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Publication numberUS1718433 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 25, 1929
Filing dateSep 29, 1927
Priority dateSep 29, 1927
Publication numberUS 1718433 A, US 1718433A, US-A-1718433, US1718433 A, US1718433A
InventorsLiborio E Rivas
Original AssigneeLiborio E Rivas
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Key holder
US 1718433 A
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' hnezs, 1929. L. E. RIVAS KEY HOLDER I Filed Sept. 29} 192'? 11 1.1. FEE;

Patented June 25, 1929.



Application filed September 29, 1927.

This invention relates to key An object of this invention is a key holder suitable for attachment either to a belt or pocket, and adapted to carry a key ring without flapping of the chain and yet to provide for a long chain when it is desired to use the keys.

A further object of this invention is to provide a key holder of simplified form, convenient for carrying about, which occupies a minimum space, which is quickly and easily attached. and detached, which may be manufactured at low cost, and which is strong and durable.

\Vith the foregoing and other objects in view, I have invented the device shown in the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure l is a front elevation of my device.

Figure 2 is a side elevation.

Figure 3 is a modification.

Figure i is another modification.

Like reference characters indicate like parts throughout the several views, and in the specification, in which I provide a body member 2, provided with a pair of aligned eyelets 3, in the upper bifurcated portions of the body 2. The lower portion of the body is provided with sockets 1-, in which sockets pivotally fit the terminals of a chain holder 5, carrying a chain 6, in the terminal of which chain 6 is a ring 7, for carrying holders.

to provide the keys 8.

In 0 eration a belt such as 9, is pa'sed through the e elets 3, and

when the are not being used, the 1.. g 7 is held by a snaphook 10. IVhen it is desired to use the keys, they are released from the snaphook 10, which allows extension of the chain 6; whereas, when the ring 7 is held within the snaphook, the chain is folded back and out of the way. Thus a much longer chain Serial No. 222,776.

than usual may be had without tangling of the keys. The snaphook 10 comprises a bent terminal 11 and a spring 12, which spring 12 is anchored to the body 2.

In the modification shown in Figure 3,

v I provide, in place of the eyelets 3, a pair of clip terminals 5 which clip terminals fit over and clamp the edge of a pocket,or other desired anchoring place upon the clothing. In this form it is preferable to form the body 2 and the projecting portions therefrom from strong sheet metal.


1. A key carrying device comprising a piece of sheet metal bifurcated at one end, the bifurcated port-ion bent to form clips, the other end bent to form a hook, a spring supported by the member for cooperating with the hook to form a snap hook, and a key chain carried by the member.

2. A key holder comprising a body, means on the body for engaging an article of apparel, a key chain of relatively great length having one end connected to an intermediate portion of the body, and a hook carried by the lower portion of the body for engaging the opposite end of the chain, when a key carried thereby is not in use.

3. A key holder comprising a body, apparel engaging loops carried by the upper end of the body, a socket carried by an intermediate portion of the body, a key chain of relativei great length having one end anchored to said socket, and a snap hook carried by the lower portion of the body for engaging the opposite end of the chain when a key carriedby said chain is not in use.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature.


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U.S. Classification24/3.6, 24/336, 24/3.13
International ClassificationA45F5/02
Cooperative ClassificationA45F2200/0558, A45F5/02
European ClassificationA45F5/02