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Publication numberUS1723833 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 6, 1929
Filing dateOct 3, 1927
Priority dateOct 3, 1927
Publication numberUS 1723833 A, US 1723833A, US-A-1723833, US1723833 A, US1723833A
InventorsYoung Goldia B
Original AssigneeYoung Goldia B
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Sanitary diaper cover
US 1723833 A
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Aug. 6, 1929.



ATTORNE p t nted Aug. 6, 1929.



SANITARY DIAPER covnn Application filed October .3, 1927. Serial No. 23,654.

; My invention relates to sanitary diaper COVGI'S.

Still The objects of my invention are to produce an article of the character described which will be new, novel, sanitary, cheap, eflic'ient and of utility; which will protect people handling babes with this device on from having their clothing soiled; which will protect the bedclothing, carpets,chairs,'

and other articles of. furniture on which thebabe maybe resting from being soiled or injured; which will be efficient for the purpose for which it is intendedwithout per mitting any part of. the rubber from coming into contact with the skin of the infant; which will not be binding upon, nor irritating to t-he legs or flesh of the infant as is the case with the rubber pants which are now 'on'the market; which will be simple, easily manufactured, cheap, easily and quickly fastened and loosened; which. will admit air between the cover and the diaper at the front adjacent each groin; which will fit the hips, buttock and back of an infant smoothly around the diaper; which will per mit of sufficient looseness, between the legs so as not to interfere with their movement, and yet so as not to be baggy and cumbersome "even in a sitting posture.

Other objectsof the invention will more fully appear from the specifications, claim and accompanying one-sheet drawing of which Figure 1 is a plan or top view of the device ready to be applied over the diaper, Fig. 2 is aperspective view of the device as applied showing the infant on which it is applied in a sitting position.

Like characters of reference designate like parts in all the figures. 1

A problem almost as old as the human race has always been presentedin the rearing of infants. The former common practice of using a thick cotton flannel, or other times resulted in causing the mis-shaping of the legsof the infant. Later the manner of folding of the diaper was changed so as not to fold it from cornervto corner thereby making a triangular shaped result.

It is now usually folded so as to insert the front portion between the legs of the infant permitting its top front edge to reach adjacent the navel, and permit the back portion to reach approximately .on a line with the front. portion. This was an improvement over the old manner of using the diaper but it did not get .away from the un-' sanitary condition and'the inconvenience ofand annoyance to those handlin the baby. Later, rubberpants, made of thin rubber adapted to go over the diaper and to be tightly drawn around the waist and around eachof the legs of the infant was attempted to be used for the protection of those handling the infant. Experience showed this to be bad for-the infant as the rubber would .shut out the-air, and would adhere to and irritate its skin and flesh. The device I have will accomplish .all of the desirable features without the bad effects on the skin and flesh of the infant.

Inorder to accomplish the purposes intended, I provide a thin soft rubber sheet 1 having two straight parallel end edges 2, 3;

theseare preferably narrower than the lateral dimension of the material therebetween its side edges 4:, 5, being formed so asto "bulge semi-circularly between corners 6 and" 7 and corners'8 and 9, of end edges 2 and 3,

the distance between said side edges bein greatest atthe center. Both of said eiig edges and said side edges are provided wit a binding preferably of silk, 10, 11, or it may be of some other soft material, so as to prevent the rubber from coming in contact with the bare skin of the infant, and to prevent the edges of the rubber from curling and becoming more binding at the edges. I also provide 'four stringers 12,13, I l, 15, preferably of silk being suitably attached to said binding at the corners 6, 7, 8, 9, being adapted to tie the device securely around the outside of the-diaper, as best shown at 16 in Fig; 2. The upper part ofthe diaper 17 when positioned is slightly above the upper portion 18 of the device making a seat for the binding 10; portions 19, 20, ofthe.

diaper as best shown in Fig. 2 are adapted to be drawn together over the upper part of the thigh of the infant and suitably fastened' as at 21 slightly lower than the de- L their respective corners 6 and 7, and 8 and '9, adapted to be fastened together as is best shown at 16 and at Sand 9 of Fig. 2.

It will be readily seen by those familiar with the art to which my invention pertains that no part of the rubber, and Ordinarily no part of the binding Willbe permitted to touch the infant; and that the article will be sufliciently open to admit of a suflicient amount of air along the upper front portions of the thighs to prevent possible galding and irritation of the covered parts; also that it Will'admit of suflicient movement of the child for the usual infant activities.

Havingthus described my invention What is claimed and desired to be secured by Letters Patent is:

20 As an improved article of manufacture,

the herein described sanitary diaper cover,

circularly beyond corners, the extent of the end edges being less than the central cross diameter, a binding of'relatively soft material around the said sheet, and streamers of relatively soft material secured to said sheet at the corners only and extended at an angle to the end edges outward from their points of connection, the longer edges of the sheet, in use, encircling the thighs With portions drawn together over the upper part of the thighs 'with the streamers fastened below the upper edge of the cover, the construction being such as to protect the diaper under the body approximately to the knees.


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