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Publication numberUS1726684 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 3, 1929
Filing dateMar 12, 1929
Priority dateMar 12, 1929
Publication numberUS 1726684 A, US 1726684A, US-A-1726684, US1726684 A, US1726684A
InventorsSollom Vincent P
Original AssigneeSollom Vincent P
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Book protector
US 1726684 A
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Sept. 3, 1929. v. P. SOLLOM BooK PRoTEcTon Filed March l2, 1929 Patented Sept. 3, 1929.



Application led March 12, 1929.

My invention relates to book protectors designed to be applied to books for the purpose of protecting the edges of the leaves of a book as well as the edges of the binding of a book; and it is especially designed for use in protecting books while positioned on shelves and during the act of placing and/or removing a book from the book shelves.

The depreciation in the vaine of books, due

to dust and dirt settling on books is enormous, and is felt by publishers, book-sellers, librarians, and private owners and the like; and the amount of labor and expense involved in cleaning books that .re positioned 5 on book-shelves is very considerable.

The prime object of the present invention is to provide a new and improved book protector or shield that may be readily applied to books; one that will be efficient in protecting the books, and a construction that will not project from a book siitliciently to interfere in placing or removing a book from a book-shelf.

ln the accompanying drawings, which illust-rate an application of my invention:

Fig. l is aiperspective View of a book showing` my protector applied thereto;

Fig. 2, a perspective view of the irotector embodying my invention;

3 Fig'. 3, a sectional view taken on line lll- Ill of Fig. 2;

Fig. 1l, a sectional view taken on line IV- IV of Fig. 2;

lllig. a side view showing` a protector applied to the top and to the bottom edges of the book.

rthe protector as illustrated and as preferred comprises a shield formed of cardboard or other flexible material and includes a folded member 5 having a centrally disposed depending portion G adapted to be inserted between the leaves of a book when the protector is applied thereto. Associated with the member 5 and telescopingly arranged therein is a member 7. Member 7 is provided with a downwardly extending portion 8 having at its lower end a folded portion 9. Seid folded portion 9 has a projection l0 adapted, when the shield is applied to a book, to enter the leaves at the side edges thereof;

Serial No. 346,439.

A characteristic and important feature of Jthe present invention resides in the telescoping members. These members provide means capable of adjustment whereby the shield may cover the usually exposed top edges of the leaves, and/or as shown by F l, the top edges of the binding or cover; and extend downwardly to cover and protect the outside edge of the book. It is my intention to provide a construction that may be of the proper size to fit inside of the top edges of the cover instead of projecting over the said edges, and it will be understood that the shields or protectors may be made in ditler- U5 ent to be employed with books of various sizes.

My protector is particularly adapted for the display of indicia on the exposed portions; for exaiy ple, l have shown indicia at 7 l lll on the downwardly projecting` portion 8.

ln the form of Fig. 5, I have shown a protector applied to the top and to the bottom edges of the book.

l claim:

12A book protector comprising a shield having a telescopinrr upper portion compris- (Slt ing two members, diie of said members having a portion for insertion between adjacent leaves of the book and the other member havso ing a depending part adapted to project downwardly for protecting the outer edge of the book.

2. A book protector comprising a shielc having a telescoping upper portion conprising two members, one of said members having' a portion for insertion between adjacent leaves of the book and the other member having` a depending part adapted to project downwardly for protec':I .ng the outer edge of the book, said depending part having a portion to enter between adjacent leaves of the book.

3. A book protector comprising` a {iexible shield having an adjustable telescoping top portion adapted to cover the upper edges of the leaves of a book and means associated with the telescoping` portion for entrance between adjacent leaves of the book whereby the shield is retained in position on the book. 10o

In testimony whereof l atlix my signature.


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U.S. Classification281/20
International ClassificationB42D3/18, B42D3/00
Cooperative ClassificationB42D3/18
European ClassificationB42D3/18