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Publication numberUS1725464 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1929
Filing dateAug 21, 1928
Priority dateAug 21, 1928
Publication numberUS 1725464 A, US 1725464A, US-A-1725464, US1725464 A, US1725464A
InventorsWill Lysons Jay
Original AssigneeJiffy Corp
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Shaving-brush appliance
US 1725464 A
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Patented Aug. 20, 1929.




The object of my invention is to provide a. shaving brush head or shaving brush appliance adapted to be attached to a tube containing shaving cream or shaving preparations, to serve as a spreader or brush for applying the cream.

One object of the invention is to provide a device of the character described comprising a brush member adapted to be attached to a tube of shaving cream and provided with a trough to revent water from running down over the tube, which serves as Y handle when using the device.

Another object of the invention is to provide means for conveniently collapsing or folding together a brush of large dimensions within the device.

Still another object of the invention is to provide novel means for preventing cream from passing to the brush or spreader when thelarticle is not in use.

Other objects will appear as this specification proceeds.

Accordingly my invention is embodied in a brush appliance comprising a brush mem ber adapted to be attached to a tube of cream and a cap for closing and protecting the brush. In the accompanying drawing Fig. 1 is a central sectional view of a device embodying the invention.

Fig. 2 is a sectional view of the device ready 'for use with parts broken away.

Fig. 3 is a detail view of the tube closing member.

Fig. 4 illustrates a modification.

My shaving brush appliance is designed to be attached to the usual standard tube of shaving cream 10 such as shown in the drawing. The usual tube cap may be thrown away and the appliance screwed onto to the threaded tube neck 11.

' The appliance itself consists of a suitably formed brush holder base 12 having a central aperture 13 whichis threaded at 1 1 for engagement with the neck 11. The outside of the base at 15 forms a gripping portion for convenience in operation. The gripping portion may be hexagonal, knurled or otherwise shaped to prevent slipping. In addition, the base is formed with an integral annular inclined flange or rim 16 forming an annular trough 17. The base 12 has a reduced portion 18 to which is secured a tapered sleeve 19. The sleeve slips over the portlon 18 and may be cemented thereto at 20. The sleeve has forwardly an inturned flange 21. Within the sleeve 19 there is fitted a brush holder 24 having a foot flange 22 engaged by an overhanging portion of the sleeve at 23. The brush holder is spaced a distance away from the interior of the sleeve whereby to form an annular space 25. The brush holder has a centrally disposed tube 26 coaxial with the aperture 13 and is formed with an annular recess 27 in which is fitted a brush 28. The brush may be held in the recess 27 by friction so as to be removable for cleaning purposes or it may be cemented in or otherwise permanently attached. 7

Between the brush holder 24 and the tapered sleeve 19 is placed agate member 29 having an opening 30. The gate is adapted to slide transversely in cut outs 31 in the sleeve 19 as shown in Figure 3. The gate has finger portions 32.

Within the annular space 25 between the sleeve 19 and the brush holder 23 is mounted a brush gathering or collecting thimble 33 having a stop flange 34:. The appliance is closed with a cap 36 having a central post 37 adapted to close the mouth of the tube 26.

The cap has a flange 38 to match'the trough flange 16 for the sake of appearance and to prevent chipping. The cap flange 38 is cut out as at 39 to permit transverse movement of the gate. In addition the cut out is made wide enough to permit a slight rotary movement of the cap in attaching and detaching the same in an obvious manner. The post 37 may carry a tube cleaner 40 having a blade or scoop 41 which may extend the length of the cleaner so that when the cap is detached b a slight turning and pulling movement, t e cleaner 40 will re- 95 move old or hard cream in the tube 26. The cap is tapered so as to engage the sleeve 19 tightly.

The appliance is assembled by first placing the thimble 33 outside the brush holder mo 24. Then the sleeve 19 is slipped over thimble 33. The gate 29 is then placed on the brush holder 24 with the fingers projecting through the cut outs 31. Thereafter the base 12 is put inside the upstanding flange 42 of the sleeve 19 and cemented. Thereafter the brush is put in position.

