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Publication numberUS1723765 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 6, 1929
Filing dateApr 12, 1928
Priority dateApr 12, 1928
Publication numberUS 1723765 A, US 1723765A, US-A-1723765, US1723765 A, US1723765A
InventorsJudson Churchill Adoniram
Original AssigneeHomer Graves, William Miller
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Drain and waste pipe cleaner
US 1723765 A
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ug. 1929.' A, 1 HURCH|LL I 1,723,765

` DRAIN AND WASTE PIPE: CLEANER Filed April 12, 1928 Invenorf v donrm Judson urcw' wams; @5616@ i i i /qrro/f/vfyfa:

' Patented Aug. 6, i929.

y' UNITED .sr-Ares.




Application led April 12, 1928. Serial No. 289,453?.

An object of this invention is to provide an effective and easily operated sim le means for cleaning the drain pipes of sin s, toilet bowls, Wash bowls and the like with minimum amount of labor and skill of operation. c

Cheapness, ease of manufacture and great durability are other objects of the invention.

This invention is novel in that it comprises in combination with a tubular flexible body a coupling adapted to fit securely on the end of a faucet and being continuous with the tube at one end thereof and a rubber plumbers pump comprising an annular 16 wall terminating in a suction mouth, a diaphragm connected to said annular wall and a practically rigid tubular handle central to said diaphragm and integral therewith and integrally connected to the end of the tube y 20 opposite the faucet connection, whereby the operator may conveniently use the device independently of water pressure, by closing the opening in the coupling as by his thumb, and then operating the pump by 'means of the hollow handle; or may apply the coupling to a closed faucet, thus closing the vent from the pump and may then use the pump and then turn the water on at the faucet and apply the water pressure to ush the pipe; or at his option may turn on the pressure at the `outset and increase the pressure intermittently by operating the pump.

In order to produce the device in cheap, simple, practical and durable form, l mold the suction pump and central tubular handle in one piece of india'rubber and mold the faucet connection of india rubber and connect the same with stock tubing by a 40 suitable well known process.

-A feature of the invention lies in the construction of a tubular composite metal and rubber handle in the form of the frustrum of a cone having a central axial cylindrical l bore, the base of the frustrum being-integral with a flexible diaphragm surmounting a cylindrical wall having a thickened base, and the top of the frustrum forming a continuation of the tube, thus affording, with a minimum amount of material, a portion susceptible of affording a superior handle which the hand may grasp and through which the force of the band maybe applied to operate the diaphragm to produce a water hammer when to loosen the obstruction by suction,`

the suction cup is in place over the drain outlet in a sink basin or other bowl, the drain of which is to be cleaned. l

An object is to provide a superior plumbers pump that may be conveniently stored in kitchen drawers or recesses where Vstorage space is limited. l

Another object is to so construct the device as to insure that no joints are likely to part under high pressure applied to the pump by the water service.

yOther objects are cheapness and. convenience ofV manufacture.

Another object is to make provision whereby the device may be conveniently used for pumping toilet flush bowls..

Other objects, advantages and features o f invention may appear fromthe accompanying drawing, the subjoined detailed description and the appended claim.

The accompanying drawing illustrates the invention.

Figure 1 is a side View of a plumbers punip constructed "n accordance with this invention as embodied in a plumbers pump adapted to be attached to a bathtub faucet and to be used to pump or force out an obstruction in the Hush bowl of a water closet. Fig. 2 is an elevation partly in section'of a plumbers pump adapted for use in pumping or forcing out obstructions in sink drains; parts being-shown in axial section.

Fig. 3 is an end view of the faucet connection` omitting the bell end of the pump.

Fig. 4 shows the sink pump ready for action on a clogged sink trap.

The faucetV connection 1 is a taper soft rubber molding having a bellmouth 2 `and a central annularly4 beaded bore 3 formed with thickened lips-1, rounded inwardly as at 5 to `accommodate easy entrance of a faucet nozzle 6 into the bore 3.

The connection is shown with two internal beads 7 and 8 with an intermediate cavit 9.

yThe bore 3 is of less diameter than the faucet nozzle 6 for which the connection is intended, so that when the connection 1 is forced onto the nozzle, the walls of the connection must be expanded as the end of the nozzle 6 passes the` beads, so that the resilient rubber walls of the connection at the recess 9 may be compressed by forcibly gripping the same to expel ASS\IGNOR TO HOHER air from the recess v7 and 8 to grip the the intake at 5 is provided with an annular d recess 11 to receive the end 12 of the rubber tube 13 stretched over one end of a beaded internal coupling' tube 14, that is provided with a taper insert 15 and bead 16, over which the end of the rubber tube 13 is A stretched to bring the end of the tube 12 wise under such to the intermediate bead `17 of .the couplin 14, the inner end of a bead 18 to embed itself in the rubber, as shown in Fig. 2, when the parts are fully as sembled.

