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Publication numberUS1714741 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1929
Filing dateSep 28, 1927
Priority dateSep 28, 1927
Publication numberUS 1714741 A, US 1714741A, US-A-1714741, US1714741 A, US1714741A
InventorsUrquhart Ernest C
Original AssigneeUrquhart Ernest C
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Collapsible tube
US 1714741 A
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May 28, 1929. c. URQUHART COLLAPSIBLE TUBE Filed Sept. 28', 1927 Patented May 28 1929.

1,714,741 NT OFFICE.



: Application filed September 28, 1927. Serial No. 222,439.

The inventionrelates to collapsible tubes arranged for the storage of plastic material and having a body portion formed of pliant material whereby a squeezing together of the walls thereof may be utilized to eject the plastic material from the tube.

An object of the invention is to provide a tube of the class described, having a body portion formed as a unitary structure and entirely of a non-metallic material.

Another object of the invention is to provide for a tube of the character described, a

removable closure cap providing an exten-.

sible but normally closed nozzle for effecting the discharge from the tube at a desired I point within a restricted space.

A further object of the invention is to provide a tube of the character described which may be produced at a minimum cost both as to the materials and labor.

The invention possesses other objects and features of advantage, some of which, with the foregoing, will be set forth in the following description of the preferred form of the invention which is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a side view of the tube.

Figure 2 is'a mid-sectional view of the tube taken at right-angles to that of Figure 1, the cap being turned ninety degrees. Figure 3 is a view of the tube taken from the same direction as is Figure 2 and showing the nozzle of the cap for the tube operatively disposed.

1 Essentially, and as herewith particularly shown, the tube of my invention comprises but two parts, a body portion 6 providing a cavity 7 for the storage of a charge of plastic or paste-like material 8 such as paint, glue, soap paste, toothpaste, or pharmaceutical preparations, and a screw cap 9 for effecting a closure of an outlet -for the cavity 7. The body 6 and cap 9 are both prefer-- ably formed of some non-metallic substance which provides a container having pliable Walls, various paper and fabric compositions having been found suitable and preferable for the purpose as involving a minimum cost both as to the material and the ,labor of forming the body, and permitting the use of the tube for materials which chemically react 'with metals. As here shown, the body is formed with a tubular wall 12 having a transverse closure wall 13 across one end thereof, such latter wall being provided with a discharge opening 14 generally centrally thereof. The walls 12 and 13, it will be noted, are relativelythin and a collar 16 is preferably provided at the open 1ng 14= to extend outwardly from the wall 13, such collar being externally threaded for the reception of the cap 9. The tube is arranged to be primarily charged with the material 8 while the wall 12 is in tubular form, after which the freeend thereof is flattened and folded upon itself to form a seal thereat; suitable means such as wire fasteners 17 being utilized to secure the folded-over tube portion in place. I

The cap 9 comprises a conically tapered tube provided with threads in the larger end for mounting the cap on the collar 16 of the tube and providing a nozzle 18 at its outer end. With the cap mounted on the tube, a squeezing of the latter will cause an extrusion of material 8 from the tube cavity and through the cap bore for delivery at the tip of the nozzle 18, whereby when the nozzle passage is open, the material from the tube may be delivered directly at points inaccessible to the material if delivered directly kinking the nozzle tip upon itself, where it may be held byany desired means, as by the use of a flexible loop or rubber band 19 placed around the bent-back nozzle portion and the portion against which it is disposed. Preferably, and 'as shown,- a crease '21 is provided transversely across the nozzle for facilitating the bending back of the nozzle portion. It will thus be clear that the cap 9 not only provides a seal for the outletof the tube, but itself provides a nozzle for effecting a directed delivery of material from the tube. v

In order that the nozzle may have the necessary rigidity at its base where its bore is to be threaded for mounting on the collar 16, the apical angle of the boreis less than that of the outside of the nozzle, whereby the walls of the nozzle are thicker at the inner end thereof.

From the foregoing description taken in shown is merely illustrative, and that such changes may be made, when desired, as fall within the scope of the appendedclaims.

Having thus described my invention, I

claim as new and desire to secure by Letters, 'Patent of the United States the following: 1. In combination with a collapsible tube,

a screw-cap of homogeneous material for an outlet thereof providing a ta ered nozzle having a discharge passage t erethrough, an end portion of said nozzle being arranged to be doubled back against and held to an adjacent portion of the nozzle for sealing said passage.

2. As an article of manufacture, a collapsible tube formed as a homogeneous unit of non-metallic material and provided with a discharge outlet, a cap formed as a homogeneous unit of non-metallic material threadedly mounted on said tube at said outlet and providing a conically tapered nozzle having a wall of progresslvely decreasing thickness. and means operative to effect a sealing of the passage thereof, the said means being an integral extension of the nozzle having relatively thin walls.

In testimony whereof, I affix my signature.


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European ClassificationB65D35/38