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Publication numberUS1720629 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 9, 1929
Filing dateApr 14, 1928
Priority dateApr 14, 1928
Publication numberUS 1720629 A, US 1720629A, US-A-1720629, US1720629 A, US1720629A
InventorsJoseph Dreyfus
Original AssigneeJoseph Dreyfus
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Bathing garment
US 1720629 A
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July 9, 1929- J. DREYFUS 1.72.0;629

BATHING GARMENT Filed April 14, 1928 INVENTOR Joseph Dreyfus l ATTORNEY Patented July 9, 1929.


.Tosnrn DREYFUS, vor NEW Yeux, N. Y.


Application ma Apn1'i4, 192s. serial No. 210,011.

This invention relates to bathing garments,

to provide a bathing garment for children which will quickly dry` so that by the addition of a sweater a child using the garment may walk home without attracting attention or without liability of catching a cold.

In the accompanying drawing,.-

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a bathing garment disclosing an embodiment of the invention, the same being illustrated' on a figure.

Figure 2 is a rear vperspective view ofthe garment shown in Figure 1, the garment being on an enlarged scale;

Figure 3 is a detail fragmentary sectional view-through Figure 2 on line 3-3;

Figure 4 is a view similar to Figure 3, except the device is infiated;

Figure 5 is an enlarged fragmentarydetail sectional view `through Figure 2 on line 5,-5;

Figure 6 is an enlarged detail front 'view of the lower end vof one` of the Suspenders shown in Figure 1,* the same illustrating a,

vvalve and snap button embodying certain features of the invention; l

. Figure 7 is'a side view of part of the pants shown in Figure 1, the same being taken as viewed from line 7 7 of Figure 5;

Figure Sis a perspective view of a modified form of the invention to that shown in Fig-l ure 1;

Figure 9 is a view similar 'to Figure 1,'jexcept the figure is omitted and a belt and two straps added. l o I Figure 10 is a perspectlve view of the belt shown in Figure 9;

Figure 11 isY an enlarged sectlonal v1e through Figure 9 on hne l1-11; 0

Figure' 12 is a view slmllar to Figure 8 but showing a modified form of the mventlon.

Referring to the accompanylng drawing, 1 indicates the body of a garment and 2 the sup-v ports therefor. The body 1 1s formed as short pants'. AWhile the supports 2 are lnthe form of Suspenders. It will be noted Afrom Figure 1 that the garment covers only the center partjof the body of the child, so that a large part ofthe child beneficial action of the sun and winds. Usually bathers spend a certain time on the beach out ofthe water and in the case of children .most ofthe time is spent playing in the sand vwith occasional dips in the water.

By making the garment comparatively short with a minimum covering (Suspenders 2) for the .upper part ,of the child-s body, the' child is clothed in a pleasant way while a very sanitary garment is presented. Preferably, the

ypants are loose fitting and made from any desii-ed material whereby air circulates over the entire body.` In addition to vprovide a very hygienic. garment, means have been added which will provide pleasure and safety for the child. The supports or Suspenders 2 and also the belt 3 are inflatable whereby they act in the double capacity of parts of the garment and as life preservergs. The Suspenders 2 are formed with anoutside tubular covering 4 of woven, knit, braided or otherwise formed material, which will stretch to an appreciable extent so'that the inner tube of rubber 5 may be infiated to substantially any desired size,

as for instance, the size shown in full line in Figure'4 or to thesizel shown in dotted line in the same figure. The Suspenders are preferably stitched to the pants 1 at points 6 and 7 while the opposite ends are secured remov# 'ably to the pants by the respective snap fasteners 8. An air" valve 9 of any desired kind is secured to one end of each ofthe rubber tubes 5, said valvesextending beyond the covs body is exposed to the erin 4, as lshown infFigures 5 and 6, whereby t e may be operated for inilating the rublber tu es and also may be easily protected by pockets 10. The valves 9 are preferably of a kind which will permit a person to inflate the tubes by placing the valves in the mouth,

and then blowing until the desired inflation has 'beensecured The pants 1 are provided y with any desired number of belt supporting straps '11 whereb belt 3 may be used with any and all forms o the invention. Preferably when belt 3 is used a pocket 10 is also used for protecting the valve 9 of the belt. The belt is identical in construction with the respective parts of the Suspenders 2, except snap fasteners or other form offasteners areprovided at each-end.` In Figure 8 a modified form of the invention is vshown wherein the suspenders or supporting straps 12 and 13. are not crossed but are held in'proper relative position by the tie-straps 14. Aside from this slight difference, the structure is identical with that shown in Figure 1. In Figure 12 a further modified form .of the invention is disclosed. ln this form of the invention the supporting strap 15 is stitched or otherwise y secured to the pants 1 at one end while the opposite end is secured by a snap fastener or other disengageable fastener, both the stitches and the fastener being located at lthe front of the garment whereby a loop is formed which extends around the neck of the child. In all forms of the invention a safety de-v vice is presented in the use of inlatable suspenders with or without infiatable'belts. Also, in all forms of the invention the idea of exposing ,large portions of the body to secure the benelicial action of the( sun is maintained.

It will thus be seen that the garment is such that not only is a large part of the body eX- posed, but the structure permits the body to quickly dry whereby a dry sweater may be applied tothe child and thereby protect the child against cold Without the sweater becoming damp. Preferably, the entire garment is made `from worsted or some other quicklydrying material, except the rubber tube in the Suspenders and belt.` Also, it will be i l 'noted that the tubular supports or Suspenders are securedl permanently to the pants at the front and are disengageably secured at the back whereby the pants may be let down at any time when on the toilet or :for other purposes without removing the sweater, thus maintaining proper protection of the child. Also, the permanent securing of one end of the supports or Suspenders prevents the suspenders from beingaccidently lost or iloated' away. As the suspendersare really a permanent part and rigidly secured to the pants, the waves cannot force the Suspenders away from the pants and the Suspenders are always associated with the pants and cannot be forgotten and left home when starting `to the beach.

What I claim is l 1. A bathing garment, comprising a pair `of pants, inflatable Suspenders permanently connected to said pants, an inflatable belt, means on the pants or holding the belt in position and an independent air valve for each of the Suspenders and anl independent a fastener.

3.- l bathing garment, comprising a pair of pants, an inlatable suspender having a disengageable fastener at/one end, an air valve at one end of said suspender, and a pocket carried by said pants` for receiving saidvalve.

Signed at New York in the county of N ew York and State of New York this 12th day of April, A. l). 1928.

.rosiers pesares. l

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