The connection 1 is provided with an external annular bead 19 adapted to surround the connection between the beads 17 and 18 of the inserted coupling tube 14 whereby when the connection 1, the tube 13 and the coupling 14 are assembled, the strength of f the reinforcement 19 of the connection tends to hold the connection with a tight grasp and practical suction on the tube 14 between the 'beads 17 and 18.

Both ends of the tube 13 are provided with coupling tubes 14, 14 practically alike in structure and function, and the combined plumbers pump and nozzle 20 is fixed to the coupling tube 14', and comprises an expanding hollow stub 21 provided at its upper end with an annular recess 22 to receive the discharge end 23 of the flexible tube 13 and tubula'r coupling 14 when the beaded end of said coupling has been inserted into the end of the tube 13 to bring said tube end over the After the bead 18 has been forced into the hollow stub 21, the union between the tube 13 and the hollow stub 21 is made very firm. Said stub is also provided with a reinforcement 19 corresponding to the reinforcement 19 of the faucet nozzle connection.

A suitable cement, as rubber cement, may be applied as at a, Fig. 2 to secure the ends of the tube in place.

The body of the stub 21 is stubbornly resilient and practically non-compressible endpressure as may be applied to it by the operator in pumping out a clogged pipe; the wall 21 having a thickened portlon between the recess 22 and the union of the stub at 24 with an annular diaphraofm 25, which is integral with and connects the discharging end of the stub with the gradually thickened barrel 26 that terminates in the thickened end flanged annular foot 27, the inside wall of which is provided with an annular groove 28 into which the rim of a removable sprinkling disk or brushing disk, not shown, can be inserted.

The beaded tubular couplings muy be of any suitable length, as is indicated at 14, 14 and 14; the construction of said coupling 14" being analogous to that of the couplings 14 and 14 but being of greater length; and the tube 13' is also of considerable length and the nozzle 32 and its flange 27 are of such iameter, as to constitute an appropriate plumbers pump for forcing an obstruction through the drain of a toilet Hush bowl.

In practical use with the longr tube form shown in Fig. 1, the connection 1 may be attached to the faucet nozzle and the extended length of tube 13 enables the operator to apg pl the um nozzle 32 to a toilet Hush bowl. which is provided with f y p p or pumping the same while direct connection with the faucet of the bathtub is maintained.

' This is usually possible with a moderately long tube on account of the usual close arrangement of bathtub and Hush bowl in bathrooms.

I' have found a length of six feet quite satisfactory with a coupling tube 14 about a oot more or less long.

One wishing to use the device as a plumbers pump on a kitchen sink, will first remove from the sink outlet the strainer plate, not shown in the drawings, and may then apply the connection 1 to the appropriate faucet and force it into place thereon and then grasping the stub 21 firmly, may operate the pump to cause suction and may open the faucet and allow water to flow into the plugged pipe with a water pressure on, may Work the pump 20 up and down, thus bending the diaphragm 25 as indicated in lsolid and broken lines in Fig. 2, and will turn on the water at the faucet and will work the stub 21 up and down, with the suction foot tightly in place on the sink bottom around the outlet to the trapped pipe 35 to force out the stoppage, thus applying the force of the Water pressure onto the obstruction, alternating the same with a force of suction.

yThe operator may force the open end ofthe nozzle tightly against the bottom of the sink or wash bowl as the case may be, and force the stub downward to Hex the diaphragm 25 as indicated in broken lines in Fig. 2, and holding the stub firmly down, may open theI faucet to which the connection 1 is attached and may operate the device as a plumbers pump While the service pressure through the faucet is exerted inside the nozzle.

The use of the toilet flush bowl pump shown in Fig. 1 is practically the same as just described.

I claim:

As a new article ofmanufacture the combination of a exible hose, a soft rubber molding at its top adapted frictionally to engage u faucet nozzle, the upper end of said hose of said hose'being secured to the uplper end 10 oeing in engagement wlth the lowerl end of of said thickened tubular handle, so t at said said molding, and a plumbers pump at the hose and handle form a substantially unlower end of said hose, comprislng la, lower, broken continuity and may be actuated as a thickened terminal, annuler Wall terminatunit.

ing in a suction mouth, said lower thickened In testimony whereof, I have hereunto 16 Wall merging upwardly into a thinner flexset my hand at Los Angeles, California, this ible portion, which terminates in an upper, 7th dalof Mareh,1-928.

rigid thickened tubular handle, the lower end ADO IRAM J UDSON CHURCHILL.

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