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Publication numberUS1713065 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 14, 1929
Filing dateFeb 9, 1928
Priority dateFeb 9, 1928
Publication numberUS 1713065 A, US 1713065A, US-A-1713065, US1713065 A, US1713065A
InventorsWilliams Peter K
Original AssigneeWilliams Peter K
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Wash mitten
US 1713065 A
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May 14, 1929- P. WILLIAMS 1,713,065

WASH MITTEN Filed Feb. 9, 192

Snvcntor Gttorncg Patented Ma 1 ,1929.


WASH m'rcrnn.

Application filed February e, 1928. Serial at. 253,086.

My present invention relates to an im proved wash mitten which may be used in bath rooms, kitchens, hospitals or other places. The primary object of the invention a is the provision of a hand covering which may be used upon either hand and in which soap in the form-of. a cake, orin flakes, or sometimes in small scraps, may be placed in a pocket provided the'reforand the wash mit ten then used in lieu of a wash rag or dish rag. The mitten contemplates the use of an inner hand covering which is of course flexible and may be made of rubber, cloth, waterproof material, ahd in some instances it may be reticulated, and in combination with the inner hand covering, I employ an outer hand covering which is reticulatedor perforated in order that the Water and lather or suds may 7 have free access through the outer covering for loathing or washing purposes.

The invention consists in certain novel combinations and arrangements of parts in, the

wash mitten as will hereinafter be more fully set forth and claimed. In the accompanying drawings, I have illustrated one complete example of the physical embodiment of my invention wherein the parts are combined and arranged according to the best mode I have so far devised for the practical application of the principles of my invention. I

Figure 1 is a plan View of a mitten partly broken away for convenience. of illustration, which mitten may be used upon either the right or the left hand and Fig. 2 is a cross sectional view through the hand portion of the mitten.

In carrying out my invention, I utilize an inner han may be of rubber or waterproof material, or as here illustrated this inner covering may be of fabric such as cotton or linen. An outer covering 2 is provided and fashioned from reticulated .or perforated material such as dll till

is soaked in water to create a lather or suds covering 1 which in some instances.

gauze, this material being adapted for free and the wash mitten is used in the same manner as a wash rag or dish cloth.

The outer and inner coverings are preferably made up of two pieces of material each. and, these pieces are stitched around the edges as indicated at .4, and of course the stitched edges and the seam areturncd inside of the mitten. The hand or palm portion of portion is indicated at 6, and it will be understood that the stitches 4; extend from the wrist portion of the mitten around the edges of the thumb and the hand portion leaving the hemmed edge 7 of the outer-covering 2 free. This free edge or hem 7 extends across both sides of the mitten from one stitched edge to the other stitched edge, and the hem provides the openings forth'etwo pockets 3, 3 I at opposite sides of the mitten.

The mittenis provided with a wrist band or cuii' 8 here indicated as formed of ribbed material so. that it will be elastic, and this wrist band is stitched to the inner covering 1. A loop 9 is also stitched to the inner covering 1 by means of whichlthe wash mitten may be suspended orhung up when not in use.

lVhen used as a bath mitten, the inner hand coverin 1 may be fashioned from cotton or linen abric', and the outer covering 2 may be of open work material having a knitted or netted texture which is sufficiently durable to retain the cake of soap, yet provided with numerous apertures-to insure free ingress and egressof the suds or lather.

Whenused in the kitchen, the inner hand covering 1 may be fashioned of rubber or waterproof material if desired, but the cotton or linen fabric isalso adapted for kitchen use.

Having thus'fully described myv invention, what I claim as new and desire. to secure by Letters Patent is A reversible wash mitten comprising an inner hand covering having a thumb portion the mitten is indicated at 5 and the thumb and an elastic wrist band, a reticulated outer covering for the body of the mitten, said inner hand coveringand outer covering each 1 being fashioned of two pieces of material stitched at their edges, except across the wristband, to form pockets between the inner and outer coverings.

In testimony whereof I haveaflixed my signature.


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U.S. Classification401/201, 401/7, 15/227
International ClassificationA47K7/02
Cooperative ClassificationA47K7/02
European ClassificationA47K7/02