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Publication numberUS1720328 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1929
Filing dateJun 28, 1928
Priority dateJun 28, 1928
Publication numberUS 1720328 A, US 1720328A, US-A-1720328, US1720328 A, US1720328A
InventorsHenderson Edwin L
Original AssigneeWilson Hurd Company
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Display board
US 1720328 A
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July 9, 1929. E, L, HENDERSON 1,720,328

DISPLAY BOARD Filed June 29. 192e F75. 2. Fkk/3.3.

Za Y INVENTOR. /0 5 @fm Z8 /72 BY A TTORNEYS.

Patented July ll, lQLQ,



Application led June 25, 1928.

This irwention relates to a display board in. the nature ol an advertising specialty and jnnftieularly ('lesigned and adapted for displaying the liavors olf ice cream oil'cred for sale,

Various types ot display r-fabinets and devices have been proposed heretofore but none ot them have measureffl up in a satisfactory and practical manner to the requirements ot a display board ot the character inentioned.

indeed, the provision ot a display board suitable tor this usage presents a rather dithcult problem. Such a display board must be et simple and compact construction and of attractive and ornamental appearance; itniust have lasting qualities and above all must be susceptible oi production at a low cost. Easy and economical production is essential especially as advertising specialties are distributed gratuitously by merchants and manufacturers to their customers or retailers.

@ne of the principal objects ot the invention is to provide a display board ot this character which has all ot these desirable and essential features in that it provides tor an attractive and ornamental display of the flavors oit icc cream ollered tor sale and also attriuztively displays advertising matter which usually concerns the ice cream ol'lered lior sale, and in that it ot such simple and compact construction that it may be con veniently displayed on a soda fountain or the like. Further, the display board is adapted to be manufactured at a comparatively slight expense 'from materials and by means ot/raoihties ordinarily available. The dis play board is so constituted that its element may be completely formed or Lt'ashioned by simple stamping and cutting operations and may be easily and quickly assembled bfy utilizing a single set ot' fastening devices.

@ther objects and advantages reside in Certain novel 'features ot the construction, arrangement and combination of parts which Will be hereinafter more -fully described and particularly pointed out in the appended claims, reference being had to the accompanying drawings Yleuning a part ot' this specification, and in Which:

Figure l is a vievv in iront elevation shovving a display board embodying the present invention;

Serial No. 2B9,112.

Figure 2 is a view thereof in rear elevation;

v Figure 3 is a view of the display board in edge elevation;

F igure l is a detail sectional view on line ll--l of Figure 2; and

Figure 5 is a fragmentary sectional view on line 5 5 of Figure l.

Referring to the drawings, the numeral l designates the front panel ol" the display board which is made up ot sheet inetal and is ot rectangular torni. The exposed tace of the panel l is suitably decorated and ornamental and at its upper end bears ad.- vertising matter, usually the name olf the manufacturer ot the ice cream, slogans, trademarks, and the like. Below the advertising space at the upper end ol the panel a plurality ot vertically spaced and transversely extending Window openings 2 are cut out or otherwise suitably formed in the panel. These openings extend parallel to each other and are all of' the same size and shape and may have their margins suitably decorated or ornamented. The openings 2 are slightly spaced from each other to preserve the proper strength and stillness in the front panel.

lo the rear tace of the 'liront panel, a plate or sheet 3 of transparent material such as celluloid, isinglass, or the like, is applied, and is of suoli shape and size as to be contained'ivithin the contines or .iargins of the front panel and yet covers all oit the openings 2. In between adjacent windows 2, above the upper Windowv 2j and belonT the lovver Window 2, sheet metal guides 5 are provided and extend transversely ot the display board and parallel to each other and to the Window openings 2. Each sheet metal gui de 5 is presented from a sheet of metal to a torni of a flanged channel, the channel having a body portion 6 which lies flush against the rear :tace ot the transparent plate or sheet 3 and having langes 7 otlset rearwardly from the plate or sheet 8 and extending parallel thereto to define guide grooves 8. At one end the guide strips have a lor- Wardly or inwardly, depressed end portion 9 providing a stop or abutment at one end ot each guide groove.

