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Publication numberUS1728894 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 17, 1929
Filing dateSep 10, 1924
Priority dateSep 10, 1924
Publication numberUS 1728894 A, US 1728894A, US-A-1728894, US1728894 A, US1728894A
InventorsFerdinand S Oppenheim
Original AssigneeFerdinand S Oppenheim
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US 1728894 A
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Sept. 17, 1929. F. s. OPPENHEIM 1,728,894

CONTAINER Filed Sept. 10, 1924 Patented Sept. 17, 1929 Y FERDINAND s. oPPENHnmQeFNEW Yonx, Nair;

applicati@ inegi sptemteriio,ie24. seriai iwo; 736,807.

This invention relates to packing and shipping boites` and cases. More particularly, it is directedrto an improved yform of double walled container kor carton constructed of '5 corrugated' paper board for packing and shipping'delicateapparatus such as radio sets, meters, typewriters and they -line2-.2


An object of .the invention isjto provide il) a container or carton of the `character described having an improved construction and arrangement .of inner Walls and enclosures for effectively protecting and cushionn ing radiosets encased in highly finished cabinets or the like from sudden blows and contactsV so as to prevent possible injuryand damage due to careless and rough handling during transportation.

` A furtherlobjectofithe invention to pro- 520 vide 'in a container a wall cushioning mem-` ber which is adapted to serve as an enclosure for supplementary partsof the contents,g'as for example when the Vlatter antenna type of radio set, the knock'down' loop may be member as willhereinafter morefully ap-` Peal? I Another Object of the invention'is'to provide an improved container or -carton of the character described which is of simple yconstruction, inexpensive to manufacture,z and efficient to a high degree for the purposes described. y Y i Other objects of this invention will inpart l be lobvious and in part hereinafter pointed 5'0 Inl the accompanying 'drawlllgiffli` which orj the like material is an indoor fitted-into the said cushioning is shown one ofthefvariouspossibe illustrative'embodimentsof thisjinvention,

F ig. lis a persp'ectiveview showing a'packl` ing and shipping boxembodying the invention, parts -of the box being broken Wer 'te show the interior construction;

i Fig. 2 yis a cross-'sectional viewfta'ken on and sealed; n l

Fig. 3 ,is a perspective endgcusliioning menribersl` inFig. 1` showingthe vbox'clos'ed view of "one 4of the or partition yliners Fig. 4 is apperspective viewbf atop `or bottom cushioningmember; Fig. 5 is a perspective enclosing members.`

- Referriaginf aan fithefdmwing, ie ieg notes ari'futerfcasing qr shi-1i or a. packing and shipping bOX 'embodying Athe invent-ion which may have any vdesired y :shape for design 'and may be madexf fibre board," card board, orl the Vlike material', but 'isl preferablyA constructed of singley or paper board,jthe cellular has been found to add` Vdouble corrugated Vstructure of* which:

greatlyto the cushionouter casing' is of the usual collapsible construction to permit economical knock down?? *shipment and lcomandy cover flaps 13,l ably formed ofal single :and 16, all prefersheet [of] material,

cut, creased and foldedfto form thek rectangular shaped shell 10, the'cover flaps being adapted 'to fold inwardly "toform lthe top and. bottom walls When the `flaps arev tion, they may* vfor closing 'the casing. folded Iinto closed yposibe lheld Ain place byI anyl suitable inean's,"as for example a stripof adhesive tap 17; l

Partition liners or cushioning-members 18` are providedwhi'ch are-arranged against the side Walls 11. Theseinmbers maybe substantially videnticalinconstruction, and as is seen mostcl'earlyin Fig. '2, each vis" preferably formedfof al single sheet of corrugated paper hoera-ett tangular" shaped body portion 19,"end`wa`lls 20 and fside walls 21', said fend-walls 2O havingf Hap extensions 22 tend within and adjacen which are bent 'to' ext the side Walls 21" and held in position by suitable fastening means. The flap extensions 22 or other fastenings for the side and end walls to retain them in their relative positions may be omitted if desired, since it is apparent that when the members 18 are assembled within the casing 10, the structure is self-retaining. (See Fig, 2.) 'Q v l, A

Another set of partition liners or cushioning members 23 are provided to fit against the end walls 12. Eachof'these members 23, A

as seen from Figs. 1 and 3, is similar inconstruction and shape to the members 18,*and has a body portion 24, and end walls 25 having flap extensions 25a^and side walls 26 the flaps 25El extending within and adjacentthe walls 26 and held in position byV suitable means. `In addition each membe`r23 has the side walls 26 thereof formedwith outwardly,v

extending flaps 2,6a lwhich are adapted vto be inserted between the side walls 21'of members 18 and the `wallsof thecasing 10 to holdfthe member 23, against movement, asis clearly shown in 1 and"to` make the side wall structure self-sustaining. y v f It will be understood that the shipping box is of suitable dimensions to. enable packing the article or articles therein so as`to^substantially fill theA space marked KA in'Fig. 2, and that the partition liners 18,v and 23 are of proper design to completely cover lthe interior sides and end walls o f the casing 10.

