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Publication numberUS171736 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 4, 1876
Filing dateNov 27, 1875
Publication numberUS 171736 A, US 171736A, US-A-171736, US171736 A, US171736A
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Improvement in end extensions for wagon-beds
US 171736 A
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Patented Jan.4,1876.




Specificatiouforming,partbf Letters Patent No. 171,736, datedJanuary 4, 1876; applicationfiled November .27, 1875.

To all whom. it may concern and I hereby deolarethe followingis a full,

clear, and exact descriptionof'the construc-.

tion and operation of the same, reference bein g had to the accompanying drawing, forming.

a part of this specificatiomiin.which- Figure 1 is a side elevation, showing the extension and'its modificationdnlplace. is a view, in perspective, of the .1 extension, andJFig. 3 is a similarlview of the modification.

The I Wagon-bed hereto Fore used in. hauling grain, especially corn, fruits, vegetables, &.c., from the field to the store-house, andrfrom the latter to the market, is. open-tothe objection of requiring the farmer or laborer to remove a considerable portion of the load near one or both ends of the wagon-bed with the hands before the shoveling or scooping process can be commenced, thereby consuming a large amount of time, and requiring a great amount of labor that might otherwise be employed to advantage.

The object of my invention is to provide the ordinary wagon-bed with a means by which this waste of time and labor may be saved; and to this end it consists ofan adjustable extension for wagon-beds, said extension being composed of a bottom, sides, and end gate, detachably hinged by sliding hinges to the end of the wagon bed, and supported by hooked rods secured to the extension, and adapted to connect with staples in the sides of the wagon-bed, to form either a continuation of the wagon-bed or to be folded vertically against the end thereof, as will hereinafter more fully appear.

Similar letters of reference in the accompanying drawing indicate like parts in the invention.

The usual rods and braces employed for strengthening the wagon-bed proper are not Fig. 2.

gate. The bottom 0 .of the wagon beil'iis provided onthe under. sideiat-eachendwitha pair of sliding half-hinges, D D, whichare, preferably, of strap; metal, having the. downwardly-projeetingflangesE E, which prevent their withdrawal from the ways in which they,

connected Withthe bottom K byhingesM: M,

which permit said-1 sideslL ,Ljtofold inwardly.

upon the bottom K. An end-gate, N, is connected to the rear edge of the bottom K by hinges O O, which permit it to fold upon the bottom K, and against the rear edges of the sides L L, in which position it is secured by a button, P. Hooked rods Q Q are secured to the extension J by staples R driven through eyes S on one end of said rods Q Q into the side edges of the bottom K. Hooks or arms T opening upwardly are driven into the outsides of the sides L L, near their front upper edges.

Fig. 3 shows a modification of. the inven-' tion. In this modification the bottom K is made slightly wider than the bottom 0 of the wagon-bed. The sides L L are fixed to the bottom K, and not hinged as are the sides L L. In all other respects, except, possibly, in the use of the arms T, it is similar to the extension J.

The sides L L L L may be either curved, slanting, or rectangular, as may be desired, and the end-gate N should correspond with the sides.

To attach the extension J to the wagon-bed, the half-hinges D D should be drawn out from beneath it, and the half-hinges D D hooked into them, when the bottom K should be pushed inwardly until its front edge is in contact with the rear edge of the bottom 0 of the wagon-bed. The sides L L should then be turned up, to form continuations of the sides 2 r, t g "mac G of the wagon-bed, and the' rods Q Q D DD D/ out suificiently far to permit they i dropped, intoithe arms T31, andhdokedinto? extension to be turned 'up,;and"hooking the,

meem ies HH. If the end-gatelN is notal rods Q Q into the'staplesFLI"; f Y 3 ready supported in place bythe button P, that The, modification shown in Fig. 3 may be i should bedone. Whenthe extension J 00- folded in the same manner, except that the cupies the position just described the wagonsides L L embrace the endof the wagon-bed,

bed is supposed to be loaded. i i I instead of being folded iipon'therbottom K.

In order to at once commence shoveling or When desired the extension maybe detached scooping to unload,;rernove the end-gate B, from the wagon-bed, and laid away, by-un-y when the corn or other contents of the wagonhooking therodsaud hinges which connect it a bed will slide upon the extension, and present with the wagon-bed. y i an inclined surface, intowhich the shovel or y I am aware that hinged end-gateshave been scoop can 1 be readily introduced by a person used, and that foldingend-gates havingsta on the wagon-bed. l tionary or folding sides, and forming part of i i a a fit is desiredtoremoveaportiononlyof the ,the, wagon-bed itself, have also been used. load, such as turnips, &c., when retailing them These I do not claim; but a y i frornithe wagonat market, the operator may What I do claim, and-desire to secureby open the end-gateN of the extension, and; Letters'Patent, is-g while standing upon the ground, insert the The detachable adjustableextension fori SIJOVGIOI scoop, and place the turnips, &c., inwagon-beds consisting of the bottom, sides, 1

tothemeasure or vessel waiting to receive and end-gate, secured byslidingl hinges to they them. g p i 1 endof the wagon-bed,andsupported byhookedu 1 y Bothendsfiof; the wagon-bed are provided rods secured to said extension at one end, and

y with means for attaching theqexteusion so adapted tobe con'nectedat thaother endawith? that'two persons may unload at oneand the staples in thesidesofthe wagonebed, toformi 'sa-metime by usingfanextension at each end. either a continuationlof the; wagon-,bed, 'o to,

a Shouldthe team he in the way of theextenbe folded vertically against; the endthereof, 1 sion at the front end of-the wagon-bed, the substantially as andfor the purposesset forth. outside traces may be loosened, andthe ani- In testimony thatIclaimwthe foregoing inn malsibe made to stand aside. 1 provements, asaboveidescribed, I have here-i *Whentheextensionis'attachedtothe wagonunto set my hand and seal. e

bed, and is not in use, it may be folded werti JOHNBARTLY MOONEY. [1,. s51 cally against the end of the wagon-bed by un- Witnesses: i p i y a .t i a booking the rods Q Q, folding the sides L L DEAN REED,

upon the bottom K, drawing the sliding hinges L. B. F. RABEY.

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Cooperative ClassificationB62D33/0273