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Publication numberUS1712217 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 7, 1929
Filing dateAug 18, 1923
Priority dateAug 18, 1923
Publication numberUS 1712217 A, US 1712217A, US-A-1712217, US1712217 A, US1712217A
InventorsClarence H Kelsea
Original AssigneePeter Gray & Sons Inc
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Illuminating apparatus
US 1712217 A
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May 7, 1929. 'c`. H. KELsEA 4 ILLUMINATING APPARATUS I 2 Sheets-Sheet Filed Aug. 18

May 7, 1929. c. H. KELSEA 1,712,217 ILLUMINTNG APPARATUS A Filed Auvgf'lS, 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 v mmm Illi! m v Patented May 7, 1929.


sons, rnc., or sETTs.


Application vflied August 18, 1923. Serial No. 658,156.

y Another object of the invention is to prov vide an illuminating apparatus of novel and simplified construction in respect to the electrical connections employed in connection With the operating of the apparatus, With attending increase'in efficiency of the apparatus. j

To these ends the apparatus is provided With a projector unitcomprising preferablyv a housing, an electric lamp socket secured in fixed relation thereto, and a reflector insertable into the housing to be positioned With relation to the said socket tov initiallyv adjust and position the reflector With respect to the lamp so that the focal point of the reflector is substantially coincident with the center of the lamp filament, and provision is made for securing or locking the reflector in this position to prevent its being tampered With, and to insure that the lamp and the reflector are maintained properly focused at all times during the use of the apparatus With lamps having the same or substantially the same light center and such as are now available onthe market and lnoWn as precision lamps.

Provision is also preferably made for permitting the main supply Wires to be directly connected to the projector unit and thereby eliminate excess Wiring and connections, avoid to a large extent the liability of loose connections and joints, and increase the efficiency of the apparatus. To this end the yreflector housing is preferably provided with relatively large terminal posts mounted on said housing in an accessible position and connected directly With the lamp and socket and to which the supply Wires may be directly connected.

These and other features of the invention will be hereinafter described and particularly pointed out-in the claims at the end of this specification.

y 'In the drawings, F ig. l is a vertical central longitudinal section of an illuminating apparatus embodying the present invention,

and showing'the reflector in its adjusted position; Fig. 2.a side elevation of the projector unit shovv'n in Fig. l; Fig. 3 a longitudinal section of the projector unit show- Aing the reflector free from the housing or unattached thereto and not in its adjusted position; and Fig. 4 a detail in rear elevationvof the projector unit. i

Referring to the drawings, the illuminating apparatus illustrated therein is provided vvith a projector unit comprising a housing l0, a lamp socket l2 securedin fixed relation to the housing, and a reflector' 14 adapted to co-operate with an electric lamp 15 when the latter is inserted rinto the lamp socket l2 in the manner illustrated in Fig. l. As herein shown, the lamp ysocket l2 is provided at its rear end With a flange 16 Which 4is received and clamped between insulating plates or disks 18, 20, secured togetherand to thehousing l() by screws 2l, see Fig. 4, and forming the rear Wall of said housing. The reflector 14 is insertable into the housing 10 to be capable of adjustment for the purpose of focusing'it With `relation to the lamp -15, andis preferably held in its adjusted position by a relatively heavy coil spring 22 interposed between a bearing ring 24 for the reflector 14 and the insulating plate 2O of the rear' ysurface or Wall of the housing 10, said spring cti-operating Witha retaining ring 26 adapted to fit into the mouth of the housing 10 and against Which the vreflector 14 is urged by the coil spring 22. Provision is made for securing the retaining ring `26 in fixed relation to the housing 10 after the reflector has been properly adjusted, that is With the focus of the reflector in a plane passing through the center of the filament 'of the'lamp l5, and as herein shown this may be conveniently accomplished by soldering the ring to the housing 10, the solder being indicated by the heavy black line 28. After the reflector has been focused and secured or locked in its focused position in the manner' described, the mouth of the housing is closed by the usual cover glass 30 Which is secured in the usual manner in its retaining ring 31, the

latter being secured to the housing in any Provision is also made for simplifying thev electrical connections between the lamp and the supply Wires therefor, and to this end relatively large terminal posts 40, 41 are mounted directly upon the Vprojector unit and as herein shown are extended through holes in the insulating members 18, 20, and are provided with lock nuts 42, 43 thereon for the purpose of clamping them tothe insulating members 18,20. The threaded ends of the bolts are each provided With nuts 44 between which the ends of the supply Wires may be clamped in a convenient manner. One bolt or terminal post is connected with the lamp socket 12 by a metal angle member 45 soldered or otherwise secured thereto. The second binding post 41 is Connected to a contact member for the lamp, said contact member comprising a head 48 on the end ot a rod 49 movably supported Within the lamp socket by an insulating disk 50, and having its rear end extending through a hole in the insulating member 18, as shown. A spring 54 is Aprovided for yieldingly holding the'contaet member 48 against theterminal 55 oit the lamp. The end ot' the rod 49 is connected by a Wire 56 to the binding post 41.

With this construction it Will be observed that the single pair of binding posts 40, 41 carried by the projector unit serves for the connection of the projector unit with the main supply Wires, not shown, and as a rerelation to )the housing and in non-adjustable relation to eachother With the lamp at or substantially at the .focus of the retlector, Which prevents the relations of the lamp and reflector being disturbed or tampered With by unauthorized persons after the apparatus has been delivered to the user.

`I-Iaving thus described the invention, what is claimed is: Y

1. In an illuminating apparatus,in combination, a housing having an insulating' rear Wall, a non-adjustable lamp socket secured to said insulating rear, Wall, an electric lamp co-operating With said socket, a non-adjustable reflector Within said housing with its focus in a plane passing through the lament ot the lamp, a bearing ring for the rear end of said. reliector surrounding said lamp socket, and a compressed spring surrounding the lamp socket and'bearing against the insulating rear Wall and the said bearing ring.

2. In van illuminating apparatus, in combination, a housing having an insulating rear Wall providedv With an opening extended through it, a non-adjustable reflector Within said housing,- ay non-adjustable .lamp socket secured to the rear Wall in line With said opening, terminal posts carried by said insulating rear Wall, and a spring-pressed contact member slidable in said socket Within the housing and extended through the opening in the insulating rear Wall and connected with one of said terminal posts, and means for connecting the lamp socket with the other of said terminal posts. Y

In testimony whereof, I have signed m name to this specification.


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