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Publication numberUS1725007 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1929
Filing dateOct 31, 1927
Priority dateOct 31, 1927
Publication numberUS 1725007 A, US 1725007A, US-A-1725007, US1725007 A, US1725007A
InventorsKovnat Maurice B
Original AssigneeKovnat Maurice B
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Mailing piece
US 1725007 A
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Filed Oct. 3l, 1927 12H/m60, ILL.


Patented Aug. 20, 1929.



Application led October 31, 1927. Serial No. 230,128.

This invention relates in general to a mailing piece and has more particular reference to a return mailing piece in which the return mailing is facilitated b providing a selfaddressed enclosure in tlie original piece.

It is customary to provide a return card, either as an integral part of the original mailing piece, or to provide an envelope With an enclosed return card or envelope, but the present invention provides an outer cover and an enclosed return envelope in which the cover or folder may carry a display advertisement of considerable size While the enclosed envelope is self-addressed and uses the original address for the cover as a return card for the envelope.

One of the principal objects oi the invention is to provide a return mailing piece of this character in which the cover is simply a folded card or sheet provided With means for releasably securing a returnenvelope therein and at'the same time sealing the cover.

A further important object of the invention is in the provision of a mailing piece having an enclosed envelope with a mailing and a return address upon the envelope, the return address being used as the original address for the mailing piece and also indicating the origin Aor the return envelope Without requiring any Writing or addressing hy the person to which the mailing piece is sent.

A still further object of the invention is to provide a return mailing piece of this class in which a portion of the cover may be used, if desired7 for enclosure in the return envelope, the cover being perforated or indented or a portion thereof partially severed for this purpose.

Other objects Will appear hereinafter the drawing presenting a preferred embodiment of the invention. ln the drawing' Figure l illustrates a mailing piece in accordance with this invention ready for mailing;

Figure 2 is a 2 2 of Figure l;

Figure 8 is a detail section kalten on the line 8 3 of Figure l, illustrating the attachment of the envelope Within the cover by' means of the sealing device;

Figure l is an inside 'View of the mailing cover; and

Figure 5 is a vievv of the hack or the enclosed envelope with its raised.

In sending out advertisin section teiten on the line scriptions to magazines or in selling any article by mail which requires the enclosure of money or stamps or a return letter by the person to Which it is sent, it is found that the greatest percentage of replies is received if the return mailing piece is made as complete as possible so that only a simple action is required in returning the enclosure. In the present invention the enclosed envelope not only bears the address of the original sender on its face but the return address of the 'person to which the mailing piece is originally sent appears upon' the back of the envelope so that the sender of the envelope does not even have to sign his name. Fur thermore, in some cases, a message is provided Which is covered by the flap of the envelope When it is sealed so that all the receiver of the mailing piece is required to do is to insert stamps or money Within the return envelope and seal the envelope.

Referring more particularly to the drawing, a folder or cover 8 is provided with fold lines 9 and l() which adapt it to be folded one end or llap overlapping the other, bringing one edge as the upper edge ll adjacent the outside of the fold line l0, and the body of the cover is formed adjacent the fold line i0 with a recess l2, either on one or both sides of the fold line so that a seal in the form of a sticker, which may he `the stamp for sending the mailing piece is applied thereto over the opening l2 and engaging the upper edge ll of the cover.

This cover is provided With a Window opening 14 in the address position for one face of the folder and may have a transparent cover or vvindovv and may be formed as a transparent portion of the cover in accordance with Well known practice.

One end of the cover may he formed with perforations or indented lines l5 for severing a portion or a card therefrom for insertion in a return envelope and this card may hear the name and return address of the person to Whom the mailing piece is sont.

Enclosed Within the cover 8 is a return envelope 1T of any ordinary1 form, preferably having a rather large gumined flap 18. The tace of this flap is addressed to the sender of the original mailing piece, and the back of the envelope hears the name and address 19 of the person to Whom the mailin piece is sent, A message 20 may be printed upon the hack of the envelope so that it Will Vtion of the seal 13 extends ing l2 se that the eeel 'when opiied to the ooveujnleov engages one edge o be severed by the dop i8 when tlee envelope ie eeeled, this meseege vwoolly iielotinp; to or accepting an oder mede upon the inside of the cover -and oequiiing only the iuoei'tion of money or etomps withinl tlie ietuin envelope. Y

A partioularyteotuie of the invention ie that the seal i3 not only holds the oever together. for tmnemission in the molle lout also because of the openin 12, the opplieo- .ougli the open the dep l@ therein, as shown, for exemple, in .Figure 3 so that a, limited gummed portion of tlie Seel 713 ie also attached to the edge of the en velope ond holds it in ieee against endwioe movement in tine iol ei", tlleeloy not-only sealing the folder but also preventing the 4,dison agement of the envelope therefrom.

