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Publication numberUS1728741 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 17, 1929
Filing dateMay 31, 1927
Priority dateMay 31, 1927
Publication numberUS 1728741 A, US 1728741A, US-A-1728741, US1728741 A, US1728741A
InventorsWykes Jr Thomas E
Original AssigneeWykes Jr Thomas E
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Card holder
US 1728741 A
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'Sept. 17, 1929. 1 WYKES, JR 1,728,741

CARD HOLDER Filed May 31, 192

Znvenior Thbmas E. Wakes ,dr.

AH rneg Patented se en, 1929 UNITED STATES THOMAS E. WYKES, JR, F GRAND RAPIDVS, MICHIGAN CARD HOLDER Application filed May 31, 1927. Serial No. 195,218.

This invention relates to a card holder which is particularly useful in conjunction with giving information respecting the lubrication of motor Vehicles, and as one feature of the invention a simple and convenient means is utilized for releasably holding the card holder on the instrument board of the automobile adjacent the speedometer whereby, upon the speedometer readings showing the attainment of certain mileages noted on the cards held in the card holder instructing that certain parts of the automobile should be lubricated, such lubrication will be attended to. The card holder itself may be used in other relations but is particularly effective in the relationzstated.

An understandingof the invention may be,


Like reference characters refer to like parts in the different figures of the drawing.

The instrument board 1 of automobiles is now made almost universally of metal and with my invention a pocket is made therein by pressing the metal inward so as to provide a back 2 andupper and lower sides 3 and 4:, the upper side being inclined upwardly and inwardly and the lower side downwardly and inwardly as shown. Midway between the ends of the lower side 4 a recess 5 is made of a shape to readily receive a finger of the operator of the car in removing the card holder which is to be held in said pocket.

The card holder is made of rubber or like flexible and elastic material and has a thin back 6, two spaced apart vertical sides 7, a lower side 8 and an upper side 9. The sides 7 and 8 are grooved at their inner sides while .Fig. 4L is a perspective View of the card the upper side 9 is made slotted nearly its entire length as indicated at 10, so that a plurality of cards may be slidably received in the grooves of thevertical and lower sides 7 and 8 through the slot 10. A recess "11" is cut in the upper edge of the back 6 in, order that the cards may be engaged by the finger for removal or replacement. Also a flexible transparent closure 12 of celluloid, mica or the like maybe placed in the card holder to lie in front of the cards which are indicated at13'. r

A card holder'of the type described being flexible and elastic may be readily sprung or bent so that its upper and lower ends can be placed between the inclined upper and lower sides3 and 4; of the pocket and, when released, will springback and engage against the in clined ends of the pocket and be held frictionally therein. By inserting a finger in i the recess 5 the card holder may be removed at any time by flexing it sufficient to disengage at its inner end from its lower inclined side 4; of the pocket.

The cards 13 carry instructions as to, what parts of the automobile should be lubricated after the same has been driven a certain mileage and it will be noted that the card 1 holder is located on the instrumentboard in close proximity tothe speedometer 14' from which information as to the mileage of the car is obtained. A'series of cards are required to cover the full mileage that an automobile should run before it is worn out. The cards'may be rearranged in the holder whenever necessary to bring the proper card corresponding to the mileage shown by the speedometer at the front of the holder.

The constructions described are simple but very useful for the purposes for which designed. The card holder itself is readily manufacturedat low cost andthe pocketfor p holding the same maybe easily pressed in the instrument board of the automobile. Of course, if the instrument board is of wood the pocketis cut therein rather than pressed as: can be done with sheet metal. Variations in detail of construction may be resorted to without departing from the invention which" is defined in'the appended claims, and, ac-,'

cordingly, the invention is to be considered comprehensive of all forms of structure coming Within the scope of the claims.

a I claim:

1. In combination with a vertically positioned supporting board having a pocket formed therein, the upper and lower ends thereof being inclined upwardly and inwardly and downwardly and lnwardly respectively, and a card holding receptacle of flexible material located in said pocket and bearing frictionally at its upper and lower ends against the upper and lower sides of the pocket, said card holding receptacle being open at its outer side.

2. In combination with a rigid member having a depression, a card holding receptacle of flexible material inserted and frictionally held in said depressionby engagement of its edges With the sides of said depression, said receptacle having an open outer side and a slotted upper side through which cards may be placed in said receptacle, said slotted upper side being covered by a side of the depression When the receptacle is insorted therein. 7

In testimony whereof I afiiX my signature.


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U.S. Classification40/649
International ClassificationB60R7/08, B60R7/00
Cooperative ClassificationB60R7/08
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