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Publication numberUS1727912 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 10, 1929
Filing dateJul 13, 1926
Priority dateJul 13, 1926
Also published asDE546627C, USRE17708
Publication numberUS 1727912 A, US 1727912A, US-A-1727912, US1727912 A, US1727912A
InventorsTheodore J Snyder
Original AssigneeSnyder Document Prot Co
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Document paper
US 1727912 A
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DOLLARS ,M7 1%/ K/ f T. J. SNYDER DOCUMENT PAPER Filed July 1s. 192e JHUHN @(UHE @k/,vnd Wm NATIONAL BANKv ORDER 0F PAY To TH E Qpt. l0. 1929.

' /g Wodan/JJ @deff l Patented sept. 1o, 1929` UNITED STATESPATENT oFF-lcs,


Application led Ju1y 13, 1926. Serial No. 122,162. E i

My invention relates to document paper and is especially useful in connection with those documents whose completion is effected by writing thereon certain necessary data,

5 such as names Aof individuals, amounts of money, etc.

t is the purpose of my present invention to provide a paper document from which the written portions thereof cannot be removed 10, by erasure or chemical manipulation or both without destroying that portion of the paper which directly carries such writing or so damaging it as to provide a ready means of detecting alterations. Y

In the preferred embodiment of the invention I form the document of a paper sheet characterized by a-body portion of soft texture and of such liquid absorbing qualities that applied writing fluid coming in contact 2o therewith will quickly be absorbed preferably entirely through said body portion. In order to avoid any visible lateral flow ofthe writing duid when applied to the document, and in order to secure easy writing action on the document, I provide the face of the body portion upon which writing is to be inscribed with a coating whose liquid absorbing qualities are of sufficiently low value as to visualize no lateral iow of writing fluid when applied thereto and which is sufficiently opaque to shield from view any writing fluid which enters into the body portion through the coating and has a tendency to flow laterally beneath the latten However, in order that I may eectvely provide for entry of writing duid into the body portion, I construct the coatingof such delicate texture that in the operation of Writing upon the document the writing implement will slit the coating or sufliciently rupture it to permit the writing fiuid,as delivered to the docu- Ament from the implement, to pass through the opening formed by the slit or rupture into the body portion through which latter it is absorbed in thel manner heretofore described. In my experiments I have discovered that casein is adaptable to provide a coating of the texture essential to the proper performance of thev functions heretofore referred to. While there is lateral flow of writing fluid entering into the body portion it is vnot suflcient to destroy the Outline of the original writing inscribed upon the document and therefore if Well known chemical alterationv of the document is resorted to, the Writing fluid absorbed by the body ortion cannot be entirely eradicated and v1si le outline of the original writing will remain, thus rendering attempted alteration easily detected. Inasmuch as the writing fluid is absorbed entirely 6o through the body portion mechanical erasure of an kind without detection is rendered excee ingly difficult if not impossible.

My invention also contemplates the use of a paper whose body portion vis of such texture that it would not, relatively speaking, come within the commercial definition of soft paper, and while possessing liquid absorbing qualites of less value than the softer texture heretofore referred to, they are sulficent to effect in a practical way the carrying out of my invention. In this contemplation .of my invention and also Where the body portion of the paper is of soft texture as initially referred to, if the Writing implement is the ordinary pen two slits will be found in the coating which will produce in conjunction with the body portion two contiguous grooves and the outer limits of these grooves will substantially surround the markings entering into the document. On the other hand if the marking implement embodies only a single coating penetrating portion, such as the type of a writing machine etc., then only a single slit in the coating and a resulting single groove will be produced and such groove will substantially surround the marking entering into the document.

I am aware that it has heretofore been proposed to construct negotiable documents .of a woven fabric material such as cambric into which the writing fluid is adapted to sink. However, in such a construction, in order to prevent visible lateral flow of writing fluid and permit free writing action it is necessary to size and calender the fabric to such an extent that its effective absorbing characteristics are destroyed as far as the use of ordinary commercial ink is concerned and my present invention clearly distinguishes from such an arrangement in that secure easy writingactionwithout affecting in the least the normal e'ectiveness ofthe-writing fluid absorbing qualities of the document and in 'addition Vrequiring no special ink. My inclaim,

Figure 1 is a lface viewof a bank check embodylng my invention;

Figure 2, a reverse or back view of the check; and

Figure 3, an enlarged sectional view show, ing certain functions of my invention.`

in producing a document, a bank check,

for example, in accordance with the preferred embodiment of my invention, I form the same of a sheet of uncalendered paper character'- ized by a body portion 10 having liquid absorbing qualities sucient to cause writing fluid applied to one face to difuse quickly through to or toward the other face of such portion. @n the face of this body portion which receives the printing and written inscription necessary to complete the check, I provide a smooth preferably opaque coating 11, as for instance of casein or similar material which is applied either by dipping the paper in a bath of coating material or by that will destroy the visible outline of the original writing and furthermore, dueto the fact that any chemical employed will sink through the body as soon as it contacts with the latter, it cannot be entirely removed With a blot-ter, as is customary, permanent discoloration of the document thus resulting which serves as a visible indication of alteration. Should attempt be made mechanically to erase the Writing on the Checkit will result, owing to the complete penetration of ink through the body 10, in perforation of the document or such disliguration that the attempt at alteration can be` detected by the most casual inspection.

rlhe invention is not to be limited to document-s formed by writing ink appliedv by pen,

' ed. with such coating on both faces.

I claim z A document paper comprising a body portion of sullicientlybibulous texture to permit yink quickly to diffuse therethrough, and a substantially non-absorbent casein coating on at least one faceof said body portion, said casein coating beingsufliciently Weak in tex; ture to be rupturable throughout its thickness by a writing implement in the normal operation of'writing upon the document.

In testimony whereof l hereunto affix my signature.


spraying the coating material thereon or in other suitable manner without rolling or in any way calendering or partially calendering the paper. This coating provides for the necessary easy writing action, but is of such delicate texture that the Writing implement,

such as a pen, will, in performing its usual function, slit or rupture the coating as shown at 12 and 12 in Fig. 3.- rlhrough these slits or ruptures the writing Huid delivered from the pen` will pass into contact with the body portion 10 and at once diffuse through the latter to the opposite face as at 13 and also diffuse under'the strip 14 of the coating which is located between the slits 12 and 12. While the Writin Huid entering the body 10 will How latera ly to an extent this condition will not be visible through the coating 1-1 at the outer edges of the slits and as a result the inscription on the check will have the same clear cut appearance as if written on highly sized or calendered non-absorbent paper. Under the conditions specified and illustrated if any attempt is made to chemically eradicate any portion of the writing on the check, it will be found impossible to remove the ink from the texture of the body portion 10 to an extent llO

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