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Publication numberUS1719040 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 2, 1929
Filing dateJun 16, 1927
Priority dateJun 16, 1927
Publication numberUS 1719040 A, US 1719040A, US-A-1719040, US1719040 A, US1719040A
InventorsHugo Barol
Original AssigneeHugo Barol
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Lady's hand bag
US 1719040 A
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H. BAROL LADYS HAND BAG July '2, 15529;

Filed June 16, 1927 INVENTOH: v

,ef/fa' ATTORNEYS.

Patented July 2, 1929.


Application led .Tune 16,

This invention, generally stated, relates to ladies" hand bags which in the trade are termed vanity bags, and has more especial relation to a bag of the characteristated in which a normally concealed compartment isA provided for the storage of papers, cards, cigarettes, or the like when the main portion of the bag is opened for the use of .a compact case, lip stick holder, purse, and other devices ordinarily employed in a ladys hand bag.

The principal object of the present invention is to provide a ladys hand bag inwhich there is provided a compartment separate and distinct from the main part of the .hand bag, which separate compartment is provided with one or more pockets for the safe keeping of papers, cards, cigarettes, and the like, and which may be closed and secured to place in dependently of the main folding flap of the pocketbook.

A further object of the present invention is to provide a construction of the character stated in which the partition for the safe keeping of papers, cards, and cigarettes or the like is vertically fluted and is vertically provided with a series of stitches `to provide separate compartments for the storage of articles, and which compartments may be closed so that the contents are concealed from view irrespective of the main flap of the pocketbook being in closed or open position. i A still further object of the present invention is to provide upon the rear of the partition dividing the two compartments a relatively small compartment.

Other and further objects of the present invention reside in the provision of general details of construction and in the arrangement and construction of parts for attaining the results sought by the foregoing objects.

The invention consists of the novel construction hereinfater described and inally claimed.

The nature, characteristic features and scope of the invention will be more fully understood from the following description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings forming part hereof, and in which:

Fig. 1, is a view in perspective of a pocketbook embodying the invention, the main flap being in open position but the auxiliary flap heilig in closed position so that the contents of the outer compartments are concealed.

Fig. 2, is a view in perspective similar to Fig. l with the exception that the flap of the nally of compartment is a partition 12 of 1927. serial No. 199,156.

outer compartmentfis in open position to expose the contents of the outer compartment. Fig. 3, is a `view in cross section illustrating the various compartments shown in the fore going figures.

` For the purpose of illustrating my invention I have shown in the accompanying drawings one form thereof which is at presentpreferred by me, since the same has been found in practice to give satisfactory `and reliable results, although it is to be understood that the various instrumentalities of which my invention consists can be variously arranged and organized and that my invention is not limited to the precise arrangement and organization of the instrumentalities as herein shown and described.

Referring to the drawings, the reference numeral l designates the main compartment of the pocketbook and is of conventional form for the retention of a compact 2, a lip stick 3, and a purse 4. The compartment 1 is closable by means of a conventional flap 5. This :Hap 5 in practice is provided with a mirror 6. The usual hand grip 7 is provided, see Fig. 3. Dividing the handbag into separate compartments is a partition 8, see Fig. 3, provided with a flap 9. The partition 8 divides the hand bag into two separate compartments, and the flap 9 when in the position shown in Fig. 1 conceals from View such articles as may be contained in compartment 10, a snap fastener 11 being employed to effect securing of the parts. Arranged longitudiflexible material, preferab y fluted or crimped, and this partition is centrally secured to the flap 9 as at 13 by stitching, so that separate pockets are provided in the compartment 10. The fluting is obviously vertically arranged as is the stitching of the part 1 3, as is clearly illust-rated in Fig. 2. While obviously papers, cards, and the like may be inserted in the pockets thus provided, cigarettes 14 may be conveniently carried in the pockets thus provided. In the connection it is to be noted that when cigarettes 14 are packed within the pockets as described and the flap 9 is secured to place, the cigarettes or other private matters contained in the pockets are obscured fromview for the reason that the flap 9 entirely covers the same. Therefore, a lady carrying a bag of the type under consideration may open up the main flap 5 to expose the compact, lip stick or purse,

' so done;

and conceal from view the cigarettes as conas desirable' in thestatement ofthe invention and theabove description and'while I have in the present instance shown and described the preferred' embodiment thereof which has been found inpractice to give satisfactory and reliable results, it is to be understood that `Vv`the same is susceptible ofL modification in various particulars Without departing from the spirit or scopeof the invention orV sacrificing any of its advantages.

,Having thus describedv my invention, what I claim'as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1'. In a device of the character stated, a

ladysrhand bag having an outer colnpartment Withfa ol'dfable' Hap', means to secure Y saidflap to conceal said compartment, a partition ofpliable material secured at its lower edge tothe bottom of said-bag and extended' longitudinally7 of said compartment'and vertically supported to' providean open top, said partition being divided into pockets having a'closed bottoms by vertical lines ofstitches which stitches secure said. pocket/'sto the rear Wall of said compartment, and an outer flap foldable and securable over said outer compartment.

A 2. In a device of the character stated, a ladys handbaghaving anlouter compartment with a foldable flap, means to secure said Hap to conceal said compartment, a partition of pliable material secured at its lower edge to the bottomofsaid: bag and extended longitudinally of said compartment in a fiuted manner,and verticall supported to rovide an open top, said partition being divi ed into pockets having closedl bottoms by vertical lines of stitches, which stitches secure said pockets to the rear Wall of said compartment andan outer flap foldable and securable over said outer compartment.

3'.V In a device of the character stated, a

`lad'ys hand bag' having an outer compartment with a foldable flap, means to secure said Hap to conceal .said` compartment, a' partition of pliable material secured at its lower edge to the bottom of said bag and extended lon tudinally of said compartment and vertir y supported to provide an o en top, said' partition being of less hei t than the wall to which it is attached, said partition being divided into pockets having closed bottoms by vertical' lines of stitches which stitches secure said pockets to the rear wail of said compartment, a second compartment of small Width in the rear of said outer compartment, and an oute'rfiap foldable and securable over said outer compartment.


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