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Publication numberUS1715403 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 4, 1929
Filing dateFeb 27, 1923
Publication numberUS 1715403 A, US 1715403A, US-A-1715403, US1715403 A, US1715403A
InventorsClarence H. Young
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Clarence h
US 1715403 A
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June 4, 1929. c. H. YOUNG 1,715,403


FiledFeb. 2'7, 1925 29 Q 89 In OZwreWoeHYouWg, igygwuq fimChJam-w, divvii? ys veni/om Patented June 4, 1929.



Application filed February 27, 1923. Scria1 No. 621,588.

My invention relates to skids and particulary but not exclusively to that type known as live skids.

My invention which has among its objects the provision of a durable construction which may be fabricated and readily repaired with a minimum ofexpense and labor will be best understood from the following V description when read in the light of the accompanying drawings showing the pre ferred embodiment of my invention selected for illustrative purposes,'while the scope of my invention will be more particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawings:--

Fig. 1 shows a plan view of the skid with parts broken away;

Fig. 2 shows a bottom View of part of the framing for a skid; and

Figs. 3, 4:, 5 and 6 are sections on the lines 3-3, 4i 4, 5-5 and6-6 of Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawings and tothe preferred embodiment, of my invention 1 have shown at'each side of the skid a girder which includes the spaced longitudinally arranged angle-irons 1 and 3 which as shown in the drawings areplaced with one web l101'1ZOI1-' tally positioned and with the horizontal web oi one angle-iron extending towards the horizontalweb of the other.

F or holding the girders at opposite sides of the skid and likewise the angle-irons 1 and 3 included in each girder in spaced relation I provide the cross members herein exemplified by theangle-irons 4i, 5, (Sand 7,

- these angle-irons being positioned above the angleirons 1 and 3 with one of their webs placed vertically and with the horizontal web of each in contact with the horizontal webs of the angle-irons 1 and 3 and riveted or' otherwise secured thereto as is indicated at 9 in the drawings. 7

If desired each girder may and preferably does comprise a third angle-iron 11 which in the assembled skid forms in conjunction with the angle-iron 1 one structural member. As clearly illustrated in the drawings the angleirons 11 rest upon and are positioned similarly to the angle-irons lbeing held'in desired relation therewith by means of the tubular spacers 13 interposed betwcen the horizontal webs of the respective angle-irons. For holding the angle-irons 1 and 11' in as sembled relation I provide bolts 15 which extend through perforations in the horizon- ,Zontal webs.

tal webs of the angle-irons and through the tubular spacers 13.

The flooring for the skid comprises the transversely arranged planks 17 the ends of which are received in the channel shaped recesses between the horizontal webs of the angle-irons 1 and 11. These planks lie in side to side relation with the vertical webs of the angle irons 4, 5, 6 and 7 which vertical webs divide the planks into two groups and retain the planks against movement longitudinally of the skid. It will benoted by this construction that the girders and the members forming the girders are held in spaced relation independently of the planks 17 and consequently that these planks which must be renewed from time to time need not be formed with such exactness as if the planks were depended upon for spacing the girders. It will be further noted that my construction permits the planks which preferably fit the framing rather loosely to move relatively to each. other and to the girders when the skid is loaded without distorting or putting undue strains on the remaining structural elements of the skid. Renewal of planks may be readily effected by removal of the bolts 15 which permits detachment of the angle-irons 11.

In the drawings I have indicated the skid as provided with rear wheels 19 and frontwheels 21, the latter as will be understood by those skilled inthe art being carried in swivelled relation to a caster base 23.

For providing supports for the caster bases 23 for the front wheels 21 of the skid I rivet or otherwise connect to the angleirons 1 and 3 near the front ends thereof a pair of brackets'25 the vertical webs of which are shown at 27 as riveted to the vertical webs of the angle-irons l and 3 and the horizontal webs of which are perforated toreceive the bolts 29, the latter being provided for securing the caster basesto said hori- For giving rigidity to the supports for the caster bases and to the girders I mount on the upper sides of the horizontal webs of, the brackets 25 short sections oi angle-irons 31 which bridge the pairs of brackets 25 near opposite ends thereof. The bolts 29 hcreinbefore referred-to likewise eX tend through the angle-irons 31 and hold the same in assembled position.