A. ing cord may loe mode oi the loool: oi2 the envelope l? by cutting the edges oi the envelopeall Mound end lov removing the a.l 1.8 where the gummed portionl tliei'eol ad eres. to the boeit of the envelope in settling the envelope. loir this purpose the loool; of

Y the envelope may loe 'oi'med with o telo 2l at one oorner or along the upper edge thereof to which moy loe applied o, nuinei'el, es shown in Fi n cation for ng or' classifying the Elinor cord time mede. To term the teh 21,'the edge of one of the Hope forming the envelope ie ont'ovvoy es shown, end tiie other flop moy he omitted et its upper7 odgeoi povided willi e. severing' line mrow of ertoietione Q3 oo timt the iemoining edge oi the loeolt ot.

' the envelope ie loelovv tile elevetion of the l tab 2l, time odopting the ling oord time to loe oontoined in tiling oi" diowon f With this a. complete transaction by mail end e record of the return'thoieoi is provided for loy this oompointively empio moilnig pieeeg when provides e sealed enoloofefe tot the notulen oi:

'- money oi' stampe oi even oi e eepeiiete letteior oord, and that when'i'etnioed the'envelope may be utilized ee o; ling oord for' keeping s. moord of the retufno.

be mede 1n the construction, eombinetion und 'arrangement oi. the ports vvitliout de parting from the 7spirit oeope ol? the invention. 4

Wlcieime re or env other desired indiv `conettuotion itr is oloviouov that i y the dep when the etzeeoov oovei1 lieving an o enin tlieetlirougli odio cent the outer iol ed e ge of the cover, ond e, `eunn'ned Seel ep lied to the cover on lootli sides of tile olde edge and over the opening to hold the cover closed und the port over the opening1 engaging e, limited portion of the return mailing piece Within for holding the letten from disengagement from the oovex., v

3. A moiling piece compi-isili a return envelope ond o. loose cover folda 1e around tlie envelope with the outer ed e of the oover disposed adjacent one fo d of the cover, the cover being provided with an epeiture odjecent the said fold, ond o gununed Seel applied over both sides adjoeent the outer edge of the fold on'd over the o ei'tuie to engage the envelope therein so t et tlie seine seul holds tlie outexl edge oi 'the @over in olded position end also engages the envelope therein for preventing 1t from disengagement from the cover.

d. in o mailing piece, on' outer folded` cover having on opening 'et onefold and en address Window therein, e return mailing piece leaving o netui'n oddiess thereon in position to o pear throughthe window, and moons opplied to both outer side faces of the @over ooljeoent the fold and also over the opening from the outside Yfor sealing the eovei ond for also engaging and holding tlio rotem mailing piece/ni faxed positionwithin the oever.

o.. A mei-img piece compi" a'ioldoole eovei bovin@ on oddreee win o w therein with 25h@ @weer edge ou@ `:nl gdjeml, one tlie folds thereon? o i'etuin piece hevingg o nome end' oddieee thereon which nppeore through the address window o? tlie oovei, the oever loving on aperture in tloe i oeid fold eoljooent theouter edge, ond o stamp applied from the outside at the edge.

of the oever over 1the aperture so that its 'gummed poition engages the outer'feoes of the cover edjeoent the fold and seele the outeif odge of the oovei" in closed position ond e portion engages the edge Aof the return mailing ieee tliioo h the opertui'e in the @over to old 'the ing e.' return address which forms the send ing oddieeo 'lor the mailing pieoe, the en dress in position to loe Y 4 olooeived through the address window.

velope heaving e nap, e filing index, and o meeoogeon tine bock o the envelope oovei1 envelope ie sealed ioi Keinen il. i-etui'n meilinggl piece eoinpiieing en originel mailing ooveig en envelope enolooed tlieieloyy oever lioving on address window tlieiein9 oddi'ooo oppeoring upon the ibook ot* the envelope pontion to be yobserved through the window of the cover, and a fla on the envelope ha a back formed wit a filing tab portion w ich is covered by theA envelope flap when the envelo is returned to the original sender, the bac bein severable' from the ilap and front for orming a tabbed ling piece.

8. A return mailing piece comprising an envelope with an address on the back thereof and a filing inde); at the upper edge of the back covered by the flap of the envelo when the envelope is sealed, a sending fol er -for the envelope having lan address window throughwhich the addrs on the back of the envelo is visible, the cover also having a partiell; severed return card, and an open- 1ng one of the folds thereof and a ed sea applied to the opening for hol ing the cover in closed position and for en 'ng the edge of the envelo when folded for holding it in position within the folder.

9. In a return mailing iece, a cover having an address window an a return envelo therefor havin the name and address on t e back thereof o the original receiver of the mailingpiece which forms the return address for the envelope, the back of the envelope being provided at its upper edge with a projectin index tab so that the back when seve from the rest of the envelo will form a the name o piece is first sent, and the back' also containin a message below the u per ed e thereo which is covered by the p of t e envelope when the envelope is returned to the original sender, the flap being separately removed from the back of the envelo 1n completing the lling card without o structing the messa or index tab thereof. 10. A return maieng piece comprising an envolope with an address on the back thereof not covered b the ila the cover also havin yan opening in one o the folds thereof, an a gummed seal ap lied to the opening for holding the cover in osed posltion and for en n the edge of the envelope when foldenir tion within the folder.


card containing an in ex and. a person. to whom the mailing and a filing index olding 1t in posi-

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