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Publication numberUS1727706 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 10, 1929
Filing dateNov 1, 1928
Priority dateNov 1, 1928
Publication numberUS 1727706 A, US 1727706A, US-A-1727706, US1727706 A, US1727706A
InventorsHitt Thomas G
Original AssigneeHitt Thomas G
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Ornamental receptacle for distributing novelties
US 1727706 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Patented Sept. 10, 1929.



Application filed November 1, 19,28.y Serial Noi. 316,448.

This invention relates to ornamental receptacles for distributing favors and novelties.

The objects of the invention are to provide a receptacle for suspension above a ball room or place of amusement, with novelties or favors, held loosely in the receptacle, the lower portion of the receptacle arranged to open automatically and discharge the novelties therefrom, by the electrical firing of a charge of explosive material.

With these and other objects, hereinafter set out, I have illustrated my invention by the accompanying drawings, of which Figure l is a front elevation of the receptacle, with a part broken away to show the interior construction thereof;

Figure 2 is a side elevation of the receptacle, and f Figure 3 is a cross section view thereof, taken on lines 3 3 of Figure l.

Like numerals on the dierent figures represent like parts.

4 represents the outside frame or shell of the device, which is preferably constructed of light colored paper with various fanciful pictures or designs thereon, to add to the ornamental value of the device, and is preferably provided with prearranged folds, or crimps radiating from the center to permit the ready folding back of parts thereof and to increase its attractiveness. 5 is a hook attached to the device, for use in holding the same in a suspended position above any assembly of persons. 6 and 7 indicate the lower and adjoining faces of opp-ositely disposed sections or faces of the shell or frame of the receptacle. These separated faces extend downward from the center of the device to the base thereof, and the edges thereof are preferably reinforced by additional thicknesses of the paper covering at that point, or by other reinforcement as indicated by numeral 8. i

Each of the lower sections is provided with an elastic, or other contracting spring 9, with one end thereof aliixed near the lower extremity of the respective face as at 10, and the other end attached to the side of the device at a suitable distance above the base as at ll, so that the contraction of the elastic or spring will draw the lower ends of the faces outward and upward `andthus cause a wide door or opening in the ylower portion of the device, when desired. l f

The faces are however normally held close to yeach other, by narrow bands of paper or other easily broken material 12, which is ex? tended between and across the faces and pasted thereto, with a loop 13 therein, between the faces, wherein is held a cylindrical charge of explosive commonly known as a squib let, with suitable wires 15 attached thereto, for discharging the 'explosive by electrical circuit means, in the well known manner therefor, from a switch located at any convenient distant position. p ,l

16 indicates novelties for distribution placed in the receptacle prior to the closing thereof by the paper bands; which novelties may be of any desired form for favors, such as iiags, parachutes, flowers, confetti, etc., which will float down and scatter, when the faces 6 and 7 are separated by the explosion, of the squib, at such time as the hostess shall cause the same to be fired. y

In order to open the mouth of the receptacle, I sometimes prefer to use in lieu, of the elastic or contracting spring-a thin fiat metal spring, attached at its center in the top of the space between the two opposite faces, sothat when the lower ends of the faces at 6 and 7 are adjoining, the two ends of the will tend constantly to expand, and force the faces apart, when the bands are broken. y

While I have shown the receptacle in circular form, I do not limit my invention thereto, but various modifications of the receptacle may be used with variations in the manner of releasing favors therefrom, and closing` the mouth thereof, all without departing from the spirit of my invention.

Having described my invention I claim as new for Letters Patent:

1. An ornamental receptacle for distributing novelties, the lower portion thereof divided into two separate oppositely positioned parts, a band attached to the parts for hold ing the same adjacent eachother, a charge of explosive held between the parts by theband, for breaking the bands, wires connected with l spring will be brought close together also, but y CAB the charge for igniting the same by electrical current, with resilient means for drawing the adj aoent faces of the two parts away from each other when the bands are broken.

2. An ornamental receptacle for suspension over an assembly of persons for distributing novelties therefrom, with a hook for supporting the receptacle from its top, and the bottom divided into two parts folded adjacent Y each other, means for normally holding the parts together, means for breaking the holding means by electrical Contact; with means for automatically separating the adjoining parts and opening the bottom of the receptacle when the holding means are broken, for distributing the novelties by gravity.

- 3. In combination, an ornamental receptacle for distributing favors therefrom, favors stored in the receptacle; doors forming the lower portion of the receptacle for holding the novelties in placeybands attached to the doors for holding the same closed adjacent each other, an explosive charge for breaking the bands, with wires connected to the charge for firing thesame by electricity, with resilient meansattached to the doors for opening the same automatically when the bands are broken, to permit the favors to fall from the opening when the doors are opened.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature.


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U.S. Classification446/5, 446/484, 229/116.1, 229/117.21
International ClassificationA63H37/00
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