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Publication numberUS1713747 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1929
Filing dateAug 18, 1927
Priority dateAug 18, 1927
Publication numberUS 1713747 A, US 1713747A, US-A-1713747, US1713747 A, US1713747A
InventorsDeubener Walter H
Original AssigneeDeubener Walter H
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Shopping bag
US 1713747 A
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May 21,1929. w. H. DEUBENER SHOPPING BAG 2 Sheets-Sheet Filed Aug. 18, 1927 jvvue'niop YY'a Zer Jiflewbener,

6cm we 1 May 21, 1929. DEUBENER 1,713,747

SHOPPING BAG Filed Aug. 18, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 5 Walter HD0111) Patented ll/lay ieaa,



Application filed August 18, 1927. Serial lilo. 213,789.

My invention relates to shopping bags and the method of making the same to provide a paper bag with a decorative outer face over the entire surface in a manner to provide an attractive shopping bag. An important feature of the invention is in providing a shopping bag which can be sold for a very reasonable price and yet giving an appearance to the bag of an attractive nature.

A feature of the invention resides 1n embossing the paper and decorating the saine on the face of the paper which decorates the outer surface of the bag automatically as the flat sheets are fed through the machine and in forming the same into a bag as it passes on through the machine with an outer decorative finish and embossed body so as to decorate the entire outer exposed surface of the bag and providing a shopping bag in such a nature as to have an attractive and appealing finish over the surface and embossed into the body of the same.

The invention includes the method of making a shopping bag with a decorative outer surface and an embossed finish in the body of the paper or material making up the shop ping bag so that in an economical manner a very attractive bag can be provided which may be used for shopping purposes. This method includes an automatic means of running the blank flat sheet paper through a decorating and embossing means and then passing the same through the apparatus adapted to fold and glue the paper into the shape of the bag with the decorated face appearing on the outside of the same. This method is carried out rapidly and the decorating and embossing means is adapted to be synchronized with the bag making mechanism so that the bags come out uniformly properly decorated and embossed over the entire outer surface. This is a very important feature in the development of my economical shopping bag which is made preferably of paper and yet which is adapted to simulate or have the appearance of a leather bag. My method is carried out economically otherwise it would not be practical to make up these bags with a decorative face and finish and it is in providing a new article of manufacture in this manner which is the primary feature of the invention.

It is a feature of my invention to provide a bag which is formed in such a manner as to o decorate the surface thereof, the decorative means stiffening and rigidifying the walls of the bag in such a manner as to economically and virtually without additional cost provide a shopping bag having a utility of a highly desirable nature made primarily from sheet paper stock.

These features together with other objects and details will be more fully and clearly set forth in the specification, and pointed out in the claims and drawings forming part of this specification:

Figure 1 illustrates my new bag as it would appear 1n use.

Figure 2 illustrates my bag in folded position. 1

Figure 3 is an enlarged detail "of a portion of the bag.

Figure 4 is a section on the line H of Figure 3.

Figure 5 is a small detail showing a textile surface indented into the body of the sheet adapted to make my bag. 1

Figure 6 is a diagrammatic side view of a machine for carrying out my method.

My shopping bag A is made preferabl of paper having a strong texture adapte to withstand wear and of a construction having the side walls 10 and 11 which fold flat against each other while the bottom 12 may fold over unto either side. This structure of a bag permits the folding of the same in a flat compact state so that the bags may be packed together in shipment or displayed folded so as to take up a small amount of room. The folding of the bag in a flat state is also important to the user as when the bag is not being used as a shopping bag to carry articles therein it is preferred to have the bag so that it will fold flat.

My bag A is provided with carrying ha dles 1B which are adapted to carry the load of the bag and thesehandles may be connected to the loop portions ll which extend over and around the bottom 12. A suitable retaining member 15 may be employed across the bottom 12 to hold the loops 14 in place in relation to the bottom.

My bag A is made up of paper or thin sheet material C which is illustrated in enlarged formation in Figures 3 and 4. This material C is adapted to be fed in sheet form into a bag making machine D and this sheet material is preferably supplied in rolls such as E so that the same may be fed through the machine ]D rapidly to make the bags A as the sheet material 0 passes through the same.

