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Publication numberUS1719982 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1929
Filing dateAug 29, 1925
Priority dateAug 29, 1925
Publication numberUS 1719982 A, US 1719982A, US-A-1719982, US1719982 A, US1719982A
InventorsRoy Keith
Original AssigneeCharles P Bobe, Hazel V Keith
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Breast pump
US 1719982 A
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July 9, 1929. y R, KEITH 1,719,992

BREAST FUMP Filed Aug. 29,4 1925 @Troia/EX f lill Patented July 9, 1929.




Application iled August 29, 1925.

My invention has relation to improvements in breast pumps and consists of the novel features of constructioiii more 'l'fully set forth in the specification and pointed out in the claim.

Briefly the invention consists lin a receptacle to which is connected a 'tunnel and. a continuously operating` pump or injector. The tunnel and pump are in air-tight connection with the receptacle except tor the vent by which the suction created by the pump may be periodically interrupted.

The object of the invention to provide a breast pump that is simple to operate and one that has a Jfunnel in Which there a bulbous enlargement for the nipple so that in the operation. oi the pump the iatient will sorter no discomfort. Further and other advantage-s will be better apparent from a detailed description of the invention in connection with the accompanyineT drawings in which* Figure 1 is a side elevati on ot my improved breast pump shown asseinbled for operation and Figure 2 is a middle longitudinal section through my improwd tunnel.

Referring to the drawings, 1 represents a suitable open mouthed receptacle provided with a cork or stopper 2 in which there are two spaced. openings 3 and il. Into the opening; 3 is inserted the stem .5 ot a tunnel said tunnel, it will be obsewed, having av bnlbous enlargement 7 at the uncture ot the stem with the bell or funnel proper7 the purpose of which enlargement Will appear hereinafter.

A Tshaped tube S is adapted to have one of its branches 9 inserted into the opening' l in the stopper 2, While its branches 1() and 11 have applied to them a 'llexible Vent tube 12 and hose 13 respectively. The end olf the hose 13 opposite to that passed over the tube 11 is connected to a hollow stem la: projecting;l from the pump or injector' 15, the latter being` ot airy suitable type obtainable in the open market. V

The pump 15 in the present instance is adapted to being applied to a Water cock or Serial No. 53,343.

faucet 16 and operates on the principle oiZ the injector in that the Water :trom the faucet discharges through the pump and causes a current of air to be induced. through the stein lll thereof. The operation ol my improved pump is then as follows:

Haring connected the pump l-to a faucet and turned. the latter on, a current oit air is induced through the hose 13 and into the pump. Il the operator now presses the tube 12 shut with the lingers shown dotted on Fig. l) a current of air Will be induced into the funnel (l so that it this tunnel is disposed over the breast, a suction will be created thereon, drawing the milk from the nipple thereof. It is important that in this operation that the nipple be 'free -from pressure in order to prevent constriction oi the ducts therein for Which purpose I have formed the bulbous enlargement 7 at the point in the 'funnel Where the nipple Will be located. ln order to successfully draw the milk from the breast, the operator Will now intermittently open and close the tube 12, thus alternately creatingy suction and releasingit, thus simio lat-ing the operations ol nature.

The mi l li drawn from the breast at each moment that the tube l2 is closed7 will discharge into the eaid tube is opened.

vreceptacle 1 at the succeeding moment when The operation as described is continued until the prolier amount oit liuid has been obtained to satisty the purpose ot the operation.

Having described my invention, I claim A funnel for breast pump receptacles, said funnel comprising` a hellshaped portion for receiving,T the breast, a stem integrally formed with said bell-shaped portion, and a globular, bulbous, enlargement between the bell-shaped portion and the stem 'tor receivingr the nipple and preventingv constriction thereo'i,

In testimony whereof l hereunto allix my signature.

ROY KElTl-l,

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U.S. Classification604/346, 604/74, 604/149
International ClassificationA61M1/06
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European ClassificationA61M1/06