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Publication numberUS1715016 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1929
Filing dateMay 15, 1925
Priority dateMay 15, 1925
Publication numberUS 1715016 A, US 1715016A, US-A-1715016, US1715016 A, US1715016A
InventorsJess B Taylor, Charles C Hennessy
Original AssigneeJess B Taylor, Charles C Hennessy
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Record holder
US 1715016 A
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y 1929. J. B. TAYLOR ET AL 1,715,016

RECORD HOLDER Filed May 15, 1925 INVENT 0R. v


Patented May 28,- 1929. r V


PATENT 94 m;


RECORD H LDER- "A ncation fiiea May 15,. 1925. Serial N0. 30,442...,- r 4 My invention relates to record holders-and has particular relation to record holders forkeeping the records'ot the repairs which are made, or may bemadepto railway cars in a yard or stationwhile the carsare in'transit.

I The general object of-our 1nve'nt1on is to provide a holder of novel constructionwhich may be readily carried-bythe person making the repairs, which holder isiot a character to hold'a supply ofre'cord sheets orcalrds. for use'and. for holding record sheets" or; cards after they have been written upon.

It is also an object of the. invention to pro.

' mvi'deza box-like holder adapted not only for holding. the: record sheets or cards, but also to provide a means whereby the writing or making of inscriptions uponthe' said sheets '-]Another.object of the'invention isto provide 'a'holder having means. whereby the re- "moval of arecord'sheetorccard from a supor cards may be facilitated.

ply of record sheets or cards within come partment oftheholder may be facilitated.- 1

A further object of the inventionis to provide a'boX-like holder of novel construction comprising two compartments hingedly connected and adapted to befolded together or to be opened into open position, one of which compartinentsis adapted to contain a plurality ofrecord' sheets or cards'ready to he used, while the other. of said compartments is adapted to receive and to'hold' the said cards aftertheyghave had notations of re? pairs and partsfurnished' inscribed thereon.

In order that our invention may be more readily understood and its'practical advantages fully appreciated reference should be had tothe' accompanying drawing in which we have illustrated certain convenient forms of embodiment thereof. However, it will .be

understood that changes in the details of construction may be made within the scope of the claims without departing from the invention.

In the drawing:

F i'g. 1 is'a'view in perspective ofa holder showing the two compartments thereof in extended or open position;

Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional viewof the holder with the-compartments in open position;

Fig. 3 is a slmilar view with the compartments in closed position; and

- Fig. dis a view in perspective of a fragmentary portion of a holder showing a modified construction of means for facil'itating the from the .holdinglmember Qmay be embodied removal of the sheets from com- 'pa'rtment in which the supply of cards is con tained.

'Reterring the drawing, it willb'e notedthat the holder comprises two box-like mem-f so I bers 1 and 2 which are hinged together as shown at 3.

It willbe noted thatthe. box-flilre members g l and 2am partiallycovered"bysmeans of plates/1 and 5 whichgezitend in parallel relation 'to-lthepbottoms ofthe said"me1nbers;;

' These plates 4 and'5 are of widths lessthan v the width of the bottoms of the box-like por-' tionsforelements 1 and'2 sogith'at openings 6 and are provided throughwhich access may 1 be had into the box like members or elements land 2. The outer edge of theplate or cover a:

4c isintegralwith the upper edge of the outer side of the member-1 while the inner edgeof the plate 5 is integrally connectedwith the" upper .edgeof the .inner side ofthe' member 2. It follows, therefore, that-the opening 6 previouslyreferred tois located I adjacent the; j j, ,7 8.0

hinge. connection between the two box-like membersand" that the opening 7 is formed most sheet or card and remove thesame.

Instead of providing ahole 10 as shown we may provide, asillustrated in Fig. 41, a lifting'device comprising'a lever 11 pivoted at 12 shorter end portion is located near'theupper edge of the side ofthe member 2'tof which I the lever ispivoted so that it'maybe pressed" inwardly readily to c'aus'e swinging move I ment of the'opposite endportion of the lever upwardly or away from the'bottom of the l member '2 so as to lift the sheetswhich may be. resting uponfthe inwardly'extending projection 13 of the said lever. Either'form of construction may be employed as may bepreintermeditteits endsto the outer side of the member 2. It 'willbe noted that the pivot 12 is located very much.'nearer to one end of 1 the lever 11 than to the other end. The

fer-red, or if desired both means for'facili tating the removal of records heets orv cards in a single structure. 1

A person inspecting a car and. that i i if he'must' make repairs, the sameare made and a. record sheet or'card 1s removed from-the holding member 2.

notations having been made the sheet or card is then depo sitedinthe holding member 1' underneath the cover t.

* We haveal'so provi'ded'th'e inscriptions upon the record sheets or cards.

pencil or other notation making means. Obvlously the'record sheets or cardswlnch '1' may be place'd inthe holding members i 1" and 2arerelatively'narrow; a

1 The 'record'sh'eet or card holder embodying this invention is of a si'zevvhich adapts it to be carried inthepocket of a person inspecting railway running gear and cars, and in the {use of the same he \v illremove a record sheet orcard fronra supply earried in one of the compartments, say the compartment 2, and

ivilhnote thereonthe repairs'and replacement f 'oii partsgmad-e by him; sign his name, anddeposit it in the otherof the said compartments.

- Thereafter, for instanceat the endofa-day he Will remove the cards bearing notations of the mannera's described in" connection Withrepairs and replacements, and turn 'them' in or forward them to an'ofiice' forhandlingin The holder isthen em-l Yployedcrusedras at rest and notations are made at once upon the record'cardor sheet indicating exactly What has been done. These record sheets disclosed in our. applications I a 40 above referred to and identified. 1 7 Record sheet or card holding devices embodyingbu invention facilitate the handling- "7' 'oi'recor'd'shets and'cardsfor'the purpose of makingrecords of repairs.

Having thus described OLTIlIlVGIltlOIl, What ent is:

i" weclaim and desire'to secure by Letters Pat- 1 1 A record sheet holder ecomprising'itwo rectangular-shaped box-like members Whiclr are hinged together at the'upper edgesof two of their sides, plates .for partially covering; the said inember s' and connected integrally thereto, and the plate of one of said'memlo'ers beingjconnectedzto theinnerside wallflthereof and providing"airopeiiingl adj oinin g the outer side Wall ofthe said member.

- 2.- .A record sheet holder,.compr1sing two: rectangular-shaped:box-like members' hinged together at the'upperedgesof their'inner side Walls, cover'plates integrally-connected to the said membersand partially covering 7 the same, the cover plate of oneofs'aid ma bers providinganopeningbetween the inner e'dgeth'ei'eof and the inner sidewalllof said member, and a part1t1on located intermediate the said edge of the said plate for providopening between the outer edgethereof and In testimony that We claim'the fore-going as our invention Weha ve' hereunto signed our names this of May 1925; r


ing a compartment thereingthe cover plateof the'ot'her of the-said members-providingan the outer side Wall of the said other member; 7

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U.S. Classification206/449, 43/54.1, 206/815
International ClassificationB42F7/14
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