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Publication numberUS1721511 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 23, 1929
Filing dateMay 14, 1926
Priority dateMay 14, 1926
Publication numberUS 1721511 A, US 1721511A, US-A-1721511, US1721511 A, US1721511A
InventorsDonnellan Edward P
Original AssigneeStandard Johnson Co Inc
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Coin-handling machinery
US 1721511 A
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July 23, 1929. E. P. DONNELLAN COIN HANDLING MACHINERY 4 SheetsSheet 1 Filed May 14 1926 awuemtoz July 23, 1929. E. P. DONNELLAN COIN HANDLING MACHINERY 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed May 14 1926 5110mm; anellazg July 23, 1929. E. P. DONNELLAN Q 1,721,511

COIN HANDLING MACHINERY Filed May 14, 1926 4 Shee'ts-Sheet 4 z WM ATTORNEY Patented July 23, 1929.




Application filed May 14, 1926.

This invention relates to improvements in coin handling machinery and more particularly to multiple coin counting mechanism adapted to receive the several denominations of coins which have been separated one from another by a suitable coin separating mechanism, and then fed from the latter to the several counting heads of said multiple coin counting mechanism.

The invention has for its principal object to provide a compact and simple arrangement and relation of a plurality of coin counting heads adapted to be operated from a single power source, and so arranged that each counting head will receive and count a selected denomination of coin fed thereto from a suitable coin separator.

Another object of the invention is to provide an improved construction of hopper for each counting head, so disposed and related to the means for delivering the coins into actuating engagement with the counting devices. that jamming of the coins, or other interference with smooth and continuous delivery of the coins to the counting devices is avoided.

Other objects of this invention, not at this time more particularly enumerated, will be clearly understood from the following detailed description of the same.

The invention is clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a front elevation of one form of the novel multiple coin'counting mechanism embodying the principles and construction of my present invention;. Figure 2 is an enlarged plan view of one of the counting heads of such mechanism; Figure 3 is a detail plan view of the novel hopper member with which each counting head is proand Figure 7 is an end elevation of the same.

Similar characters of reference are em ployed in all of the hereinabove described views, to indicate corresponding parts.

Referring now to said drawings, the reference character 10 indicates a suitable Serial No. 109,034.

12 are a plurality of coin counting heads,

A, B, C, D and E, the same being secured to said brackets 12 so as to be disposed at an angle of approximately forty-five degrees and in front to back relation in successive parallel planes. Said coin counting heads A, B, C, D and E are respectively adapted to receive and count a selected denomination of coin, such e. g. as pennies, dimes, nickels, quarters and'half-dollars.

Each coin counting head comprises a bedplate 13 substantially circular in form, with an extension 14 projecting from its upper free side. Said bed-plate possesses a central bearing portion 15 in which is journaled a spindle 16. Fixed on said spindle 10 and fitting closely to the upper surface of said bed-plate 13 is a rotatable propeller disk 17 having at its periphery a series of indented coin receiving pockets 18 lying between radially proj'ecting fingers 19, as shown more especially in Figure 2. Connected with the extension 14 of the bedplate is a platform member 20 having a bearing bracket 21 secured thereto. Journaled in and between said platform member 20 and bearing bracket 21 is a shaft 22. Secured to said shaft 22, so as to lie intermediate said bed-plate extension and platform is a star-wheel 23. Mounted on said platform member 20 is a suitable register R the actuating shaft of which is provided with a bevel gear 24 which meshes with and is driven by a bevel gear 25 fixed on said shaft, 22. Said star-wheel 23 is substantially tangent to the propeller disk'17, so that the former is operatively engaged and actuated by coins propelled toward the same by the operation of the latter. Said bedplate 13 is provided, beyond said star wheel and beneath the propelling pockets of the propeller disk 17, with a coin discharge opening 26 through which the coins successively fall after being propelled past the star-wheel 23 in actuating engagement therewith. Secured to the underside of said bed-plate 13 in registration with said discharge opening 26 is a discharge funnel 27, having means such as hooks 28, for suspending a bag or other receptacle into which the counted coins may be deposited. Suitably secured over the upper peripheral portions of the propeller disk 1'? and its coin receiving pockets 18, at and to each side of the point of conjunction thereof with the star-wheel 23 is a shear blade or guard 29, which serves to deflect excess coins and thus prevent more than one coin from being carried by the coin receiving pockets into ggtuating engagement with the star-wheel Connected with the bed-plate 13, so as to enclose the same around the propeller disk 17, is a novel construction of hopper comprising a side wall 30 having at its base or bottom portion an outwardly off-set depending skirt flange 31 which is adapted to be engaged over the periphery of said bed-plate 13, and then secured thereto by screws 32, or any other suitable form of fastening means. Intermediate said side wall 30 and said skirt flange 31, at the lower or bottom side of said hopper is an inclined or angular wall section 33 adapted to overhang the peripheral portion of the propeller disk 17. Owing to the normal down wardly inclined positions of the counting heads, coins deposited within the hopper will gravitate to the lower side of the latter, and will thus encounter said angular wall section 33, which tends to throw the coins flatwise on the hopper floor formed by the bed-plate 13 so as to enter and be propelled upward by the receiving pockets 18 of said propeller disk. In order to keep the coins deposited in the hopper constantly tumbling back toward the bottom or lower side thereof, and to counteract any tendency of the rotating propeller disk 17 to carry up excess coins too far, or to thus produce undue crowding or jamming of the coins to the obstruction of free, smooth and continuous delivery thereof upwardly into actuating engagement with the star-wheel 23, the hopper is further provided with a novel structural feature which consists in so forming the angular wall section 33 thatresponding to the direetion of rotation of the propeller disk 17, this results in the provision of a receding coin relieving surface, generally indicated at 34 in Figure 4. Ow-

