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Publication numberUS1726198 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1929
Filing dateApr 18, 1927
Priority dateMay 5, 1926
Publication numberUS 1726198 A, US 1726198A, US-A-1726198, US1726198 A, US1726198A
InventorsStahl Eugen
Original AssigneeStahl Eugen
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Football boot and the like
US 1726198 A
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Aug. 27, 1929.

E. STAHL FOOTBALL BOOT AND THE LIKE Filed April 18, 1927 Patented Aug. 27, 1929.




Application filed April 18, 1927, Serial No. 184,553, and in Germany May 5, 1926.

This invention refers broadly to. football with the wall and to enable punts as well boots and the like, and'it is more particuas strong kicks to be made Without causlarly concerned with a special construction ing'the ball to English or curve out of of the cap of a boot or shoe of the kind rean intended line of trajectory. It will be ferred to, by means of which injury to the observed that the bottom wall or sole portion players is avoided and the force ofthe kick of the reinforeeing cap is gradually attenumay be considerably increased. In view of ated towardits rear edge and merges at a these and other important objects which will gradual angle of inclination into the plane appear from the specification and from the of the bottom of the shoe to which it is atdrawing the invention provides a wrappirn tached. By this means the formation of a or covering piece of rubber or the like at shoulder liable to trip and cause the player the tip of the bootor shoe which is adapted to fall is prevented and a enerally rounded to replace the usual leather cap, or may be surface is provided which forms an elastic employed as a cover for such cap. By surface on which the pla er may pivot with means of this construction of the foot ball great facility.

boot or the like the companion players are that the sides of the reinforcing cap taper protected from injuries during the play, and toward their. rear edges so as to generally on the other hand the playing operation is follow the contour of the sides of the shoe. itself facilitated and'the technique and the This prevents the presentation of any pro elegance of the game are improved by injections at the sides liable to cause the player creasing the force of the kicks or blows of to trip and adapts the cap to form with the the players and by facilitatin the playing sides of the shoe continuous surfaces which around of the opponents by rotatable balls permits the player to properly dribble and the like. As an additional advantage the ball without false strokes.

In practice modifications an or shoe is increased, though the leather cap of the specific construction shown by way of may be made thinner than. heretofore or illustration may bemade, and any suitable materials and shapes may be used without The invention is shown by way of exdeparting fromthe spirit of the invention,

0 ample on the accompanying drawing as apas defined in the claim.

2 of the new construction the life of the boot may be entirely dispensed with. 1

plied to an ordinaryfootball boot in Figure 1 in elevation and partial longitudinal section, and-in Figure 2 in plan view.

urther be observed d alterations A football shoe having a reinforcing toe cap applied thereto and comprising bottom, Upon the leather cap 1 of the boot or front,top and sidewalls of resilient mateshoe 2 or as a'substitute for such cap a rial, the front and bottom walls {being of covering cap 3 of rubber or the like is ap- 1 greater thickness than the other walls and plied which is-rigidly connected to the boot said front wall being substantially of equal or shoe-by sewing, pasting for instance or' thickness throughout and presenting a ver by any other suitable means. The material tically continuous contact surface merging 40 of the covering piece 3 is -preferably partion curved lines into the bottom, top and cularly reinforced at the toe end of the sole side walls, the bottom wall having its bot-- and also at the tread portion. As shown, tom surface sloping toward the sole of the reinforcing cap is provided with a botthe shoe and the top and side walls tapertom or sole portion, a front wall, a top Wall, ing rearw'ardly with their outer surfaces 5 and side walls. The front -wall is substan- ,slopingso asto lie at their rear edges subtially of the same thickness throughout and stantially in line with the sides of the shoe I presents a contact surface, all portions of u which are flush, to'secure a full elastic contact surface to stand the shock of contact testimony where

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U.S. Classification36/128, 36/72.00R, 36/77.00R, 36/83
International ClassificationA43B5/02
Cooperative ClassificationA43B5/025, A43B5/02
European ClassificationA43B5/02B, A43B5/02