Where. `the contents occupying space A. (see Fig. 2).'comprises a radio set encased in a highlyvfinished cabinet, enveloping members 28 may be provided.` Each member 28V as seen from Fig. 5 is preferably formed of a singleV sheet ofV corrugated paper body construction similar to member 18 described above, andhas a body portion 29, end walls 30- having flap yextensions 32, and side walls 31, the fiaps extensions extending within and adjacent the-walls 31. vSaid members 28'lare adapted tovfit. snugly about the cabinet in-` cluded inthe contents, each-of said members 28 coveringsubstantially a half of the/latter as shown in Figs. 1y and 3.

To yspace and cushion the Vcontents from thetop and bottom. ofthe casing 10, a novel form `of cushioning memberl33 is provided. As seen frOmFigS'. 1y and y{1,ltlie top and bottom cushioning memberg33 is preferably constructedof a single sheet of corrugated paper board, cut, creased and folded to have a rectangular body r portion 34, end walls35 and side walls`36', saidend and side walls having their respectiveedge portions 35 and 36al respectively bent inwardly andA alternately overlapping theadajcent` one` asshown in ig., 4, as shown at-37V and-.38. The members 33 thus v constructed form a highlyv effective bracedstructure fand` serve' toe-support and space the contentsenclosed` inthe enveloping member 281from the top and bottom of the' ClSlIl'g. TL :in y

ing member 33 in position with their body v portions spaced inwardly from kthe various side walls and bottom of the casing 10, the radio set or other article enveloped in member 28 is then lowered into place, the side walls of the latter abutting against the respective side and end walls formed by liners 18 and 23 and being spaced thereby a substantial distance from the walls of the casing 10. With these parts in position, a cushioning member 33 is inserted in the top opening of the casing 10 with the body portion thereof abutting against the enclosed contents, the member 33.being dimensioned to the proper height to fill tlie space between the top of the set and the top of the casing. The cover iaps are then folded into position and the casing sealed in any suitable manner as by means of la strip of adhesive tape 17. y t

Itis apparent that accessories and parts may be packed and shipped in the same containers outside of the space marked A iny Fig. 2, as forexample, an indoor type of radio yset ,in space A and a knock-down loop therefor litted into the top, bottom or both cushioning members.

' It will thus be seen thatthere is provided a device in which the several'objects of this invention are achieved and which, is well adapted to meet the conditionsof practical use.

, As4 various lpossible embodiments might be made of the above invention., andas various changes might be made in the embodiment above set forth, it is to be understood that all matter therein set forth or shown in the accompanying drawings is to be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.

Y, Having thus described my l invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent :-l

1. A packing and shipping box comprising an outer casing having separate partition liners thereinV foreach of the sides, Aa pair of said liners being oppositely disposed and each having side walls andflapsextend-y ing outwardly from said walls arranged to be inserted between theotherliners and the cas-V ing, said .liners forming a self-retaining structure in the casing adapted to protect and cushion the enclosed contents against damage during transportation.

' 2. A packing and shipping box comprising an outer casing having separate partition liners therein for each of the sidesy and cushioning members for the top walls of the'casing, a pair'of said liners being oppositely dis-y posed and each having side walls and edge flaps extending from ysaid wallsv and arranged to be inserted between the other liners and the casing, said liners forming a self-retaining structure in the casing independent cushioning members.

3. A packing and shipping box 'comprising an outer casing and a plurality of removable spacing partitions arranged to abut one an other and to form the inner Walls of the box, at leastone of said partitions being formed with end and side walls, said partition walls having the free edge portions thereof fold; ed over to extend inwardly, said portions having one end of each positioned to entirely overlap an end of an adjacent portion and the other end of each of said portions to wholly underlie an end of an adjacent portion to form a braced structure and adapted to serve as a supplementary container, the end and side walls of said partit-ion serving to support and space the partition from the adjacent wall of the outer casing.

4. In a packing and shipping box a cushioning member made of a single piece of corrugated paper board creased and folded to form a rectangular shaped body having end and side walls, said walls having each edge portion thereof bent to extend inwardly, one end of each of said ortions being positioned to overlap an end o? an adjacent portion and the other end of each of said portions to wholly underlie an en'd of an adjacent portion to form a braced structure and adapted to serve as a supplementary container, the

end and side walls of said member adapted to support and space the member from an interior side of the box.

5. A packing and shipping box comprising an outer casing having separate partition liners arranged therein for each of the sides and top wall of said casing, and an independently formed two-part enclosing receptacle for completely enveloping the contents to be packed, said liners forming a relatively rigid structure for supporting the receptacle from the sides of the casing.

6. A packing and shipping box comprising an outer casing, a member for envelopmg the contents to be packed, a plurality of removable spacing partition liners arranged to abut one another and the sides of the member-to form the inner walls for the box, said liners serving to support said member and contents spaced from the walls of the outer casing, at least one of said liners having a bodyportion and edge aps extending from said portion, said flaps being inserted between the other liners and the casing for forming a self-retaining structure in the casing.

In testimony whereof I aiix my signature.


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