ing to the combination of the angular slope ofthe counting head and its hopper and the described recedlng coin relieving surface 34, any excess C01I1S tending to ride up with the rotating propellerdisk 17 will be gradually carried-out from under the angular. wall section 33, and brought into engagement with said relieving surface 34, so that gravitv may be effected in causing the same to roll or fall back intothe bottom portion of the hopper, before the same reach the end of the shear blade or guard 29, thus with the functioning of the latter, giving a double insurance against possible jamming of the propeller disk. This feature of the hopper is of considerableimportance and is one of the novel features involved in the present invention. Connected with the outer or up per edges of the side wall 30 of the hopper so as to extend across the lower end of the same is a top wall section To simultaneously drive the propeller disks 17 of the respective counting heads, each spindlel6 is provided with a bevel gear 36. Suitably journaled in bearing brackets 37 is a longitudinal driven shaft 38, which may be suitably driven by or from any de sired source of power. Mounted beneath the bottom of each counting head is a transverse shaft 39 which is suitably geared in intermediate driving relation between driving bevel gears 40 on said driven shaft 38 and said bevel gears 36 of the counting head spindles,

In using the multiple coin counter, the counting heads of the same may be supplied with. coins of proper denomination, which have been separated by suitable separating mechanism, and then distributed to the counting beads by chutes 41 associated with the latter. 7 I

The form of multiple coin counter shown in Figure 1, wherein the counting heads A, B, C, D and'E are disposed in the I lovel angularly inclined'positions, and front to back in successive parallel planes is best calculated to provide a very compactarrangement in which the multiple of units are so related as to occupy a minimum of space.

The desired angularly inclined positions of the multiple of counting head units may be subject, however, to arrangement whereby the same are disposed in side by side relation, rather than in the front to back relation above mentioned. This side by side arrangement is illustrated in Figure 6 of the drawings, and is accomplished by the provision of a suitable supporting frame 42 having inclined bracket arms 43 provided with longitudinal carrier bars 44 to which the bed-plates of the units are secured so as to be pitched at the desired angle of approximately forty-five degrees. A driven shaft 45 provided' with driving bevel gears 46 to mesh with and drive the bevel gears 36 of the counting head spindles is support ed beneath the counting heads, and said driven shaft is, actuated by any suitable transmission means, such as a sprocket and chain drive 47 from any suitable source of power.

The angular pitch of the counting heads in combination with the novel hopper construction is calculated to provide a machine which is very rapid in operation and-practically free from all likelihood of jamming by reason of excess coins being carried into engagement with the counting mechanism.

Having thus described my invention, I claim 1. In a coin counting unit, a downwardly inclined bed-plate, a rotary coin propelling disk on said bed-plate, coin registering mechanism supported in connection with said bed-plate adjacent to the upper periphery of said propelling disk into actuating engagement with which coins are propelled by the latter, and a hopper having perpendicular upstanding side walls connect-ed with said bed-plate to substantially surround said. propelling disk, said hopper having an internal angular wall section overhanging the lower peripheral portions of the propeller disk to throw coins flatwise to the latter, said overhanging angular wall section diminishing in angularity in a direction corresponding to the direction of rotation of said propeller disk so as to merge in said upstanding side wall at a point below the conjunction of said propeller disk with said registering mechanism, whereby excess coins carried toward said registering mechanism by said propeller disk are initially moved out from under said angular wall section and then caused to ,fall back to the lower peripheral portions of said disk.

2. In a coin counting unit, a downwardly mechanism supported in connection wit said bed-plate adjacent to the upper periphery of said propelling disk into actuating engagement with which coins are propelledby the latter, and a hopper to substantially surround said propeller disk, comprising an upstanding side wall, a skirt flange engageable with and secured to the periphery of said bed-plate, and an inwardly off-set angular wall section intermediate said side wall and said skirt flange, said angular wall sect-ion acting to throw coins flatwise upon the peripheral portions of said propeller disk at the lower end of said hopper and diminishing in pitch toward and finally merging in the plane of said side wall in a direction corresponding to the direction of rotation of the propeller disk for the purpose of effecting the outward movement of excess coins from under said angular wall section as such coins advance toward said coin registering mechanism, whereupon such excess coins are caused to return to the lower portion of said hopper under the action of gravity.

In testimony, that I claim the invention set forth above I have hereunto set my hand this 9th day of April, 1926.


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