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Publication numberUS1722241 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 23, 1929
Filing dateJul 24, 1926
Priority dateJul 24, 1926
Publication numberUS 1722241 A, US 1722241A, US-A-1722241, US1722241 A, US1722241A
InventorsCummins Thomas K
Original AssigneeNorthern Malleable Iron Compan
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Concrete insert
US 1722241 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

July'zs, 1929. y T.K.UMM1NS CONCRETE INSERT Filed July 24, 1926 laf/67%?" Patented July 23, 1929. i


.application inea July 24,

My invention relates toA concrete inserts such as are intended to be set into concrete floors, walls, ceilings, andthe like to facilitate the attachment of various articles. I.

One of the objects of the invention isto provide a simple, practical andinexpensive construction of form of concrete insert. .y

, Another object of the invention is to larrange for the introduction of the nutor other part which is to be inserted in the insert to make connection, after the insert is in its position imbedded in the'o'or or` wall or other part.

Another object of the invention'is to arrange for the ready adjustment of the bolt or j hanger or other part which is to be connected to and supported by the insert, and particularly to arrange for the vertical, lateral and angular adjustment of said bolt or hanger. In the accompanying drawings: Fig. l is a view showing` a concrete insert embodying my invention and also a portion of the wall or ceiling in which the same is imbedded, also the temporary or false Work used in connection with the wall or ceiling. v F ig. 2 is arview of said insert looking upwardly from below the same.l

Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section ofthe insert and of Fig. 3.

Referring to the drawings l show a |concrete insert l made of metal or other suitable material and preferably of somewhat elongated forin. This insert has its body provided with an upper chamber or recess 2 and a lower chamber or recess 3. The top 4 preferably projects laterally so as to assist in holding or anchoring the device in position.

|The upper chamber or recess 2 is to receive the upper end of the bolt or part to besupported by the device, such, for example, as the bolt or pipe 5, vertical adjustment of the bolt or pipe being permitted by the entry of the upper end of the same more or less into said upper chamber 2. f

The lower chamber 3 is to receive the holding member of the supported structure, such, for example, as the nut 6 on the end of bolt 5. A longitudinally extending slot 7 is formed in the lower part of the device so as to permit the longitudinal movement of bolt 5 to accommodate lateral adjustment of the same. This slot 7 is of suicient width and the chamber 3 of sufficient size as to permit CONCRETE INSERT.

Fig.V 4 is a cross section taken on line 4-4 1 or MIN-v 192e. serial No. 124,579.

the nut 6 to be pushed into chamber?) bypassing it through slot y7 and then turning itfso that said nut will be lodged in recess 3Y inits normal transverse or holding position as shown in Fig. l. Thispermits the nut@ ,to be inserted into the device after the latter is imbedded in positionin theV wall or li-oor.

As a matter of further improvement the device is preferably provided with an 'upwardly inclined or curved end portions, the chamber 3 being correspondingly inclinedat. 9 and the wall lO between chambers2 and also preferably havingan upwardly inclined end portion 1l. This permits thebolt 51er other supported partto be swung from the 7() vertical as shown in Fig. l andconsequently allows angular adjustment of the ,bolt or other supported part, thus arranging vfor ,angular accommodation for the part or structuresupported. Tnthis Vwayit will be seen that variousadjustments of the bolt or other support are provided for, the device allowing such part to be adjusted vertically and'also laterally, that is, more c or less horizontally and also angularly,thereby giving the device a very extended and universal use andv permitting its Vaccommodation to many and various types of structures andits use inma'ny ydifferent arrangements and circumstances.

It will be understood that changes" and modicatioiis may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention.

What I claim is:

1. .A device of the class specified having an elongated nut chamber extending throughout the length of the device and opened at one end and curved upwardly at the other end and also having longitudinally extending nut guides extending along the bottom of said nut chamber throughout substantially its entire length, said guides being also turned upwardly at one end in correspondence with' the upturn of said nut chamber, whereby the nut may be adjusted in said chamber and along vsaid guideway and will give its sup- 100 ported member substantially vertical or inclined positions accordingly as the nut is in the longtudinally extending or upwardly inv clined portion of the nut chamber.

2. A device of the classA specified having an 105 elongated nut chamber and an elongated bolt slot communicating therewith, said slot being formed b-y shoulders or guideways for the nutextending substantially throughout the length of the nut chamber and said device j having other longitudinally extending shoulders also extending substantially'the entire length of the nut chamber in position above the position which would Vbe loccupied by the nut when in saidchamber, whereby said 'nut may be adjusted to any desired position in the nut chamber longitudinally of the .device and also whereby the bolt or other supported member may be adjusted vertically with ref-` erence to the nut in any position to which the nut may be adjusted.; y

3. A Vdevice Vof the 'class speciiied having a body provided with'upper and lower chambers with a slot between them and also hav``v ing aslot'in said lower chamber for the re-. cep'tion and movement of a bolt, the Vend por-` .tion ofsaid bodybeing inclined upwardly vto form means for securing angular yas Well as vertical and lateral adjust-mentl of the bolt or like device. p

4. A devicevof theclass specified having upper and lower elongated chambers,'both of whose bottom walls have portions which are substantially horizontal and other portions of which are inclined upwardly, said lower .chamber having an opening ytherein through which a supporting member may be inserted. v i y 5. A device of the class specified Ahaving upper a'nd'lower chambers, both of whose bottom walls have portions which are sub stantially horizontal and corresponding por# tions which are inclined-upwardly', said lower chamber having an opening therein through which a supporting member may be inserted.

\ 6. VAl device of the class Aspecified comprising upper and Ilower chambers the end wall of-thedevic'ebeing cut away at one end ofthel y lower -chamber whereby saidchamber is open at one endV and closed at the other,said lower chamberhaying an opening therein through Y `which a supporting member may be inserted.

7 A device of the class specified compris- Ving upper and lower chambers whose bottom walls are substantially horizontal for a l,portion-of their length and are inclined upwardly at one end, said bottom walls being provided with -slots'which are wide enough to accommodate the bolt but not .wide enough to accommodate the nut on the bolt.

8. A device of the class Yspecilied compris-y ing a housing having substantially vertical side walls anda top Vwall forming upper and' lower chambers, said housing having a slot in its lower face communicating with the lower chamber and also having a 'slot between said upper and lower chambers to'accommodate7the bolt, but to prevent passage oi' the nut, one end of said housing hav? ing an upturned portion to incline said chambers upwardly and being provided with an outwardly and downwardly projecting inclined member to vpermit the inclination of the bolt.

9. A device of the class vspecified having a 1926. Y THOMAS K. VoUMMiNs

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