to include in this application all mechanical `equivalents and substitutes that may fairly be considered to come within the scope and purview of my invention `as defined in Vthe ap- Y ended Y claim. P

Havine' disclosed m i invention so that others may be enabled to construct and to use the saine, what I claim asncw and lesire to secure by Letters Patent is:

In a fruit vending' device'. an inclosing structure having an .inclined transparently closed display opening; runways witliiinfsaid structure having an upper portion substantially parallel to said display opening and a lower. portion disposed substantially vertically; an inwardly projecting derlector ad- Y jacent the juncture point of said portions ot the runways for the purpose oiguiding the fruit from one portion of the runway to the other portion thereof to prevent conges tion of the fruit at the lower end oi the runway; Vand anV opening in said structure through which fruit attlie lower end` oi" the runway may be removed;

In witness whereof I claim the foregoing as my own I hereunto atiir; my signature at Portland7V county of Multnomah, tate ot Oregon, this 17th day of, Apr., 1928."

Lawniiiicn M. aspirazione,

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