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Publication numberUS1722130 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 23, 1929
Filing dateAug 16, 1928
Priority dateAug 16, 1928
Publication numberUS 1722130 A, US 1722130A, US-A-1722130, US1722130 A, US1722130A
InventorsThea Finstad
Original AssigneeThea Finstad
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Mop pail with wringing attachment
US 1722130 A
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July 23, 1929. T. FlNsTAD y MOP PAIL WITH WRINGING ATTACHMENT Filed Aug. 16, 1928 4 jJ-Jmzfm/ M60 j/7 Patented July `23, 1929. A' i' NETE STATES iran met.


Application filed August 16, 1928.

My invention provides an improved mop pail with a wringing device of novel design and arrangement applied thereto and, generally stated, the invention consists of the novel devices, combinations of devices and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and delined in the claims.

The wringing device employed in this improved pail differs radically from the ordinary wringers employing rollers or co-operating squeezing devices and it is in the nature of a perforated funnel-shaped or downwardly tapered conical squeezing chamber into which a mop adapted to he pressed and then wrung by downward pressure and rotation of the mop within said squeezing chamber. y

A commercial form of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein like characters indicate like parts throughout the several views.

Referring to the drawings:

Fig. l is a plan view of the improved pail with the wringing device applied thereto:

Fig. 2 is a vertical section taken on the line 2 2 of Fig. l; and

Fig. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary section taken on the line 3 3 of Fig. 2.

The pail 4 which is preferably of galvanized iron structure is made oblong and a transverse rod 5 is passed about centrally through the upper rim portion thereof and is `formed with upturned eyes G at its outer ends. to which a carrying bail 7 is attached. That portion of the pail that is at one side of the rod 5 is left open, but the other side thereof Ais covered by a sheet metal plate 8 that is attached to the rim of the pail and to the transverse rod 5 and is formed with a deep depending funnel-shaped. or downwardly tapered conical portion 9 that affords the mop-squeezing chamber of the wringing device.

The bottoni of this chamber 9 is provided with a plurality of perforations l0 and the downwardly converging side walls thereof are formed with long slots l1. The metal cut loose to form the slots 1l is bent inward to form approximately cylindrical beads l2 that project into the squeezing chamber and afford cleats or ribs that catch and hold the mop against rotation when the Serial No. 299,991.

latter is pressed downward and rotated within said squeezing chamber.

The suds or soapy water g/ contained within the pail should be kept below the perforated bottom of the squeezing chamber 9 so that any water squeezed from the mop will run freely back into the pail.

This pail and its vwringing attachment are adapted for use in connection with mops of various form7 butsuch mops should not have wide heads that will interfere with the 4downward pressing and twisting movements of the mop within the squeezing chamber.

In scrubbing floors, the mop can be freely inserted .into the suds through the open side of the top of the pail. To wring the mop7 it will be dropped down into the funnelshaped squeezing chamber 9 and then downwardly pressed and twisted or rotated. rIhe rotation of that portion of the mop that contacts with the walls of the conical cham* ber 9 will be held against rotary movement by friction and by the action of the ribs l2 and hence the mop thus pressed downward and twisted will be turned into very compactarrangement and the surplus water will be squeezed therefrom and will run from the squeezing chamber out through the slots ll and through the bottom perforations l0. The mop-wringing action above described may be Very quickly and easily accomplished and does not require any of the different pressing and pulling actions required inthe use of wring'ersv of the roller type and may be easily performed. by va woman or child. Moreover, the device is simple and of comparatively low cost as well as extremely high eiiiciency.

l/Vhat I claim is:

l. A mop pail having a substantially elliptical open top, a rod in the minor axis of the elliptical top and terminating substantially at the rim, a bail attached to the ends of said rod, a metal plate anchored to said cross rod and to approximately one-half-of the rim of said pail and provided with a downwardly tapered funnel-shaped mop-squeezing chamber, formed with openings for the escape of water from the mop.

2. A mop pail having a substantially elliptical open top7 a rod in the minor axis of the elliptical top and terminating substantally at the rim, a bail attached to the ends of said rod, a metal plate anchored to said cross rod and to approximately onehalf of the rim of said pail and provided with a downwardly tapered funnel-shaped mopesqueezng chamber, the bottom of said palhaving perforations and the side Walls of said squeezing chamber being formed With upright slots and Wit-h an inturned rolled rib-forming portion at each upright 10 edge of each of said slots.

In testimony whereof I afIiX my signature.


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U.S. Classification15/263
International ClassificationA47L13/10, A47L13/58
Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/58
European ClassificationA47L13/58