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Publication numberUS1717669 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 18, 1929
Filing dateSep 22, 1925
Priority dateSep 22, 1925
Publication numberUS 1717669 A, US 1717669A, US-A-1717669, US1717669 A, US1717669A
InventorsLee Downey Clement
Original AssigneeLee Downey Clement
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Coin wrapper
US 1717669 A
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June 18, 1929. c, L, DOWNEY 1,717,669

COIN WRAPPER Filed Sept. 22, 1925 N VEN TOR. flwwfal WLZ - ATTORNEY.

Patented June 18, 1929.


corn (WRAPPER.

Application riled September 22, 1925. Serial No. 57,965.

My invention relates to coin wrappersin general and particularly to indicia for coin wrappers, which indicia will reveal the denomination ofcoins contained within the wrapper. I

It is the object of my invention to provide coin wrappers in which exposed indicia on the outer sides of the wrappers will reveal the sizes and diameters of coins contained within the wrappers.

Specifically it is my object to provide coin wrappers with marginal stripes of one or more colors on the'outer ends of the wrappers so that the stripes will be exposed to view on the outsides of the wrappers, and so that the stripes may be seen from any side of the package. The wrappers are further provided with parallel stripes disposed on the outsides of the wrappers each one of which shall be preferably of a different color and the stripes are disposed at such positions on the wrappers that when wrapped about coins of varying diameters, each indicating stripe will be aligned adjacent the marginal stripe and will indicate the diameter and consequently the denomination of the coins within the wrapper.

In my Patent N 0. 1,379,751, of May 31, 1921, to which reference is hereby made, I have disclosed a coin wrapper having orifices or windows on the outer folds of the wrapper which are adapted to register, depending on the circumference of the coins wrapped, with indicia in colors on inner folds of the wrapper, which indicia denote the quantity and denomination of the coins within the package. It is the object of my present invention not only to provide a coin wrapper which will indicate the denomination of coins within a package because of its own structure, but which will, in combi-' nation with a wrapper having registeringi windows or orifices doubly decrease the likelihood of error arising with the use of my wrappers.

Referring to the drawings in which I have illustrated a preferred type ofwrapper with marginal and indicia stripes disposed diag onally across the wrapper:

Figure 1 shows a plan view of a wrapper.

Figure 2 is a perspective View of a. wrapper rolled up to as to enclose a stack of'half dollars.

Figure 3 is a perspective View of the same wrapper indicated in Figures 1 and 2 as it would appear when rolled up so as to enclose asta'ck of'quarters. I I 7 Generally 'ndicated at l is the wrapper for coins w rich may he of any desired shape, but which I have illustrated as having one straight side and one diagonally outside. The wrapper is printed with a marginal stripe 2, which extends across the diagonally cut side so that when the wrapper is rolled about a stack of coins the straight side of PA T OFFrcY I g the wrapper will be applied to the coins and, y the diagonally cut side will come on the out-i side of the roll in which position it will appear as extending down acrossa wrapped coin stack as shown in Figures 2 and 8.

I have indicated that the marginal stripe 2 is black, but it will be obvious that any other standard color will be equally as suitable. Extending down across the wrapper are the indicia stripes 3, 4, 5., (Sand 7, each stripe being colored difl'erently as indicated in the drawings, in which the stripes are purple, blue, green, red and yellow reading from left to rightrespectively. When the wrapper is rolled about a stack of half dollars the purple indicatingstripe 3 will lie adjacent the black marginal stripe 2 as shown in Figure 2. When the wrapper is rolled about a stack of quarters the blue indicating stripe twill lie adjacent the black marginal stripe 2 as indicated in Figure 8. Thus no matter what coin is rolled in the wrapper on the outer side, an indicia stripe lying adj acent the marginal stripe will show from all sides of the package, what the denomination is of the coins within the wrapper.

The principle involved is the disposal of the colored indicia stripes at such positions on the outer side of the wrapper that the distance fromthe left hand side of the indicia stripe to the right hand side of the marginal stripe in a line parallel with the direction, in which the wrapper is to be rolled about the coins shall be approximately equal to the outer circumference of the particular coin which the indicia stripe is supposed to indicate, with sufiicient additional allowance for the thickness'of the several layers of the wrapper.

While I have shown a wrapper with the right side out diagonally, my method of dis posing the indicia and marginal stripes is equally adaptable for use with a wrapper with the right side out at a right angle to the length of the wrapper. In such a case the marginal stripe Will extend across the Wrapper at right angles to the length and V the colored indicia stripeswillbe parallel to the marginal stripe, but Will be spaced differently to allow for the difference in the I periphery of a Wrapper rolled in a direction at right angles to the indicia stripes and one rolled in a 11118 forming an obtuse angle With the indicia stripes. V 1 I V On'the indicia lines Ipreferably provide suitable printing such as for example Ten dollars in halves to be printed on-the purple stripe 3, and Tenrrdollars in quarters on the blue stripe 4.. I alsopreferably print on the marginal or registering stripe 8 the scription Contains amount shown at this line. The printing of suitabledescriptive matter will be entirely according to the res quirements of the purchasers of the wrap pers. v a

vIt Will further by obvious that by changing the position of the indicia stripes in acoordance With the variation in circumference of coins to be Wrapped, that my invention a will be adaptable for use with foreign coins adapted to register adjacent the marginal stripe, each of the indicia stripes indicating a stack of coins of a different denomination.


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U.S. Classification229/87.2
International ClassificationG07D9/00
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