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Publication numberUS1718396 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 25, 1929
Filing dateJan 7, 1925
Priority dateJan 12, 1924
Publication numberUS 1718396 A, US 1718396A, US-A-1718396, US1718396 A, US1718396A
InventorsHarry Wheeler
Original AssigneeRaymond Guy Palmer
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Centrifugal pump
US 1718396 A
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June 25, 1929.

H. WHEELER CENTRIF'UGAL PUMP Filed Jan. '7, 1925 14 tiorn e y 7 [far/y lf/weler Patented June 25, 1929.





Application filed January 7, 1925, Serial No. 1,077, and in Great Britain January 12, 1924.

This invention has reference to improve ments relating to centrifugal pumps and has particular reference to that type wherein the vanes of the impeller are fixed to one side of a disc and in which the impeller is provided with a central cavity adjacent the pump inlet the liquid beingforced by the said impeller through an outlet disposed tangential to the impeller.

The present invention has for. its object improvements in. this type of centrifugal pump whereby liquids or semi-liquids containing solid, fibrous or pulping matter can be efficiently dealt with without involving a clogging or choking of the pump.

The invention consists of an improved centrifugal pump of the kindhereinbefore referred to characterized by the formation of' the impeller as a single 'vane secured to and extending completely across one face of a rotatable disc and-provided inthe central portion thereof with a section adapted to coincide with the periphery of the central inlet aperture formed in the pump casing.

In the drawings 4 Figure 1 is a side elevation with cover removed, and

Figure 2 is a cross section of a pump constructed in accordance with this invention.

In carrying the invention into effect as shown, a single vane a of suitable width is formed integrally with one side of the disc 6, so that the vane extends across the disc.

Alternatively the vane may be made separate from the disc and secured thereto in any convenient manner.

- curved, for example, as shown and so disthereof located at adistance from the axis of rotation about equal to the radius of the adjacent central inlet aperture 0 in one side (1 of the case e. Preferably an annular extension or lip f is provided'around the in ner side of the inlet aperture. This extension projects slightly into the" pump case,

and is overlapped by the central portion of the vane. It will beseen that the vane d1- vides into two parts the adjacent face of thedisc I) and also-the space swept by the saidvane during rotation.

The case isprovided with a'delivery aperture g in the usual way.

The vane is preferably- The width of the disc and vane, or impeller is made as nearly as is convenient equal to that of the case interior. Vhen in action, the material to be dealth with is de 'livered, or drawn to the centre of the pump and-is discharged by the vane through the outlet aperture.

In the pump shown the disc is rotated by a a s indle Z. A lubricator may be attached at A pump as above described is of extremely simple construction, and. due to the disposition of the single vane extending across the rotary disc entanglement or clogging is ef-.

more efficient manner than obtains when a nultiphcity of vanes are employed, the edge of the vane serving to sever any foreign'matter which tends to clog the operation of the pump. a

I claim An improved centrifugal pump comprismg a casing, inlet and outlet apertures in said casing, a spindle rotatably mounted relative to said casing, a disc concentrically mounted on one end of said spindle and adapted for rotation within the casing, a single Stllp-llke vane of a uniform depth throughout its length equal to the distance between the inner faces of the casingsaid vane being secured to one side of and extending completely across the face of the disc and being wholly contained during rotation within a cylindrical space havin a diameter equal to the diameter of the. 'sc so that the vane during rotation. divides the said space into two distinct and separate sections,' said vane being positioned relative to the axis of rotation of the disc so that the disc is maintained in a state of dynamic balance during rotation, and a central section formed in said vane adapted to coincide with the aforesaidinlet aperture.

In testimony whereof, I have signed my name to .this specification.

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