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Publication numberUS1715156 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 28, 1929
Filing dateOct 3, 1927
Priority dateOct 3, 1927
Publication numberUS 1715156 A, US 1715156A, US-A-1715156, US1715156 A, US1715156A
InventorsWitchger Eugene J
Original AssigneeLufkin Rule Co
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Case for tape measures
US 1715156 A
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y 1929. E. J. WITCHGER CASE FOR TAPE MEASURES Filed Oct. 3, 1927 in... mm. v I

V. mm w": T N N H M EU T V7 T m M A J E m UV. [B

Patented May 28, 1929.





Application filed October 3, 1927. Serial No, 223,524.

the band being formed integral with the binding rim that overlies the flanges of the case side members to hold them together.

Another object is to provide means for clamping the edges of fabric covering pieces to the rim, without employing a separate tightening hoop or ring, as has been the custom heretofore.

lVith the foregoing and certain other objects in view, which will appear later in the specifications, my invention comprises the devices described and claimed and the equivalents thereof.

In the drawings Fig. 1 is a part sectional view enlarged, showing my 'rim construction before the bead is flattened.

Fig. 2 is a similar view, showing the bead flattened.

Fig. 3 is an edge view, partly in section, of a case embodying my improvement.

As is clearly shown in the drawings, the claimed invention is found in an improved external bead 1 that is formed in a periph eral band 2 of sheet metal which overlies the flanges 8, 41 of the two disks 5, 6 that comprise the case and binds them together.

The characteristic feature of the external bead 1 is that when it is rolled or pressed down its side walls 7, 8 spread out and fold down upon the outer face of the band 2, as shown in Fig. 2. The bead becomes an exterior reinforcing and finishing strip, inte gral with the peripheral band.

When the flanged disks are desired to be covered with leather or fabric, the marginal edges 9, 10 of the covering are received beneath the downwardly folded side walls of the bead and are squeezed down tight and clamped between the outer face of the band 2 and the bead walls 7, 8 at all points around the circumference. The band itself may be secured to the pair of case members inany.

suitable way, and preferably its side edges 11, 12 are bent inwardly as shown, to en gage the outer shoulders of the flanges 3, 1 and thus hold the case members together, as is shown in U. S. Patent No. 1,609,852 granted to me December 7, 1926.

The exposed face of the beadmay be nickled or ornamented as desired, to impart an artistically attractive appearance to the completed tape measure case.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A case comprising a pair of flanged disks,

a peripheral band of sheet metal overlying said flanges, the side portions of said band in gripping engagement with said flanges, the middle part of sald band formed to an external peripheral bead, the slde walls of said bead folded upon the outer face of the band constituting an exterior reinforcing and finishing strap integral with said band.

' 2. In combination with a structure as set forth in claim 1, a pair of fabric covers for said case, the marginal edges of. said covers.

received beneath and engaged in clamped relation by the side walls of said head when said walls are'folded upon the outer face of the band. v I

3. A case comprising a pair of flanged disks, av separate peripheral band of pliant material applied to said flanges in gripping relation therewith, said band formed with an external bead, the walls of said bead folded against the outer face of the band.

1. A structure as set forth in claim 3 in I combination with a pair of fabric cover pieces, the marginal edges of which are gripped by the folded walls of said bead.

In testimony whereof, I afiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification220/4.24, 220/62.15, 242/398, 220/62.14
International ClassificationG01B3/02, G01B3/10
Cooperative ClassificationB65D7/34
European ClassificationB65D7/34