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Publication numberUS1726753 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 3, 1929
Filing dateMar 26, 1928
Priority dateMar 26, 1928
Publication numberUS 1726753 A, US 1726753A, US-A-1726753, US1726753 A, US1726753A
InventorsMax Mirkin
Original AssigneeHarry Rudman
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US 1726753 A
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Sept. 3, 1929. I N' 1,726,753

BATHTUB Filed March 26, 1928 Patented Sept. 3, 1929.




' Application filed March 26, 1928. Serial No. 264,835.

This invention relates to improvements in bath tubs and more particularly to portable self-contained tubs provided with an attachment rendering the tub especially adaptable for the bathing of infants.

A main object of the invention is to provide an attachment for bath tubs, by which an infant may be suitably supported during itsbath in such position that no water may enter its ears and nostrils, and which eliminates the necessity of the mother or nurse supporting or holding the infantduring the bath.

A further-obj ect is to provide a portable and self-contained tub having an attachment of the character above described, all of which may be inexpensively manufactured and assembled.

A further object is to provide a device of the above general character which may be readily and quickly disassembled for cleaning, thus rendering the device perfectly sanitary.

A further object of the invention is to provide a device of the above general character, in which the attachment to the tub is free from any metallic or projecting parts which might tend to injure or scratch the infant.

Other objects will be in'part obvious from annexed drawing and in part hereinafter indicated in connection therewith by the following analysis of this invention.

This invention accordingly consists in the features of construction, combination of parts and in the unique relation of the members and in the'relative proportioning and disposition thereof, all as more completely outlined herein.

To enable others skilled in the art to fully comprehend the underlying features thereof that they may embody the same by the numerous modifications in structure and relation contemplated by this invention, drawings depicting'a preferred form of the invention have been annexed as part of this disclosure, and in such drawings, like characters of reference denote corresponding parts throughout all of the views, in which 7 Fig. 1 is a topplan of a bath tub provided with an attachment in'laccordance with my invention Fig. 2 is a ofFig.1; a I Fig. 3 is a perspective of the 'device of Figs. 1 and'2; and Fig. 4: isa detail, partly in section, of the vertical section along lines 2 2 buttons 24 or thelike.

the legs of each endof the tub permit collapsing of the said legs and also serve to provide a structure free from endwise movement. Atub 16 of any suitable water holding fabric or material, such as rubberized fabric, is disposed between the longitudinal frame members 10 and 11 and fastened thereto. material of the tub is so formed that the ends thereof are drawn taut when the legs 12 and 13 are distended in position of use, thus requiring no end braces between the said legs. The tub is further provided with a spigot 17 to permit draining of the tub as well as filling the same if desired.

Generally a bath tub of the size and shape above described is of a depth that when filled with the water necessary for bathing, an infant is submerged therein unless supported. According to my present invention, 1 provide asan attachment to the structure above described a hammock 20 which is disposed within the tub to support the infant thereon in proper position for bathing. The hammock preferably comprises afabric bag or pocket having a binding 21, and into the bag a substantially self sustaining rectangular wire frame 22 is inserted to stretch out the fabric thereof to form a fiat cradle or support.

The bag is provided with a flap 23 which is doubled over one end of the frame 22 and se cured to the body portion of the bag as by Thus, by detaching the flap from its securing means 24:, the frame 22 may be readily removed and the fabric bag washed when desired to insure a sanitary condition.

To sustain the hammock within the tub in proper position, I provide straps 26, preferablyof fabric, which are secured as by sewing to the under portion of the bag forming the hammock as indicated, the straps being provided with fastening elements 27 whichen: gage withcooperating fastening means, such as studs I 28 arranged on the longitudinal The frame members and 11. The said straps at one end of the hammock are provided each with a single fastening element 27 such end being thereby maintained at a uniform elevation while the straps at the other end are each provided with two or more such fastening elements, of which the lower sustains the hammock in a slightly inclined position within the tub, while the higher or uppermost fastening elements are adapted to sustain the 4 means of the separable fastening feature 27,

28, while the head of the infant is at all times maintained in its proper position out ofv the Water.

, I alsoprovide a dressing table 30, which,

as will be understood by reference to my oopending application above mentioned, comprises a substantially rectangular frame having a fabric covering secured thereto. End" rods 31 are provided, which coact with the sheet metal fastening and retaining members 32 disposed on the frame members 10 and 11 by means of which the dressing table may be maintained in the substantially vertical position of non-use as shown in igs.'2 and 3, or brought over the table in the dotted line position as shown in Fig. 3. A strap 35 extends across the tableand coacts with a buckle 36 secured at the other side thereof whereby the infant may be held on the table -for drying or dressing purposes. A depending curtain 37 may be secured to the front frame member 10v and is preferably provided with pockets for holding soap, bathing sponge and the like.

From the above disclosure,.it willbeevident that the present invention provides a portable and collapsible bath tub which is articularly advantageous in the careof inants, and having a supporting hammock, which may be arranged therein or removed as desired, upon which the infant may be laid in such a position that its head is-at a 1 times out of water, and which also supp its the infant in the tub without the necessity-of a mother or nurse holding the infant therein.

Without further analysis, the foregoing will so fully reveal the gist of thi's'invention that others can by applying current knowledge readily adapt it for various appllcations without omitting certain features that from the standpoint of the prior art,

fairly constituteaessential characteristics of the generic or specific aspects of this in'ven V and areintended to be comprehended within the meaning and range of equivalency of the following claims.

I claim: 1 1. In a bath tub having longitudinally ex tending frame members, a hammock adapted to be arranged within the tub and comprising a metal sustaining frame and a fabric extending thereover, flexible straps extend- "ing beneath said frame and secured to the fabric, fastening means on said straps, and elements on said frame members cooperating with said fastening means to sustain the hammock in the tub, the fastening means at one end of the hammock being arranged to maintain such end at a uniform elevation, the fastening means at the other end being disposed to maintain such other end at a plurality of relatively lesser elevations. 2. In combination with a tub having longitudinally extending frame members, a hammock adapted to be arranged Within .the tub and comprising a fabric bag and a frame member inserted. therein, and means to suspend the hammock from the frame members.

3. In combination with a tub havin'g longitudinally extending frame members, a hammock adapted to be arranged within the tub and comprising a fabric bag having a flap at one end thereof, a frame adapted to be inserted in the bag and retained'the'rein by said flap, and means to suspend the hammock from the. frame members.

' 4. In combination with a tub having'longitudinally extending frame members, a hammock comprising a fabric bag having a flap at one end thereof, a self-sustaining frame adapted to be inserted in the bag and maintained therein by said flap, straps secured to the relatively under portion of said bag, and. upon which said frame is supported, securing studs on said longitudinal frame members, andmeans on saidstrapscooperating with said stud members to suspend the hammock within the tub.

5. In combination with a tub having 1ongitudinally extending frame members, a hammock comprising a fabric bag having a flap at one end thereof, a self-sustaining frame adapted to be inserted in the bag and main.- tained therein by'said flap, straps disposed at the ends of the hammock and secured to the relatively underportion of said bag, and

day of February, 1928; I MAX MIRKIN.

, Signed at New York, New York, this 6th

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