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Publication numberUS1717718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 18, 1929
Filing dateNov 8, 1927
Priority dateNov 8, 1927
Publication numberUS 1717718 A, US 1717718A, US-A-1717718, US1717718 A, US1717718A
InventorsAlfred P Marshall, Jr John Chesnut
Original AssigneeAlfred P Marshall, Jr John Chesnut
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Changeable indicating device
US 1717718 A
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June 1929. A. P. MARSHALL ET AL 1.717.718

CHANGEABLE INDICATING DEVICE Filed Nov. '8, 1927 I 2 Sheets-Sheet l frzrventors Alfred P. Marshall P John C'hesnai, Jr.

Q Amrnqy June 13, 1929- A. P. MARSHALL ET AL l,'7 l7.7l8

CHANGEABLE I NDI CATING DEVICE FiledNov. 8, 1927 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 In'ventbrs Alfred P.Mar.rhall & *cfohn (lhesnwi'fl'ffl Patented June 18, 1 929.


Application filed November 8,1927. Serial No. 231,888. i

The present invention relates generally to indicating devices and more particularlyto that c-lassof devices adapted for indicating prices of certain articles and which are capable of being readily adjusted to indicate changes in such prices as they fluctuate from day to day. t c e A principal. object of the invention is to provide a device of this character in the form of a sign secured "upon a suitable support in position for being viewed from either sideand provided with a pluralty of price indicating disks having price indicating indicia arranged thereon'and cooperating with each other to form the changeable price and inclicating means andarranged so that the same price markings will appear at the oppos te sides of the sign. 1 ,7 i c A further object of the invention is 'to'provide a device ofthis character ofsimple and practical construction, neat andattractive in appearance, relatively inexpensive to manufacture and otherwise well adapted forthe purpose for which the same is intended.

Other objects and advantages reside 1n the special construction and combination of the various elements,comprising the invention, references being had to *the accompanying drawings forming a part hereof, wherein: Figure 1 is an elevational view of the device showing the appearance thereof from one side, j Figure 2 is a vertical sectional view through the base taken substantially along a line 2-2 of Figure l, I a I v- I I Figure 3 is a plan view of the independentlv rotatable disks'shouxing the arrangement of the numbers thereon cooperating to form the desired price marking, I Y a I c Figure 4 a transverse sectional View taken substantially along the line '4.-4.- of Figure 1,. I a i I Figure 5 is a similar viewthrough the frame supporting the disk taken along the line 5-5 of FigureL and, I,

Figure 6 isa sectionalview throughone edge of the frame with the edge ofthe disk shown in relative position with respect thereto and taken substantially along the line 6- -6 of Figure 1. p c Referring tojthe drawingsfin detail, the

' invention comprisesa base indicated generally at 5 having a horizontal bottom portion 6 and rounded upper surfaces formed 1ntegrally therewith and combining with the bottom 8 portion to formfthe hollow interior for the base and within which may be filled the quantity; of cement or sand indicated at 8 through a filler plug 9 arranged in its curved c upper face inorder to add'to'the weight of thebase. a

An openingis formed in the upper surface 7 of the base through which a vertically extending post 10 extends, the lower end of the postbeing seated within a recess formed in the bottom portion Got the base andthe vupper end of the post fittedwithin: a socket member 11 formed on the outer periphery of a tubular frame member 12, said frame being annularly formed and supported in vertically extended position upon the post. a

lVithint-he frame are arranged a pair of cover plates 13 disposed in spacedparallel relation and securedcin position withinthe' confines of the frameby clamps 14 having one I end disposed ingripping relation with the frame and theiropposite endsibolted to the periphery of the covers 13asindicated 'at-15 i in Figure 6 of the drawings. g r

I A concentrically arranged pin 16 connects the coversi13 forming amounting for rotatably r supporting a plurality of disk members comprising a centrally disposed I disk member 17 at each side of which are arranged disk members 18 relatively smaller in size than the center disk 17. Spacing washers 19 are interposed between each of the disks and the coversto facilitate the free rotation of the disk and to maintain the same in spaced rela tion with respect to each other. J

