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Publication numberUS1729213 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 24, 1929
Filing dateFeb 29, 1928
Priority dateFeb 29, 1928
Publication numberUS 1729213 A, US 1729213A, US-A-1729213, US1729213 A, US1729213A
InventorsFord David O
Original AssigneeSanitary Shaker Corp
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Individual salt container
US 1729213 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Sept. 24, 1929. D. 0. FORD 1,729,213

INDIVIDUAL SALT CONTAINER Filed Feb. 29, 1928 OOjPOOOOOOOO David 0. Fzrol Patented Sept. 24,1929


The invention provides an individual container for salt and like food seasoning that may be carried in the vest pocket for convenience and when empty thrown away since its cost is nominal.

The invention contemplates a container for i the salt or other food seasoning usually dispensed by a shaker or holder provided with a perforated top, and a jacket for enclosing the container and covering the perforated top to exclude dust and prevent wasting of the contents.

While the drawings illustrates a preferred embodiment of the invention, it is to be understoodthat in adapting the means to meet speeific needs and requirements, the design may be varied and such other changes in the minor details of construction may be resorted to within the scope of theinvention as claimed, without departing from the spirit thereof.

Fora full understanding of the invention and the merits thereof reference is to be had to the followin description and the drawings hereto attache in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the container and jacket therefor, embodying the invention.

- Figure 2 is a' perspective view of thecontainer on an enlarged scale, the jacket being omitted.

Figure 3 is a sectional view of Figure 1. Q

Figure 4 is a sectional view of the jacket taken on a line just below the top and above the plane of the sides.

Fi ure 5 is a plan view of the blank from which the container is formed.

Fi ure 6 is a similar view of the blank from whic the jacket is formed.

Corresponding and like-parts are referred to in the following description and designated in the several views of the drawings by like reference characters.

In the preferable construction, st'outpaper is employed in the construction of the containon the line 3 3 er and jacket. Any cheap material suitable for the purpose may be utilized. The container is formed of a blank having the outline indicated in Figure 5 of the drawing and the jacket is similarly formed from a blank subably formed at the ends of the top 5 an sides 2 are folded in the same direction to 00- cupy a position perpendicular to the front 1 and the sections 3 are folded inwardly to occupy a position opposite and about parallel with the front 1 and with their marginal portions overlapping and made secure by a suitable adhesive. The bottom 4 is folded to close the lower end of the container and is made secure by folding the flap 7 against the back and Z securing it by means of an adhesive. The tabs 9 are folded inwardly to overlap the end portions of the bottom 4. The tabs 8 are referg taper slightly and are folded to lie against the sides 2 to which they are secured by means of an adhesive. The top 5 is folded to extend over and close the top of the container. The flap 6 is tuckedwithin the container to lie against the inner side of the back and is usually retained in place by friction. The container is diminutive and adapted to hold a small portion of salt or other food seasoningso as to possesss a limited use and to be thrown away after service.

The blank comprising the jacket includes a front 11, a top 12, a closing flap 13, sides 14, back 15, and sealing flap 16. The blank is folded to bring the sides 14 perpendicular to the front ll and the back 15 opposite said froig and-inclined thereto. The sides 14 taper. The sealing flap 16 is folded against the inner side of a marginal edge portion of the front 11 and is adhesively secured thereto. The closing flap 13 is adapted to engage the inner side of the back 15 and is adapted to occupy-aposition between the container and part 15 when the container is placed within the jacket, as indicated most clearly in Figures 1 and 3 of the drawings. The dimensions of the jacket are such as to admit of a snug fit between the container and the jacket When the parts are assembled. The Wedge form of the container and jacket insures a binding action When pressing the container Within the jacket.

Having thus described the invention What I claim is:

1. An individual container for salt and analogous food seasoning comprising a Wedge-shaped body having a perforated top, and a Wedge-shaped jacket adapted to snugly receive the container and including a top to extend over and close the perforations in the top of the container and having a flap to be tucked between adjacent sides of the container and the jacket and retained in place by a wedging action.

2. An individual container for salt and like articles of food seasoning, the same consist-' ing of a Wedge shaped body having a perforated top, and a jacket of Wedge form adapted to snugly receive the container and formed from a blank including a front, a back, ta-

6 pering sides, a closure flap, a top for extending over and closing the perforations in the top of the container, and a closing flap adapted to be tucked into the jacket to occupy a position between adjacent sides of the container and jacket.

In testimony'whereof l[ afiix my signature. DAVID 0. FORD. [n s]

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