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Publication numberUS1726245 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 27, 1929
Filing dateMay 28, 1928
Priority dateMay 28, 1928
Publication numberUS 1726245 A, US 1726245A, US-A-1726245, US1726245 A, US1726245A
InventorsShelton Edward B
Original AssigneeShelton Edward B
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Golf bag
US 1726245 A
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Aug. 27, 1929. E. B. SHELTON GOLF BAG Filed May 28, 1928 v 131mm) 04 W Patented Aug. 27, 1929.




Application filed May 28,

My invention relates to golf bags and more particularly to a bag which is simple in construction and which holds the different clubs in assembled positions which makes the clubs easily accessible; and the object is to provide improved construction for golf bags and which is divided into compartments for the different clubs and which construction provides a central cage for the ball tube and a further object is to provide a ball tube which carries the balls in convenient position and makes any ball in the tube easily accessible and holds all the balls in full View, and a further advantage is that the construction provides a convenient and safe means for locking the ball tube in the bag. Other objects and advantages will be fully explained in the following description and the invention will be more particularly pointed out in the claims.

Reference is had to the accompanying drawings which form a part of this application.

Fig. 1 is a perspective assembled.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the bag showing the ball tube locked therein.

Fig. 3 is a horizontal section of the ball tube.

Fig. 4 is a vertical section of the golf bag on a smaller scale. s

Fig. 5 is a plan view of the divider which separates the clubs into the different classes.

Similar characters of reference are used to indicate the same parts throughout the several views.

The golf bag is preferably cylindrical in form and thebody 1 is preferably made of fibre in a single piece. The upper edge is formed of the. same integral material and folded doubly upon itself to form a strong rim 2. The bottom 3 is formed by. pressing the material inwardly to make a rim 1 of double thickness. A metallic protecting ring 5, U-shaped in cross-section, is riveted on the rim 4. A cover 6 is provided for the bag (see Fig. 4) and a ring 7 is attached to the interior of the cover and rests on top of the rim 2 of the bag. This supports the cover above the clubs and prevents pressure on the clubs which might strain the clubs out of true alignment. It will be understood that the cover 6 is used principally for transportation.

A divider or cage 8 is provided for sepaview of the golf bag 1928. Serial No. 281,019.

rating the clubs into different classes. This divider or cage 8 ma be made of a single piece of material. make this cage or divider is to provide a cylindrical tube and then press the four sides symmetrically inward to the form shown in Figs. 2 and 5. This form provides a compartment 9 for the ball tube or holder 10. The tube 10 is made of resilient material and has a wide slot from end to end.- This slot 11 is wide enough to expose to view the golf balls therein and the edges of the material are curved outwardly at the edges 12. The object is to make a tube which is so constructed that the edges 12 may be sprung open slightly so that all or any ball or balls convenient way to can be inserted or removed from the tube,

that is, a person can select any ball which he wants to use. Three of the compartments 13 extend entirely from end to end of the bag and are adapted to hold all the clubs except the putter and semi-putter and other clubs with shorter handles. These shorter clubs are to be placed in the compartment 14 which is provided with a horizontal partition 15 located at the proper height to support the shorter handled clubs approximately on a level with the iron clubs which have longer handles.

A lock 16 is provided for the ball tube for locking the tube to the cage 8. The lock 16 also serves as a lift when unlocked for the ball tube. The bag is provided with the usual strap 17 and handle 18 for carrying the bag and the handle 18 is attached to the bag by straps 19. The strap 17 is attached to the bag by a strap 20 and the other end of the strap 17 is attached to the bag by a metal staple 21.

What I claim, is,-

1. A golf bag comprising a tubular body, a cage mounted in said body and dividing the space in said body into a plurality of compartments and a central tube holder, a ball tube mounted therein and provided with a vertical slot therein for inserting and removing balls, the edges about said slot being curved outwardly for convenience in insert ing the balls, a horizontal support spaced from the bottom of the body to support clubs with shorter handles, and a cover for said bag having an annular shoulder attached to the interior of the cover for resting on top of said body and supporting said cover above the club handles.

2. A olf bag comprising a body, a cage slot thereinWith edges curved outwardly for consisting of a single piece of material with making balls therein accessible at any point, the sides pressed in and forming aplurality and means for locking said ball tube to said 10 of vertical compartments With a central space cage.

5 for a ball tube, a ball tube mounted therein In testimony whereof, I set my hand, this said ball tube being made 01 a single piece 22nd day of May, l928. of resilient material and having a vertical EDWARD B. SHELTON.

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European ClassificationA63B55/00