I Each of the covers 13 is of a slightly large or diameterlthan the disks 17 and 18 and at one edge of each of the covers is formed a riphery of the covers and adapted to permit a e window 20 extending inwardly fromthe pe- I of the disks. The windows in the respective covers are disposed at diametrically opposite sides with respect to'each other." I e The portion of the outer edge ofthe larger disk 17 which protrudes beyond the outer edge of the smaller disks 18 is providedfon each face withnumerals 21 graduating from zero circumferentially thereabout and at the outer edge on the outer faceof eachof the smaller disks 18 are also arranged numerals 22 graduating from the numeral 1. r

Extending circumferentially' about the edge of each of the disks are arrangedopenings 23 within which a pointed instrument provide for prices.

the respective windows may be arranged in a predetermined manner to designate a;

desired Ypricemark. In order that the same price may occur opposite the windows in each of the covers 13 the arrangement of the numerals on the opposite faces of' the larger disk isreversed.

' Between the base 5and the frame l2'may bearranged a pair of wings Qat'eXtending 'radiallyat diametrically opposite sides of the post 10 with the adjacent edges of the, wings provided-with clamps providing means for attaching the wingsjto the post.

Suitable advertising matter may be placed upon face of the wings Qias well as upon the outer surface of eachof the'covers 18.

With, the parts assembled ina manner as illustrated in Figure 1 of the drawings, it will'be apparent thata suitable price sign is provided wihch is admirably adapted for use by gasoline filling stations to indicate the current price of gasoline or other articles. 'Furthermore {the disks enable the proper changes in price to be'made as fluctuations in the-course of the art cles occur from day to day,-and asshownin Figure 3 sufficient nume'rals'may bearranged about the disk to i an extremely large range in By providingthe'base 5. of a hollow constructionthe same maybe filled" with the i quantity of. granulated material to. increase prising a base, a post extending upwardly the weight of the-baseto a suitable extent whereby to'prevent'the si n from falling over and whenever it is desired to move the signthe base may be emptied so asto en able the convenient moving thereof.

Itis obvious that the invention is susceptible of various changes and modifications,

- without departing from the spirit or. scope'of the invention or sacrificing any of its advantages,- and we accordingly claim all such forms'of the device to which we are entitled. Having thus described our invention, what we claim as new is: v 1. A. device of the class "described, comtherefrom, an annular frame arranged at the upper endof the post, a pair of cover plates arranged in spaced relation within the frame and provided with means for attaching the same to the frame, each of said covers having a window formed therein at diametrical-1y opposite edges of the respective covers and a plurality of disks rotatably supported by the covers with a portion of each'of the disks adapted to be moved in'registering position relative to the respective windows andarranged with the registered portions of the disks exposed for finger gripping engagement through the windows.

2. .A changeable indicating device of the class described,comprising a base, a post extending upwardly from the base, an annular frame mounted in vertically extending position atthe upper end of the post, a pair of cover. plates arranged in spaced parallel relationwithin the confines of the frame, attaching clamps arranged between the plates and the frame, said plates having windows formed adjacent their edges and disposed adjacent the opposite sides of the frame, a concentrically arranged pin extending between the plates, a plurality of disks rotatably mounted thereon and comprising a centrally disposed disk and a pair offrelatively smaller disks, each of the smaller disks being interposed between the center disk and one of the cover plates, the outer edge of" each of the disks being provided with indicia adapted to be moved into registry with the openings in the cover Y )lates and cooperating with each other to indicate a predetermined identical price marking in association with the respective windows and arranged with the registered portion of the disks exposed for finger gripping engagement through the windows.

3. Ina changeable indicating device, an annular frame, a pair of cover plates arranged in spaced relation within the confines of the frame, clamp members connecting the edges of the plates to the frame, means carried by said members'for securing the plates in uniform spaced relation, each of said plates having'a window extending inwardly from one edge anddisposed adjacentthe opposite sides ofthe frame, a pin extending concentrically through said plates,-a plurality of disks mounted thereon for independentrotation, spacing members interposed between said disks, said disks comprisin an intermediate disk with relatively sma ller disks-at each side thereof with the edge, of said larger disk and the edge of one of the smaller disks arranged to register with the respective windows, each of said disks having price indicating indicia arranged adjacent theedge thereof cooperating to indicate an identical predetermined price to be vii-ved through the window of each plate and disposed with their registered edges disposedfor finger gripping engagement through the windows.

Intestimony whereof we aflix our iguatures.



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