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Publication numberUS1716981 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 11, 1929
Filing dateMar 22, 1928
Priority dateMar 22, 1928
Publication numberUS 1716981 A, US 1716981A, US-A-1716981, US1716981 A, US1716981A
InventorsIrving Sacks
Original AssigneeIrving Sacks
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Pressure fountain for paint
US 1716981 A
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June 11, 1929.


Patented June 11, 1929.



Application filed March 22, 1928.

The object-of the present invention is to provide a pressure-fountain for paint or the like which is of such form as to contain a paint supply and feed the same by pressure to a flexible conduit or the like which may lead to a paint applicator such as a fountain attachment for paint brushes subject of my application for patent filed of even date herewith.

The invention will be described with reference to the accompanying drawing in which Figure 1 is a view in elevation of an embodiment of the invention, a casing wall having been broken away;

Figure 2 is a detail elevation showing the locking means for the casing cover;

Figure 3 is a detail perspective view of the flexible paint container, and

Figure -it is a plan view of the casing hooks and spring contracting nut.

The device in Figure 1 is shown ready for the insertion of paint into the flexible paint container 1. This container may be made of any flexible material impervious to the action of paint such as heavy canvas, rubber or the like. The container 1 is formed as a tube. At one end a block 2 is inserted within the tube and the tube is bound thereto by a wire The ends of the tube are then folded inwardly upon block 2 and are held in such posit-ion by a clamping disk l which secured in position by screws 5 which pass into block 2. lVithin the opposite end of the tube is inserted a block 6 against which the tube is firmly bound by the wires 7. Block 6 is formed with a central aperture which is in communication with a threaded neck member 7 which neck member is adapted to be closed by removable threaded cap 8, the cap having a neck 9 for connection to a tube or the like leading to the fountain brush or paint applicator.

Block 6 may be provided with ears 6* which may rest upon the rim of a metallic casing A which encloses the flexiblepaint container 1. This casing may be provided with a removable cover 10 held in position by hinged latches 11 adapted to engage lugs 12 on the cover.

Block at is adapted to be engaged by a coiled spring 13 which presses against a retractor 14, the retractor having an axial threaded rod 15 projecting through an aperture in the casing and through a box 16 fixed to the casing. Against the boss and Serial No. 263,649.

threaded upon rod 15 is a rotatable wing nut 17. The wall A of the casing may have applied thereto a plurality of hooks 18. The cover member 10 may be provided with a plurality of legs 10*.

In the operation of the device, the parts being in the position illustrated in the drawings, hinged latches 11 are moved away from the lugs 12 and cover member 10 is removed. Thereupon threaded cap Sis unscrewed and the flexible container 1 is filled with paint. Preliminary to this action wing nut 17 will be rotated so as to retract spring 13. When the container is filled with paint threaded cap is restored to position and cover member 10 is replaced. The device is then reversed in position so that the hooks 18 are uppermost and the legs 10 lowermost. If the action of gravity is to supplement the action of the springs 13, the device may be hooked upon a suitable overhead support, or may stand upon the legs 10 in elevated position above the work.

lVith the parts in the position described, wing nut 17 is rotated on threaded rod 15 so that the nut is retracted from the boss 16. This permits spring 15 to press upon disk 4 and hence impose the full pressure of the spring upon the flexible container, tending to collapse it. The paint will thus be caused to flow under pressure through memher 9 and through the conduit which will be provided for the fountain brush.

If desired the spring may be eliminated and any other suitable means for imparting pressure upon the collapsible container 1 may be employed, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent being as follows In a pressure fountain for paint, a casing having an end wall, a spring resting upon said end wall at one end, a block engaging the opposite end of the spring, a collapsible bag in contact with the block, a threaded rod connected to the block at substantially the axis thereof, passing axially of the spring and through an aperture in said end wall of the casing, a contact boss, a rotatable wing nut on the threaded stem and engaging said boss, and outlet at one end of the collapsible bag, and a removable cover for the casing serving as a contact member for the outlet end of the bag.

In testimony whereof, Ihave signed my name to this specification.


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U.S. Classification222/95
International ClassificationB05B7/24
Cooperative ClassificationB05B7/24
European ClassificationB05B7/24