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Publication numberUS1723377 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 6, 1929
Filing dateMar 3, 1928
Priority dateMar 3, 1928
Publication numberUS 1723377 A, US 1723377A, US-A-1723377, US1723377 A, US1723377A
InventorsIrving Salomon
Original AssigneeIrving Salomon
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US 1723377 A
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I. SALOMON Aug. 6; 1929.


Filed March 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet l l. m 9 O 2 2 8 o 1 2 A A 7 AV AV A AV AV A o O l v 1 2 J Av AvA 0 Av g 7 0 1 MV 0 MV 0 m .L I. i 4 Q Q a O O 0 MV MV O p K 5 Q 7- e Q e w q a Moe ut 1. K J a \mOwoMSOMOMMoMQ 00 Q A n n w w w fi O M om ow M0 .9 O w m w v U wk Q Aw) K 2 J 0 4 2 5 2 Patented Aug. 6, 1929.



Application filed larch 3,

This invention relates to games.

An object of this invention is to providea game wherein playing cards are utilized in such manner that a group of cards arranged in predetermined order is assigned to each player, and a deck of cards utilized for designating the card or cards of each group which are to be played; and which enables a much larger number of persons to participate in the game than is usual in card games, and wherein great flexibility in the type of card game which may be played, is afiorded; as

' well as-permitting the p aying of any game wherein the value of the cards need not be considered.

A more articular object of the invention is to provi e a game in which playing cards or representations thereof are arranged in a plurality of separate groups, one for each player, and each group of cards permanently arranged in a plurality of sequences corresponding to poker hands, and wherein an ordinary deck of cards is utilized for designating by chance the individual cards of the various groups which are to be assigned to each player, together with markers for indicating the cards as they are so designated.

Another object of the invention is to provide means in the form of a game board adapted to be utilized by each of the players, and in connection with which a certain sequence of cards is employed, and wherein the board is provided with means for concealing the cards upon the board from other players. Other and further objects of the invention will more clearly appear from the description and claims hereinafter following.

Referring to the drawings forming a part of this specification, Figure 1 is a top plan view of one of the game boards used in connection therewith, showing the eoard in its extended position. Figure 2 is a perspective view of the game board with the flaps or wings in position to conceal the game board proper from other players. Figures 3 to 14', inclusive, show a plurality of 'game boards to be employed in connection with the game, each game board being provided with a ermanent arrangement of cards which di ers from the arrangements disclosed upon all of the other boards. Figure 15 is a perspective view of a deck of cards, which is utilized to designate corresponding cards upon the game boards. And Figure 16 discloses a 1928. Serial No. 258,721.

marker which is utilized to indicate the cards of each game board as designated.

As shown in the drawings, a plurality of game boards are contemplated, each game board including a playing board proper, indicated at 20, to which is hingedly connected at one end, a guard piece 21, provided with concealing wings 2222, each of the same having a pivoted flap indicated at 23, adapted tobeturned beneath the playing board proper, when the device is set up in playing position as best shown in Figure 2. The guard 21 and the wings 22-22 may be arranged in a vertical position, and the flaps 28 inserted beneath the game board 20, and in this manner the guard 21 and wings 22 are held in such position as to conceal the game board 21 from the view of other players.

The game board proper is provided with cards, or representations of cards, if desired, arranged in certain sequences which correspond to hands of different values according to the recognized rules of the game known as poker. Referring to Figure 1, the game board is provided with a top row of cards or representations of cards, indicated at 24, which comprises, beginning at the left as viewed in said figure, with a king of spades; the next card indicated at 25 is the nine of spades; the next card indicated at 26 is the king 01 clubs, the next card indicated at 27 the .king of hearts, and the next card indicated at 28, the king of diamonds, constituting four of a kind. The next horizontal row 29 includes the jack of hearts, five of clubs, jack of clubs, five of hearts and five of diamon'ds, constituting a full house. The next horizontal row, indicated at 30, includes the queen of spades, six of spades, queen of clubs,

queen of hearts and eight of diamonds, constituting .three of a kind. The row 31 comprises a ten of diamonds, sevenof clubs, ten of clubs, seven of hearts and two of .diamonds, constituting two pairs. The next row, indicated at 32, includes the ace of clubs, eight of clubs, nine of clubs, eight of hearts and four of diamonds, constituting a pair.

Also, it will be noted that the cards as so arranged form vertical rows 33, comprising king of spades, jack of hearts, queen of spades, ten of diamonds and ace of clubs, constituting a straight. The next vertical row, indicated at 34, comprises the nine of hearts, five of clubs, six of spades, seven of cal row, 36, comprises the king of hearts, five of hearts, queen of hearts, seven. of hearts and the eight of hearts, constituting a flush. The next vertical row, indicated at 37, comprises the king of diamonds, five of diamonds, eight of diamonds, two of diamonds and four of diamonds, constituting a flush.

