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Publication numberUS1714030 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 21, 1929
Filing dateJul 13, 1928
Priority dateJul 13, 1928
Publication numberUS 1714030 A, US 1714030A, US-A-1714030, US1714030 A, US1714030A
InventorsLe Boeuf Frank
Original AssigneeLe Boeuf Frank
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Dispensing device
US 1714030 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

May 21, 1929. F. LE BOEUF' DISPENSING DEVICE Filed y 13,

. 9 IN 1 1:13" 613R 9 jgun k i 15 to q e/Q ,v



DISPENSING mavrcna Application filed July 13,

This invention relates to improvements in containers and is directed particularly to dispensing containers for dispensing liquids such as perfumes and. the like.

Containers of the class to which the inven- 'tion relates are usually made in small sizes so that they may be carried in hand bags or the like and are ornamented with designs for an artistic efl'ect. They must, however, be non-leakable as well as useful and ornamental, and to that end the principal object of this invention is the provision of a perfume dispenser which is rendered non-leakable by sealing means which are arranged to be concealed so as not to impair the ornamental effect of the container.

The invention in the form at present preferred is shown in the accompanying drawing in which the figure is an elevational View partly in section showing the novel combination and arrangement of parts constituting the invention.

1 represents a container for perfume or the like which may be of metal or other material adapted to be ornamented on its exterior by engraving or any other suitable means. 2 represents a hollow closure for the upper end of the container which is preferably in threaded engagement therewith, as shown, as has a peripheral flange 3 for overlying the upper end of the side wall of the container. The lower side of the flange 3 is provided with an annular recess which receivesa ring-like resilient packing 4 of cork or some other suitable material for abutting the upper edge of the wall of the container. The parts just described are preferably arranged so that when the closure 2 is screwed into the container the packing ring 4 is concealed from view.

A valve 5 disposed within the hollow closure 2 is urged against a'suita'ble seat at the upper end thereof by a spring 6 disposed between said valve and a washer 7 fixed in the lower end of the closure. VVit-h this arrangement, the valve ma be depressed or opened to allow perfume within the container to be dispensed therefrom.

A cap 8 is in threaded engagement with the closure at its upper end and is arranged so that its lower peripheral edge will abut a resilient packing annulus 9 which is carried 1925. Serial No. 292,588.

in a recess provided in the upper side of the flange 3 of the closure. This provides a ti ht joint when'the cap is screwed onto the 053sure to prevent liquid passing between the cap and closure in case of leakage past the valve 5. i

This packing 9 is arranged to be concealed by the cap when it is screwed down onto the closure, and is accomplished by setting the packing ring 9 in the flange 3 so that its upper side is disposed below the plane of the upper side of the flange.

As will be observed, the closure and contain or, as well as the cap and closure, are sealed against leakage by means which are concealed by the parts when they are screwed together. Thus the ornamental effect of the device is not impaired by the sealing means, while at the same time there is provided the desired nonleakable joints.

Having described the invention mule form at present preferred, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A dispensing device comprising in combination, a container having an open upper end, a closure closing the end of said container having a circumferential flange above the end of the wall of said closure, an annular recess in the upper side of said flange, a packing ring in said recess, and a cap for said closure ada ted to abut said packing, all adapted an arranged whereby said packing is concealed by said cap when the cap is in place on said closure.

2. A dispensing device comprising in combination, a container having an open upper end, a closure in screw threaded engagement therewith having a circumferential flange overlying the upper end wall of said container which is provided with an annular recess in the upper and lower side thereof, a cap in screw threaded engagement with said closure, and packing rings in the recesses of said flange to seal the joints between said container, cap and closure, which are concealed by the parts when in screw threaded engagement.

3. A dispensing device comprising in combination, a contalner having an open upper end, a closure having a circumferential flange intermediate an inner and outer end thereof,

on upper and lower sides thereof and packing rings 1n said recesses, all adapted and arranged whereby the said packing rings may be engaged between the lower edge of the wall of said cap and flange of the closure and 10 between said flange and the upper edge of the Container Wall.


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