The wheels 19 for the rear end of the skid are supported in bearing blocks 33 secured Although I have described for purposes of illustration the preferred embodiment of invention it is to be understood that withinthe scope of my invention 'Wide deviations may be made therefrom Without deprgl from the spirit of my invention;


1. A skid" having in combination, a floor,

a longitudinal girder at each side of 'said skid, each girder comprising'a pair of spaced structural steel members, one at theedge of said floor and both havingwebs in a horizontalplane, said floor resting on said Webs, said girdersalso each comprising a thirdstructural steelmember readily detachable from thegi-r'der 'and'positioned' above the member at'the edge of'sa-id floor and forming with said member a channel the open sideof which is directed toward themedian'line'of the skid, said floor comprising transverse members the ends of Whichare received 'by'said channels, and separate Wheeled supports for the" skid carried-at each side thereof near :each' end of the s nd, said supports comprising separate base men bers rigidly carried by said'pairs-of structural steel members and acting to'hold said members in spaced relation? 2; A skid having, 111 -comb1nat1on-,-a pair of longitudinal-lyarranged, transversely spaced, structural steelmembers at each side of said" skid"- constituting: a girder-',* each member presenting-at the upper side'there of a horizontal Web, these Webs'lying in a commonhorizontalplane, skid supports car;

' ried by said members of said girders, cross members resting upon the' upper sides of said 'Webs' and secured thereto for holding said girders and the longitudinal members constituting each. of said girders in spaced relation, transversely" arranged "floor mein-- bers resting at opposite ends thereof on the upper si'des'ofsaid Webs and each of said girders including a structurally-rigid member ar'anged above the horizontal Webof the outer vof saidj pair of members and held in readily detachable, rigid, spaced, assembled relation therewithby means independent of said floor members to form a channel for receiving theends of said floor members.

A skid having in combination,- longitudinally arranged girder assemblies at each side thereof, each comprising a plurality of longitudinally arranged transversely spaced members, transversely arranged flooring carried by said members of said girders, WhQQlGClSUPPOltS carried by said. members of-:said girders, and a cross member positioned intermediate the length of said skid for holding saicbgirdcrs and the spaced members thereof in spaced relation, said crossmember comprising a narrow, vertical flange-for retaining said flooring: against movement longitudinally of said girders.

4-; A skid having in combination, girder assemblies at each side thereof, said girder assemblies including a plurality of longitudinally arranged transversely spaced 1nembers and a thirdmember arranged with one of the other members to forma channel for receiving theends of transversely arranged flooring, Wheeled supports carried by the first mentionedmembers of said girders, and crossmembers forholding said girdcrsand the spaced members thereof in spaced relation comprising a member positioned intermediate the length of the skid,saidmember comprising a narrow, vertical flange-for retaining said flooring against movement in the channels longitudinally of said girders; a

5. A ski-d having, in combination, girder assemblies at eachside thereof, each comprising a plurality of longitudinally arranged angle-irons having at their upper sides horizontal Webs in a common-horizontal plane, transversely arranged flooring resting upon the uppersides of said WGlJS,

Wheeled supports carried by said girders, and structural steel cross members positioned intermediate the lengthof said skid comprising members having horizontal Webs resting upon the upper sid'es of the first mentioned Webs and secured thereto for holding said girders and the members thereof in spaced relat-iom -sa-id cross members having vertically positioned Webs for retaining said flooring against movement longitudinally of said girders.

6. A skid having, in-combination pairsof longitudinally arranged super-imposed angle-irons positioned at'opposi te sidesof the skid and rigid-l held iii-spaced relationwith a Web of each horizontally disposed to form channels closed theedges of the skid by a vertical Web of the upper of said angleiron's, said channels opening toward the longitudinalmedian line-of saidskid, other longit-udinally arranged angle-irons having horizontal Webs inrthe same plane as the lower horizontal WBlJSOf the first-'mentioned angleirons, transverely disposed brackets carried beneath and by the last mentioned an gle irons and the lowermost of each of said pairs of angle-irons, supportsfor said skid having a base carried by said brackets, transverely arranged members resting upon and secured to sald Webs in said plane for holding said angleirons carrying said brackets in spaced relation, and flooring consisting of flat, transversely arranged members carried at opposite ends in said channels and resting upon the horizontal Webs of said angle-irons carrying said brackets.

7. A skid comprising, in combination, separate longitudinal girder assemblies at eacl side thereof, each assembly comprising a plurality of parallel structural steel members, skid supports carried by each of said girder assemblies near the opposite ends thereof, a floor comprising a plurality of transversely arranged members supported by said girder assemblies, members separate from said members of said girder assemblies and transversely arranged relative to the latter for holding said girder assemblies and said members thereof in spaced relation, structurally-rigid longitudinal members forming With said girder assemblies channels. at the outer edge o'f the skid for receiving the ends of said floor members, and readily detachable spacing means independent of said floor members holding said longitudinal members in rigid spaced relation to said girder assemblies whereby they form part of the girders.

8. A skid having, in combination, a pair of longitudinally arranged angle irons r with a Web of each vertically disposed, a floor comprising transversely arranged members resting on the horizontal Web of each angle iron, a third angle iron having a horizontally disposed Web above the ends of said members of said floor and a vertical Web covering the ends of said members, means for securing said third angle iron to the outer angle iron of said pair, oppositely disposed angle irons having vertical Webs secured to the vertical webs of said pair of angle irons, and a Wheeled support for said skid having a base secured to the horizontal Webs of said oppositely disposed angle irons.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to this specification.


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