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Publication numberUS1729296 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 24, 1929
Filing dateSep 17, 1926
Priority dateJul 30, 1926
Publication numberUS 1729296 A, US 1729296A, US-A-1729296, US1729296 A, US1729296A
InventorsDavid Sarason
Original AssigneeDavid Sarason
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Apparatus for hot treatment of the inner female genitals
US 1729296 A
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D. SARASON sept. 24, 1929.

APPARATUS FOR HOT TREATMENT OF THE INNER 4FEMAI'JE GENITALS Filed Sept. 17. 1926 ITD Patented Sept. 24, 1929 UNITED STATES DAVID SARASON, OF MUNICH, GERMANY APPARATUS FOR. HOT TREATMENT Application led September 17, 1926, Serial For the treatment of the inner female genitals with hot water an enpansible rubber bladder has been used hitherto which is introduced into the vagina and comn'iunicates ,f'ith a rubber ball designed to be compressed for forcing` water into the bladder to inilate the same. Rubber balls present the inconvenience that they are of a too small size to hold a sufliciently great quantity of water, so that one is obliged to continually compress and release the rubber ball, i. e. to pump, the water being partly sucked out again from the bladder unless a Valve is closed and opened again.

If a rubber ball of sufliciently large size is used it has to be removed from the rubber bladder to be filled or refilled.

According to the invention a water bag of soft material is used for forcing the water into the bladder, said water bag having a wide filling opening closed by a screw stopper. The water can be easily filled into this water bag, it being not necessary to remove the same from the bladder, and to force the water into the bladder only one single compressing' operation of gradually increasing strength is required.

An embodiment of the invention is illustrated, by way of example, in the only figure of the accompanying drawing` which shows the apparatus in longitudinal section.

The apparatus is composed of a water bag' a and of a bladder b connected the one with the other by an intermediate element c, of rubber or the like. The water bag` a is made of strong rubber or of'other yieldable material impervious to water and it has a screw cap d in one end and a mouthpiece e in the other end. In this mouthpiece e a cock f is arranged. On the free end of the mouthpiece e the connecting element c is mounted which has a central bore f/ and in its free end a tube of the type well known from irrigators. The bladder Z) is placed over the tube h and the corresponding end of the intermediate element c. This bladder b, designed to be introduced into the vagina, is made of a very thin and very extensible rubber or rubber skin so that it can be inflated to the utmost extent. The tube 7L in this bladder serves to ywater flows back from the bladder b into the OF THE INNER FEMALE GENITALS No. 138,184, and in Germany July 30, 1926.

facilitate the inserting of the bladder into the vagina.

To use the apparatus the cock /f is closed and the water bagl a is filled with hotwater after the screw stopper @Z has been removed. The bladder Z) is inserted into the vagina with the aid of tube 7L, the intermediate element c serving as handle, whereupon the cock f is opened and water forced from bladder a into bladder 7) by continual compression of water oo bag a. If the bladder o has been filled sufficiently the cock f is closed again. After the treatment is terminated or if the water has cooled the cock f is opened so that the DAVID siinrsou.

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U.S. Classification607/105, 606/119, 607/114, 606/193
International ClassificationA61F7/12, A61B17/42
Cooperative ClassificationA61B17/42, A61F7/123
European ClassificationA61F7/12B