Thus, it will be seen that there are ten poker hands of diiferent values upon the game board.

A plurality of game boards having cards arranged thereon in a manner similar to that described in connection with the game board 20, are provided, a series or" such game boards being illustrated in Figures 3 to 14, inclusive, each having ten poker hands delineated thereon, and by an inspection of the boards illustrated, it will be seen that no two of the same are alike, but each has its own specific series of poker hands. Due to the fact that the playing boards illustrated in the drawings correspond to each other, except for the different arrangement of the cards on each board, it is not deemed to be necessary to describe each of the hands in detail. Although only thirteen arrangements of poker hands are indicated in the drawings, it will be appreciated that an additional number of arrangements may be provided.

-Each of the players of the game is provided with one of the playing boards, and by reason of the large number which may be provided, each having a different arrangement of cards thereon, it is apparent that a much larger number of players may be accommodated than is true of ordinary card games.

An ordinary deck of fifty-two playing cards, indicated at 38, is utilized for designating or indicating to the players to whom the boards are assigned, what cards are in play, and each player then marks the card on his board, if it appears thereon, by means of a marker, indicated at 39, a plurality: of which will be provided each player.

In playing the game, assuming that there are thirteen players, each provided with one or the boards heretofore described, one of the players will successively deal single cards from the deck 38 and successively call out the kind of card which appears. For instance,

1 assuming one player to be dealing, and the first card dealt to be the king of spades, which appears uppermost in the deck, as shown in the drawings, the player having the game board 20 will place upon the king of spades, indicated at 24 in Figure 1, a marker 39. Assuming that the next card dealt from the deck 38 is the two of diamonds, the playerhaving the card illustrated in Figure 3, will place -tion with a upon the two of diamonds designated on said board, a marker 39. If the next card dealt happens to be the nines of spades, the player having the card illustrated in Figure 11 will place a marker upon the nine of spades appearing at the upper lefthand corner thereof. Assuming further, for the sake of explanation, that some four cards dealt are the nine of spades, king of clubs, king of hearts and king of diamonds, the player having the game board 20 will then have a full band of five cards, corresponding to four of a kind in poker. In the meantime, certain hands upon some of the other boards may have been completed, that is,five cards covered by the markers; or possibly a number of players will have boards upon which five cards have been covered; or every player may have his board with five cards covered. In any of the hypothetical situations, the value of the hand covered by the markers will be determinative of y the winner.

If desired, the result of the game may depend upon which player is successful in first covering in sequence one of the rows upon his board by the markers as the cards are dealt from the deck.

The game may be varied to a large extent, and may be played in the same manner as Black Jack or Twenty-one, the cards in each instance being covered by a marker upon any of the boards as they are designated by the dealer. The game may be played somewhat in the manner of roulette, each player betting on his game board, and the player who succeeds in accomplishing his purpose, obtaining a certain standard reward for each value.

By the above described arrangement, it is particularly pointed out that a large number of players may participate in a single game, and great interest, as well as convenience, are provided through the manner of indicating the cards which may appear upon the game boards through dealing from an ordinary deck of cards, and in marking the cards so designated in order to obtain the sequence or combination which will result in one player or another winning the game.

While I have herein shown and described what It now consider the preferred manner of carrying out the invention, the same is merely illustrative, and l contemplate all changes and modifications which come within the scope of the claims appended hereto.

I claim:

1. In a poker game for a number of players which may be in excess of ten, the combinaplurality of game boards, one for each player, and each board having a group of card representations fixed thereon in predetermined relation, and each group comprising five vertical columns, each having five cards, and five horizontal. columns, each having five cards, each of the cards on the board providing a card common to both a column and a row, the cards of each column being disposed according to a fixed plan to include predetermined selected combinations of five cards or less having fixed selected values according to the recognized rules of poker, and said rows likewise each including a predetermined selected combination of five cards or less, the selected combinations of each of said columns and each of said rows of each of said boards all differing one from the other.

2. A game board having a group of card representations fixed thereon in predetermined relation, said representations being arranged in five parallel vertical columns and five arallel horizontal rows, said rows extending substantially at right angles to said columns and intersecting the same, each of the card representations on the board providing a card common to both a column and a row, the cards of said columns being disposed according to a fixed plan to include in each column a predetermined selected combination of five cards or less having fixed values determinable according to the recognized rules of poker, and said rows likewise each including cards or less, the selected combinations of said columns differing from each other and from said rows, and the selected combinations of said rows differing from each other and from said columns, the selected combinations of said rows and columns, intersecting at points of intersection of said rows and columns; and foldable means co-operating with said gameboard and movable to position to form a concealing shield for the card representations on said board.

' In witness that I claim the foregoing. I have hereunto subscribed my name February, 1928,


- a predeterminedselected combination of five

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Cooperative ClassificationA63F1/02
European ClassificationA63F1/02