Common means is provided for securing lthe sheet metal guides 5, the transparent plate or sheet 2, and the front panel l asirs senibled and preferably this fastening ineans consists of a plurality of eyelets l0 extending` through each sheet metal guide and the adjacent portion of the sheet 3 and panel l, the ends of the eyelets being,` flanged over on the guides and on the front panel. In each pair of guide grooves iianlzing,` each opening, a sign strip 12 is positioned and consists of a strip of cardboard or other inaterial having one face suitably ornamented andv bearing indicia describingthe flavor of ice creari as indicated on the dra 'ving'. The subject matter of the sig-n strips are d.4 played through the Window openings 2 and the strips themselves are protected by the transparent plate or sheet 3 which covers all the strips. When a strip is placed in position it may be forced lover against the stops at the ends of its guise grooves and is thereby frictionally held against accidental displacement.

The panel may be provided ivith a hanging` chain 15 having eyes 16 at its ends fastened by eyelets 17 at the top of' the panel.

The front panel, transparent sheet, and the sheet metal guides are all so constituted as tobe capable of easy and economical mrs ufacture and in facty these parts are fashioned by a simple stamping or cutting operation. In addition, the assembly of these eleinen'ts is greatly facilitated by reason of the fact that but a single fastening means is enr ployed to secure the three parts in assembly.

The display board, as thus constituted, is of compact construction and does not present any objectionable bulk but on the contrary is Well adapted to be received in tl" L-ii ordinary display spaces available around a soda fountain or other places Where ice creain is dispensed or sold. The sign strips may be varied in accordance With the stock on hand and their attractive and fresh appearance is preserved by virtue of trie actioy of 'the protect-ive transparent sheet The sheet metal guides contain the strips in proper position and together with the end stops facilitate the proper centering of the strips behind the Window yopenings of the front panel.

The invention claimed is:

l. A display board comprising; a front panel provided with a plurality of spaced transversely eztending,` WindenYV openings, a single protective sheet of transparent maierial applied to the underside of the panel and extending across all of the openings,

double flanged sheet metal guide strips extending 'transversely across the rea face of the sheet adjacent said openings :1nd providing a pair of guide grooves alongr the margins of each window opening, common means for securing,` the guide strips. proiective sheet and panel in assembly, and sign. strips inserted in the guide `rooves and having` their display matter exhibited through the portions of the tr; nsparent pro'- tective sheet covering;` Vthe window openings.

2. A display board comprising` a front panel pri'ivided with a plurality of spaced trans'sversely extending` window openings, a protective sheet of transparent material applied to the underside of the panel and m:- tendinf; across said openings, guidesy extending 'transversely across the rc1ir face oi" the sheet adjacent said openings and providin' a pair of guide grooves paralleling the mar is of each opening;l and adapted to receive sign strips and common means for securing' the ojuides, protective sheet and panel in assenihly.

il display board comprisnpY a. front panel provided with a ifilurality of spaced transversely extending' window openings, a protective transparent covering applied o the underside of the panel and extending` across sain oivienin'es, ,guide .strips eonsisiinn; of flanged sheet metal channels, said ruido strips extending' across the rear of the panel between said openings and having the Aflanges formingT guide grooves adapted lo receive si'n strips, and means for securing the panel, covering and guide strips assemined.

4. A display board coinprisin .lr a front panel provided with a plurality of spaced transversely extending` windev.' openings, a protective tansparent coveringsr applied to the underside of the panel and extending arross said openings, guide strips consistingY of flanged sheet metal channels, .said `oido strips extending' across the rear of Yhe panel between said openings and having the flanges forming* guide grooves adapted lo receive sign strips, and means for seein-iupr the panel, coverino and `guide strips assembled, one end ot each lguide .strip being pressed inwardly toward the panel io provide stops facilitating;` proper position of the sign strips.

In Witness whereof, I hereto aiiix my sip;- nature.


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