The sheet material G is fed into the machine D at one end and comes out finished at the other end in the form of the shape anddesign of the shopping bag A illustrated in Figures 1 and 2, excepting that the handles provides an outer decorative finish but includes the embossing of the same into the body of the material illustrated more clearly by the indentations 16 in Figure 4 which makes the decorative surface F on the bags stands out very clearly. Y

My method is carried out in a practical manner by providing a suitable apparatus G for decoratmg and embossing the material C as it passes from the roll E to the decorating means 18 and from there through the embossing members 19 and up over the top of the apparatus G under the synchronizing roller 20 and into the machine D.

The synchronizing roller 20 iscarried in a 1 e frame 21 which permits it to raise and ower and is held by the yoke 22 in proper position. The yoke 22 is connected by the cable 23 to the weight 24 so that the roller 20 is held balanced and may be easily operated up or down by the tension of the sheet C passing over the same.

' tion of the machines to permit the finished.

The machine D is adaptedto be operated by a suitable motor 25 while the machine G is operated by the motor 26. It is important that these machines run in cynchronism so that the sheets G will be fed through properly and will not bind against the operation of either machine. By means of my synchronizing roller 20 which is connected to the rheostat 27 which controls the motor 26, the motor 26 is adapted to be operated at the lproper speed to keep the apparatus or mac ine G operating through the belt 28 in the proper synchromsni with the operationof the machanie D which makes the bags into the proper form and shape.

Thus m method of making my new bag A with the ecorative and embossed finish over the entire surface of the same consists in passing sheet material through decorating and i embossing or indenting means and then feedmg the same into the bag making machine and automatically synchronizing the operabags to be discharged from the end 29 of the machine D, decorated and indented to make the decoration on the surface stand out, and folded with sides and bottom portions ready to receive the carrying members to provide a finished shopping bag.

0 My shopping bag may be'provided with ust the handles Bat the top which can be attached 1n any suitable manner so as to proariasav vide a shopping bag having carrying handles extending from the top of the same. It is also obvious that my bag may be used without the handles wherein a decorative bag of this nature is desired. 7

I, The decorative means Fon the outer ,face of my bag can be impressed so as to be indented into the body of the material or sheet C or placed on the smooth surface of the sheet to provide the desired decorative outer finish to the bags. The decoration F is applied by the apparatus G in amanner to dye the material C passing through this apparatus or to impress the same on the surface with ink or any suitable material to give the desired result in the decorating of the surface of the sheets C. It is also obvious that the impression of the decoration in difierent colors may be applied and the impressing of the sheet C to emboss or indent'the same may be applied with the decorating of the sheet or seggrately.

y method of making my bag A provides I an article ofutility which may be ofl'ered at a very reasonable price to the customer but having a nature far superior to an ordinary paper bag. It has become common practise to use bags for shopping of a nature as cov ered by my Patent No. 1,305,198, and I have produced in this bag an entirely new idea in so far as I know in providing a bag having an economical construction yet of an attractive design wherein the user may obtain the same at the same cost as heretofore but of a much more desirable nature.

Heretofore there has been no reason for making bags of the nature that I have herein described but it will now be readily appreciated that a bag of this nature is of extreme importance and will provide to the customer an attractive shopping bag at the same cost ashas been paid heretofore and yet having the similitude of textile material, leather or other similar materials a plied to the pa er shopping bag automatica y in the manu ac ture of the same to produce a new article of manufacture.

In accordance with the patent statutes I v have described the principles of myinvention in producing a new article of manufacture in a low cost shopping bag and while I have illustrated a particular method of making my bag and a particular design for the body and surface of the same I desire to have it under- 2. A shopping bag including, sides and bot tom portions, decorative impressionsextending over the entire surfaces of said sides and bottomportions to stiffen the same, and indentations formed in said portions to magnify said decorative impressions.

3. A shopping bag comprising, sides and bottom portions, handles for supporting said bag, and a con lomeration of impressions extending over it e entire outer surface of the sides and bottom of said bag to stiffen the same. s

4. A shopping bag made of paper including, sides and bottom'portions, handles for supporting said bag, and indented impressions extending over said sides and bottom surface to the entire bag.

6. A shopping bag comprising sides and bottom portions, handles for sup orting said bag, and a decorative outer sur ace extending over said sides and bottom to stiffen the same.

7. A shopping bag including sides and bottom portions, handles for supporting said bag, and a finish dyed onto the entire outer surface of said bag to stiffen the same.


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