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Publication numberUS172024 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 11, 1876
Filing dateOct 13, 1875
Publication numberUS 172024 A, US 172024A, US-A-172024, US172024 A, US172024A
InventorsRudolf Hug
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Improvement in lawn-sprinklers
US 172024 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent N o. l 72,024, dated January 11, 1876; application tiled October 13,1875.

l To all whom it may concern:

invented an Improvement in Lawn-Sprinklers,

of which the following is a specification:

My invention relates to the class of lawnsprinklers having jets in revolving` arms swiveling upon a fixed pipe supported by a stand upon the ground; and my invention consists, irst, in a certain manner of attachment of the nozzles and delecting-plates at the ends of the arms, by which the arms are rendered conveniently reversible; second, in a peculiar construction of the joint between the revolving arms and the fixed pipe, by which a lessening of friction is ei'ected.

Figure lis a perspective view of a lawnsprinkler embodying the principal parts of my invention. Fig. 2 is a section of the swiveljoint. Fig.3 isa side view of the swivel-joint. Fig. 4 is a perspective view of one of the eX- tensible legs of the stand. Fig. 5 is a section of the nozzle.

A is the stand or tripod. B is the fixed pipe, and I) D the revolving arms. At the ends of each arm a collar, d, is provided, and screw-threaded end d for the reception of the nozzle E, to which the ldetlecti'ng-plate F, which receives the jet of Water obliquely for the. purpose of giving motion to the arms, is firmly attached. Between the nozzle E and the collar d a compressible or removable washer, G, is introduced, which permits the nozzles to be changed to face its plate F in either direction, so as to give either direction of -mo- The legs ofA the tripod are a a', 'one bein g fitted with a tionto the arms. in two parts,

guide-screw, c, and securing-screw e, which pass through a slot, f, in the other.

By the release of screw c, the leg can be lengthened or shortened, the screw c serving as a guide for its motion, and when adjusted it can be resecured bythe screw c. The swiveljoint .is composed as follows: The fixed part g has a cross-bar, It, on each side of' which the water passes.V The revolving part c has also a similar cross-bar, j, having a projecting center-point, k, runningin a center depression, as shown, in the bar h, and carrying the weight of the revolving arms on this point, so as to reduce the friction to the minimum. The revolving piece'is secured in place by the collar Z and lock-nut m., and 'the nut n secures the arms lwhen they are `not required to revolve, and can be used as a broad projecting bearing-surface during revolution, to relieve the supporting center k of side strains.

I claim- 1. The combination of the col-lared screwthreaded end d d', washer G, and the reversible nozzles E F, constructed and operating substantially as and for the purpose speciiied.

2. The combination of lixed part g, having centrally-recessed bar la and revolving part t', with bar j, provided with central pivot point 7c, the parts being connected and operating substantially as and for the purpose specied.

In testimony of which invention I 4hereunto set my hand.

, RUDOLF HUG. Witnesses:


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