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Publication numberUS1728368 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 17, 1929
Filing dateMay 5, 1928
Priority dateMay 31, 1927
Publication numberUS 1728368 A, US 1728368A, US-A-1728368, US1728368 A, US1728368A
InventorsSaxer Theodor
Original AssigneeSaxer Theodor
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Massage apparatus
US 1728368 A
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Sept. 17, '41929. r. sAxER v 1,728,353

uAssAGE APPARATUS Filed lay 5, 1928 nhe/544@ Cil Patented Sept. 177', 1929y UNITED STATES fr'nnonon sAXnR, 0F nonscH'AcH, svsrrrznnLANDAyL MASSAGE APPARATS Application nea May 5, y1552s, serial No. 2755490, and in Germany May 31",`1927,

My invention relates to massage apparat-us vand especially to apparatus of this kind which are made use of in electro-therapeutics.

The diiiiculty with such devices is the combination of the massage elements with the electric apparatus. In one kind Iof electro therapeutical massage apparatus the electric current is produced in a stationary machine and wires connect this machine with the mas sage apparatus. This is very awkward especially with regard to the handling of the apparatus while applying' it in bodily treatment. Others have mounted the electric machinery on top of the massage apparatus thereby making it very heavy and also providing it with portions sticking out and projecting therefrom, which are likely to hurt the person under treatment -or the massaging` person and which portions themselves are exposed to damaging infiuences.

According to my invention I am doing away with all these ditiiculties by providing a massage apparatus having one or several roller massage elements to which two handles are attached. i In these handles which are hollow the electric battery and the inductive machinery are placed, preferably in such manner that they are easily accessible and can readily be exchanged, especially the batter ies. These may for instance be ordinary fash light batteries for pocket use. The handles of the massage apparatus may have a metallic or other electrically conductive surface so vthat they form one of the electrodes.

P/ and when these projections are compressed to a certain extent then the intermediate metal portions forming the second electrode come into contact with the body under treatment, so that now the electric current flows from ythe hands of the self massaging person through its body to the portions thereof which at the time are being massaged. (This has the advantage that the massaging surfaces of the roller elements have their resilient and elasdisadvantage by insertion of electrically conductive metal parts, as wires orthe like.v Be i sides by my way of construction it is impossible'that the outsidey lmetal electric` parts of the apparatus become defective and also injuring of the/human bodyby theseparts is practically avoided. i 'f y f y IIavin'g given' a generalfexplanation ofmy invention I now want to pointit out morein detail, referring to the 'drawings which reprei sent an example embodying my invention.y y

l isa longitudinal section through the massage apparatusythe short middle portion of a roller being represented in'view. y Fig; 2 is a cross section throughlthe jend of the lefty handle, takenon line Al-A of Fig.y 1. Handle l andhandle 2 are made of metal, such `aslbrass, aluminium or the like. They are hollow', and handle 1 contains a ydry blattery 3; The middle electrode thereof is con-` nected by an isolated'wire4 through the h'ollow shaft 5 tothe inner coil ofthe electric inductor 6 which is situated within thehollow handle'Q. Theprimary current then passes w through theinterrupting mechanism'to topy cover 8 and from there throughgspringt), handle 25 hollow shaft 5 and handle `lto the outside electrode of battery 3 which is not'iso`` lated against handle 1.`k 1 TheinductiveA currenty ,produced in the outer coil of the electricinductor 6y is drawn therefromy ink different stepsy andfthese are connected to a` kind of switch boardy as may be seen from Fig. ,2; There is ahandle 10 adapted to be turned over about .half its cir`r c umfterence,y and connected to ythis handle is a metal connecting piecell rwhich connects the different steps I, II, III and IV to point 40 which latter is in electric conductive connec-r tion with handle Zand by means of shaft 5 also with handle l. The second end "of the outer coil is connected to the roller elements 13 which are made of metal` These againare in electric conductive connection with each other by hollow shaft 14 around which they rotate when the device is in operation.

Rubber rings 15 are situated at distancesy over the circumference of the roller elements 13. Vhen the device is in use the rubber will be compressed on the human body to such eX- tent that the intermediate metal portions o the rollers will touch the body. Assuming that the device is used for self massaging the inductive electric current will now pass from the handles l and Qthrough the'handsfarms and other Aportions of the body to the spot which is under massaging treatment.

Thus my apparatus allows for easy and convenient application of inductive electric current in connection with self massage. Of courseit will be possible to make changes in the-construction of parts of the apparatus without deviating from the spirit oi rnyjinvention, therefore I do not want to be limited to the details described or shown in the .drawing. n

What I claim is:

l. An electro-therapeutical massage apparatus comprising a' roller massage element; a hollow handle thereto; ano a source of inductive electric current contained in said handle; said roller massage element compris ing elastic outward projections and intermediate metal portions situated inwardly of said project-ions; said elastic projections being adapted to be compressed downto the level of said intermediate metal portions; said handle being connected to one electrode of said source of inductive electric current7 said metal portions of said roller being connected to the other elect-rode of said source of inductive electric current.

2 An electro-therapeutical massage' apparatus comprising a roller massage element two hollow handles thereto; and means for producing'an inductive electric current, said means being contained in said hollow handles g said roller massage element comprising elas-Y tic. out-ward projections and metal portions situated inwardly of said projections; one of said handles being connected to one electrode of said electric current producing means, the other electrode thereof being `connected, to' said metal. portions of said roller element.

3. An electric-therapeutical massage apparatus comprising a roller massage element;

t'wo hollow handles thereto; an electric battery contained in said handles; an electric inductor also contained in said handles said roller massage element comprising elastic outward projections and intermediate metal portions situated inwardly of said projections; said elastic projections being adapted to be compressed down to the level of said inter; mediate metal portions; and means for electrically connecting said indu'ctor to said han-V dles and to said metal portions of said roller elements.


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