When the appliance is assembled, the gate has a tight but sliding fit across the base. Likewise the-brush gathering thimble fits slidably within the recess 25. Tlereaftcr the appliance is screwed on to the tube of cream 10.

WVhen not in use the supply of cream to the brush is cut off by the gate 29 which remains in locked position because ofthe cap 36. Before the cap is put on, the brush gathering thimble 33 is pulled forward over the brush to gather the same so that the cap may be put on without breaking or bending the bristles. The stop flange 34 abuts the inturned flange 21 and the thimble is thereby prevented from becoming detached as shown in Figure 1. The supply of cream isfurther closed to the brush by the post 37 closing the tube 26.

lVhen the user wishes to shave the cap is detached by a slight twisting and pulling movement which at the same time causes the cleaner 40 to loosen up and partly remove cream which has collected in the tube 26. The thimble is pushed in as shown in Figure 2 and the brush spreads naturally into its original shape. The gate is pushed across the base and cream may then be squeezed from the tube 10 into the aperture 13, through the opening in the gate and through the tube 26 into the brush for use as usual. When the user is through, the brush is rinsed and gathered by the thimble 33. The gate is closed and the cap put on.

The gate serves to prevent cream from being squeezed into the brush when the device is not in use- The post 37 besides carrying the cleaner serves as an. additional closure against passage of cream from the tube. The trough 17 collects water which during operation would otherwise drip from the brush and run over the hand and arm of the user.

' When smaller brushes are used, for instance for applying cold creams and the like, the; brush gathering thimble and sleeve 19 may be dispensed with and the brush holder made large enough to be engaged directly by thecap. I may also use a sleeve of soft sponge rubber asa cream spreader instead of a brush.

The flat end of the cap permits the article to stand upright which. is a matter of convenience and display.

*The threads ll are made standard to fit the standard threads of the tube, but slightly coarser. This is to provide for slight dili'erwithout causing more cream to pass into the brush. 1

The polygonal'portion 15 is provided both for the sakeiof appearance and to afford a good grip for the one hand when the cap is taken off or put on.

The user attaches the appliance by discarding the tube cap, not shown, and screwing the appliance on the tube. The conical seat of the holder fits tightly against the conical end of the tube, and the combined tube and appliance has the appearance of a superior piece or merchandise.

It will be seen that the device is inexpensive, neat in appearance, compact and serves as a means of applying shaving or other cream to the face or body and at the same time is firmly attached to the tube and preserves the cream. The invention may also be used, for instance, for the purpose of applying paste, polishes and other substances.

It will further be understood that I do not wish to be limited to the exact detailed construction shown, but that changes may be made without departing from the principle of the invention. and the scope of the appended claims.

I claim 1. In a shaving brush device, a dispensing member formed to be secured to a container and having a central dispensing passage, a brush head carried by the member, a sleeve carried by the member and surrounding the inner end portion of the brush head and having its outer end formed with an inwardly extending flange, a thimble slidable within said sleeve and relative to the bristles of the brush and encompassing the bristles to compress the latter in outward osition of the thimble and to permit spreading of the bristles when the thimble is moved inwardly to lie substantially within the sleeve, and an outwardly extending stop flange on the inner end of the thimble formed to engage the said flange of the sleeve to restrict outward movement of the thimble.

2. In a shaving brush device, a dispensing member formed to be secured to a container and having a central dispensing passage, a brush head carried by the member, a sleeve carried by the member and. surrounding the inner end portion of the brush head, a member slidable within said sleeve and relative to the bristles of the brush and encompassing the bristles to compress the latter in outward position of the member and to permit 5 spreading of the bristles when the member is moved inwardly to lie substantially Within the sleeve, stop means carried by the member, and stop means carried by the sleeve to engage the stop means of the member to limit outward sliding of the member, said sleeve being of a length so as to substantially receive and house the member when the latter is slid inwardly.


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