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Publication numberUS1712380 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 7, 1929
Filing dateApr 16, 1928
Priority dateApr 27, 1927
Publication numberUS 1712380 A, US 1712380A, US-A-1712380, US1712380 A, US1712380A
InventorsCourten Othmar De, Schaub Oscar
Original AssigneeCourten Othmar De, Schaub Oscar
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Advertising on cigarettes
US 1712380 A
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y 7, 9- o. DECOURTEN ET AL 1,712,380

ADVERTI S ING ON CIGARETTES Filed April 16, 1928 Patente- Ma 1,1929. I 1,712,380




'Applicat ion filed April 16, 1928-, Serial No. 270,538, and in Switzerland April 27, 192?.

This invention relates to advertising on ing, in which case provision is made for cigarettes and has for its principal object to readily separating the flag or tab by per-to provide a particularly effective advertise rating or stamping the latter along a line ment on a cigarette which shall not however of separation indicated at (Z. 40

inconvenience the smoker. When the flag or tab is arranged to extend According to the invention the advertiselaterally from the body of the cigarette, the ment does not appear upon the body of the advertisement appearing thereon is exhibitcigarette but is applied to a small flag or ed to the greatest advantage and when it is tab connected to or integral with the casadapted to be separated from the body of the 45 ing of the cigarette, a particularly effective cigarette the advertisement is even more advertisement being thus provided which effective inasmuch as the smoker in separatdoes not inconvenience the smoker of the ing the tab must necessarily become cognicigarette inasmuch as the small advertising zant of the advertisement. flag or tab can be readily removed. The tab or flag need not however extend 50 Figures 1 and 2 of the accompanying laterally from the body of thecigarette but drawing illustrate by side views two emcould when the cigarette is being packed be bodiments of the invention. rolled around the body of the cigarette and In both cases, a small flag or tab a bearing only be released when the latter is removed an advertisement is connect-ed to the body 2) from the packet for use.

of the cigarette so as to extend laterally What we claim is therefrom but could however be arranged so 1. A cigarette having an advertisement as to lie against the bodyof the cigarette. carrying flag or tab made in one piece with The advertising flag or tab 41, which is the paper casing 01' the cigarette and arpreferably made of the same material as the ranged to be separated therefrom along a 60 casing 01": the cigarettemay be of any desired tearing-off line.

shape as, for example, rectangular, triangu- 2. A cigarette having an advertisement lar, round, oval, etc.; around its periphery carrying fiag ortab made in one piece with it may be curved, scalloped, toothed or have the paper casing of the cigarette an d having any fantastic form and it may be of any do a line of pcrtoratiens tor separating piir- G5 sired colour. It may moreover be adapted poses.

to be separated from the body of the ciga- In Witness whereof we have hereunto rette and may for this purpose be perforated signed our names this fifth day of April, as illustrated at c in Figure l for example. 1928.

The flag or tab wmay also be made in one piece with the paper casing of the ciga- OTHMAR on COURTEN.

rette, as represented in Figure 2 of the draw OSCAR SCHAUB.

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U.S. Classification40/321
International ClassificationG09F23/00
Cooperative ClassificationG09F2023/0041, G09F23/00
European ClassificationG09F23/00