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Publication numberUS1720564 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1929
Filing dateOct 26, 1927
Priority dateOct 26, 1927
Publication numberUS 1720564 A, US 1720564A, US-A-1720564, US1720564 A, US1720564A
InventorsMark Noble
Original AssigneeMark Noble
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Shoe displayer
US 1720564 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

July 9, 1929. M NOBLE: 1,720,564

SHOE DISPLAYER Filed Oct. 26, 1927 ATTORNEY Patented July 9, 1929.




Application filed October 26, 1927. Serial No. 228,920.

The object of the present invention is the provision of a display device for shoes and is designed to enable a customer entering a shoe store readily observing the different types of shoes on sale, so that a satisfactory selection of shoes can be made in an easy and expeditious manner.

A further object is the provision of a display device for shoes of a construction whereby the same may be clamped 011 any suitable support, and also whereby a shoe for dis play is effectively sustained thereon at varying desired angles for the best display of the article.

To the attainment of the foregoing stated objects and others which will present themselves as the nature of the invention is better understood, the improvement further resides in certain other novel features of construc tion, combination and operative association of parts, one satisfactory embodiment of which is disclosed by the accompanying draw ings.

In the drawings Figure 1 is a side elevation of my improvement. the support for the improvement being in section.

Figure 2 is a top plan view of the improvement.

Figure 3 is a bottom plan view of the shoe supporting plate.

Figure 4 is a sectional view approximately on the line 1-et of Figure 1.

Figure 5 is a sectional view on the line 5-5 of Figure 2.

In carrying out my invention I make use of a fiat plate or bar 1 that has arranged on one of its faces an angle plate that provides a aw 2. Adjustable binding means 3 secures the inner straight end of the plate to the bar 1. The binding means is preferably in the na ture of a bolt that passes through the jaw and through the bar and which bolt is engaged by a wing nut. By this means it will. be seenthat my improvement may be easily and quickly clamped on a suitable support 4.

The outer end of the bar 1 is given a half twist to provide a portion 5 that is arranged at a right angle with respect to the body of the bar. This end 5 of the bar 1 is designed to be received between a pair of spaced ears 6 that are preferably integrally formed on the edges of a metal strap 7. A bolt member 8 passes through the ears and through the end 5 of the bar 1 and the said bolt being engaged by a wing nut 9. By this arrangement it will be seen that the ears 6 may be compressed against the head 5 of the bar and that the strap? may be positioned at varying angles with respect to the bar.

The metal strap 7 has riveted or otherwise secured on. its outer face a shoe siqoporting plate 10. One end of the strap 7 is bent upwardly, as at 11, over the end of the plate 10. Fixed on the outer face of the shoe support ing plate 10 there is an upstanding lug 12. The numeral 13 indicates the heel engaging plate, the same having a threaded shank 14 that is guided through the lug 12 and through the end 11 of the strap 7. It should here be stated that the end 11 of the strap is widened and is arched so that the same will properly contact with the rounded. outer surface of the heel portion of a shoe 15 to be arranged on the plate 10. The shank 14: is engaged by a wing nut 16 which is screwed against the j aw provided by the end 11 of the strap 7. The plate 13 is in contact with the inner and straight face of the heel of the shoe, as clearly disclosed by Figure 1 of the drawings, and with the improvement the shoe may be arranged at any desired angle on its support to best display the same.

My improvement is of a simple nature and may be easily and quickly clamped on any suitable support. The shoe supporting plate 10 is pivotally associated with the bar 1 so that the said plate may be tilted and sustained at desired angles. The heel clamp for the shoe carried by the plate 10 will effectively grip heels of varying sizes of shoes so that varying types and sizes of shoes may be effectively sustained in display position. The drawings and description refer to one satisfactory cmbodiment of the invention but obviously I do not wish to be restricted to the precise details herein set forth and, therefore, hold myself entitled to make such changes therefrom as fairly fall within the scope of what I claim.

Having described the invention, I claim:

A shoe displayer, comprising a plate on which a shoe for display is designed to rest, and said plate adjacent toits heel end being I integrally formed With an upstanding lug, a therebetween, and the flanged end of the strap metal strap arranged longitudinally on the under face of the plate and fixedly secured thereto, said strap having its end, at the heel portion of the plate flanged and rounded,

said strap having integrally formed depending ears for the reception of a pivoted support and the lug having alining apertures designed for the reception of the adjustable element on 10 a shoe heel clamp.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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U.S. Classification211/35, 248/229.14
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