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Publication numberUS1728049 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 10, 1929
Filing dateJun 9, 1928
Priority dateJun 9, 1928
Publication numberUS 1728049 A, US 1728049A, US-A-1728049, US1728049 A, US1728049A
InventorsFranklin Albert W
Original AssigneeFranklin Albert W
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Combined electric lighting fixture and cigarette lighter
US 1728049 A
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Sept. 10, 1929. 1,728,049

COMBINED ELECTRIC LIGHTING FIXTURE AND CIGARETTE LIGHTER A. W. FRANKLlN Filed June 9, 1928 5 /5 Alba!" .1 as vvemtoz 7" ML Fran/(Ur:

Patented Sept. 1o, 1929.




Application filed June 9', 1928. Serial m5. 284,212.

This invention relates in general to electric fixtures comprising the combination of an electric lighting fixture with a cigarette lighter.

One of the objects of this invention is the provision of an arrangement of the above type which is relatively simple in constructlon and adapted for many uses.

A further object of this invention is the 10 provision of a combination comprisin an .electric lightin fixture, a cigarette lig ter,

and switches %or controlling either indepndently of the other.

, These and other objects, as will appear from the following disclosure are sought by means of this invention.

, This invention resides substantially in the .combination, construction,

relative location, and circuital connections, all as will more fully appear below.

Referring to the drawings in which the same reference numerals will be used. wherever possible to indicate the same or similar parts- 2 Figure 1 is an elevational view of the device of this invention;

Fig. 2 is a diagrammatic illustration of the circuit connections of the device of this invention; and

Fig. 3'is a modified form of the device showing some parts in cross section.

One' of the principles of thisinvention is to provide a or ar or cigarette lighter energized by electrlcity of such form. and con-- struction as to adapt it for use w1th any type of electrical lighting fixtures for the purpose of giving a simple and eflicient arrangement by means of which the lighter may be controlled independently of the light source. In accomplishing these objects it is a further purpose of this invention to provide a device which is so constructed and proportioned as tohave an appearance Ofbeauty so as toenhance the appearance of the fixtures w1th 4 which it is used.

One other important and valuable use of this device, for instance, is to employ it in I conjunction with a floor or bridge lamp so it may depend from a .point near the top thereof "in the form of a tassel or pendent.


Besides improving the appearance of the floor lam it provides a cigar or cigarette lighter w ich, swinging free from the point of attachment, may readily be reached by those sitting near the lamp and raised for the operation of lighting a cigar or cigarette. The broad purpose of this invention is to provide this cigarette lighter in connection with any lighting fixture in such a. manner as to provide a convenient cigarette lighter and at the same time convenient means for controlling the light at the lighting fixtures. To secure these results a three-wire circuit is employed in conjunction with two switches operating 'independentl to control either the lightlng fixture or t e cigarette or cigar lighter.

Referring to the drawings for a better understanding of the invention, there is shown at 1 an electrical lighting fixture. It may be pointed out here that it is intended that this shall represent any form of electrical lighting fixture and has only been given as one embodiment thereof. As shown, the fixture comprises a combined electric li ht socket and plug so that the fixture may fie screwed into an ordinary outlet without destroying the outlets function of receiving an electric lampand at the same time permitting the insertion of a cigarette lighter.

The fixture 1 is provided with two contact pieces 2 and 3 which complete the circuit with similar elements of an outlet socket.

It is, of course, apparent that the ordinary switch 8 is well known in the art and forms wires fora purpose to be disclosed later. The 1 I .body member 10 is provided with a flaring bell-shaped member 12 which houses a resist ance heating coil 13 to provide a well known form of cigarette lighter.

Referring to Fig. 2, the circuit connections are shown; the plug portion of the fixture 1 is shown comprising the contact 3 insulated from the threaded contact 2. The threaded contact 2 is connected by a wire 14 to the threaded contact 15 forming the interior of the fixture 1. This fixture is also provided with an interior contact 16 insulated from the shell 15 and connected by wire 20 to one terminal of the switch 9. The contact 30, connected by wire 17, is also connected to the other contact of switch 9. Wire 14 is connected by wire 18 to one terminal of the resistance heating coil 13 which has its other terminal attached-to the remaining terminal switch 11.

As will be apparent from this disclosure, when switch 9 is closed the circuit is completed to the device, for instance, an electric lamp screwed into the shell 15, so that it is energized. When switch 11 is closed the heating coil 13 is connected to' the current source and is heated to a red heat. It will be apparent either device may be controlled independently of the other.

A modified form of this invention is shown in Fig. 3 and comprises an insulating casing 21 on which are mounted the separated prongs 22 and 23 which are intended to be received by the ordinary push prong type of socket or outlet. An insulating shaft 24': is mounted independently of the casing 21 and serves to rotatably support the metal spool 25.

A splral spring 26 is shown mounted within I the casing and attached at its inner end to the I electrically connected to the spool 25. The other end of the spiral is secured to the casing 21. Attached to the spool 25 and encircling the shaft 24 is an insulated disk 27 which supports'the metallic commutator disk 28. Mounted in the casing 21 and prong 22 is a spring finger 29 which contacts with the disk 28. A similar spring finger 30 is mounted .on the casing 21, electrically connected to the prong 23, and bearing on the metallic spool 21. The spool serves to hold an electric cable 31 to which is attached the switch 32 and the cigarette lighter indicated generally at 33.

The two wires of the cable 31 are connected vention which it is clear will tend to be a beautifying auxiliary to any home and at the same time be highly useful.

I am well aware that many changes in the details of construction and relative arrangement of parts will readily occur to those skilled in the art and I do not, therefore, desire to be particularly limited to the form of the device given for purposes of illustration but rather to the scope of the invention as it is pointed out below.

What I seek to secure by United States Letters Patent is 1. An article of manufacture comprising a plug and socket clectric'light fixture, a three wire cable connccted'to said fixture, a cigarette lighter connected to the cable and a switch for controlling the socket'connected to saidcable between said lighter and said fixture.

2. An articleof manufacture comprising a plug and socket electric light fixture, a three wire cable connected to said fixture between the plug and socket, a cigarette lighter connected to said cable anda switch connected to said cable for controlling the socket of said fixture.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand on this sixth day of June, A. D. 1928.


to the disk 28 and the spool 25, respectively,

' it up on the spool 25.

It will be apparent from the foregoin that I have provi ed a simple and unitary evice for carrying out the principles of this in-

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